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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Knockouts Knockdown

Post by cero2k » Oct 10th, '21, 22:38

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Knockdown
October 9th, 2021
Nashville, TN

Daffney 10 Bell Salute - The male roster surrounded the ring, with the women in the ring. Gail Kim introduced the ceremony, but Lexi Faye called for the salute. It wasn't long, but it was perfect.

Veda Scott and Mickie James are on commentary for the show. Melissa Santos in ring announcing duties, and all the referees for tonight are women.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament First Round Match
Lady Frost vs Rachael Ellering - 6.5/10
This was really good, it was good wrestling at a good pace, and it was perfectly placed as the opener to set up a pace to the show. Ellering was really dominant in this match, but Frost did get to show off a lot of her gymnast background. Ellering won with the Bosswoman Slam.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament First Round Match
Chelsea Green vs Renee Michelle - 4/10
This wasn't so good, I've only seen one Renee Michelle match before and I thought she was ok, but Chelsea Green of all people made her look green (no pun intended) in this match, she has great expressions and has some good heel energy, but the in-ring work wasn't all that strong and Green could only carry so far. Green won with an Unprettier.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament First Round Match
Mercedes Martinez vs Brandi Lauren - Squash
Lauren right now is one of Su Yung's minions, so she's not really worth protecting, so Martinez squashed her, and for what it was, it was perfect. It was given to Martinez of all people, it was placed third when a bit of pace was welcomed.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament First Round Match
Tasha Steelz vs Jamie Senegal - 5/10
They made a deal to let us know that Senegal was Daffney's wrestling daughter, which was a good touch to have her on the show, but also kinda weird to do so and the lose. Senegal lost against the runner up of the tournament, which isn't as bad, but it was still odd to see Senegal fall on the first round.

The match itself wasn't great, Senegal can do some things good, but some other don't look so crisp, and that brought the match down. Steelz was great in the rest of her matches, so it's hard to put blame on her. The one thing that worked in this match was that Senegal kept kicking out, so it allowed Steelz to get more vicious, which ended up setting up a mood for Steelz' night. Steelz won with a Crucifix bomb.

Deonna Purrazzo (w/Matthew Rehwoldt) vs Masha Slamovich - 8/10
This was really good, I'd argue the best of the night. Slamovich and Purrazzo had some good chemistry together, and it played out nicely between each women's strength. Slamovich was stronger than Purrazzo and suplexed her over and over and gained some momentum, but she took the risk of going after Rehwoldt and it was all that Purrazzo needed to cut her off, destroy her arm, and eventually tap her out to the Venus de Milo.

Slamovich felt over with the crowd, even with the dick calling her mashed potatoes.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament Semifinal Match
Mercedes Martinez vs Rachael Ellering - 7/10
Martinez completely went heel on this one, but it ended out working at the end. Ellering was all happy and wanted to had a fun wrestling match, but Martinez reminded her that she was all business and kinda slapped some reality on Ellering. The match was good back and forth wrestling, to the point that Ellering just went back to smiles because she was enjoying the action nonetheless.

Match saw Martinez go after Ellering's ribs after a big spear on the apron, Ellering came back and went for every slam she could, but at the end, with her breathing troubled by the rib work, she couldn't keep up with Martinez, who capitalized with a Guillotine for the submission win. Really good match.

Post-match - Martinez finally embraced Ellering, now that she had secured the spot in the finals.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament Semifinal Match
Tasha Steelz vs Chelsea Green - 6.5/10
This was a good match, Green showed a lot here. Match was all about how these two were on similar levels, to the point that one of the final spots was both women kicking out of the moves their opponent had used to advance to this match, the one thing that was unbalanced was that Green is still nursing a broken arm, and so Steelz took advantage over that for her offense. The finish saw Steelz block an Avalanche Unprettier and turn it into a Frog Splash after having dropped Green.

Awesome Kong HOF Announcement - Christy Hemme returned to Impact and announced that the next Hall of Fame inductee will be Awesome Kong. Kong came out and humbly thanked the crowd and instead used the time to put over Daffney. Can't think of a better wrestler to induct in the Impact HOF. The official induction takes place at Bound For Glory in two weeks.

Daffney Video Package - Tonight's Monster's Ball is being done in honor of Daffney, so they showed a little video package of Daffney's importance to the match, being the first ever along with Taylor Wilde to wrestle in one.

Monster's Ball
Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee vs Savannah Evans vs Alisha Edwards - 7/10
This was surprisingly violent, Kimber Lee was out there ready to go all out and really live up to the expectations of what a Monster's Ball used to be. Really early on, she broke a pool stick on Evans' back, she ran face first into a barbed wire wrapped chair at full speed and busted herself open, she took a muscle buster onto thumbtacks. She was really the main factor in the match, with the other three coming in and out to take turns pairing up with her. Even the end came only after Lee had been completely taken out and Evans came in for a Full Nelson Slam on Alisha for the win.

Commentary really sold that this was Evans' third match and she had already won a Monster's Ball, but in reality, she was barely in the match.

Knockouts Knockdown Tournament Finals
Mercedes Martinez vs Tasha Steelz - 7/10
This was great, both women came off as total badasses going after the cup. Steelz' matches throughout the night had been about her speed advantage, while Martinez' had been about her experience, and this as the clash of both those stories, but unfortunately, part of that lack of experience saw Steelz get frustrated, risking a moonsault, which Martinez rolled away from, fought back, and hit the OG driver for the win.

Martinez earned herself a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (w/Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) (C) vs The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) (w/Kaleb) - 7/10
This was better than most Knockout tag matches we get on normal Impact, I feel that giving them the main event spot of this show gave it a big match feel, they really need to start doing it more often on normal Impact episodes.

The match was simple, it was laid out like a Dashwood match, with she and Rayne having no control until Kaleb distracts someone and the heels cut off Decay. Eventually Decay made their comeback until Kaleb distracted again, worked against The Influence, and it led to the finish. The one thing that did kinda keep me attentive was that I thought The Influence had a chance at winning.

The Inspiration Tease - Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay, formerly known as The Iconics, will debut on Bound For Glory in two weeks.

Bell to bell, I thought this was a good show. While I may have missed it, I think this was the only promotion that honored Daffney this way, and it gave the whole show a different vibe. Replacing commentary, ring announcers, referees, all that gave the show a different vibe. Wrestling wise, it was up and down, but mostly up. Something that I'm on the fence on is the amount of matches, having 3 non-tournament matches helped space the tournament out, but it also meant that we had 10 matches in 3 hours, plus promos and the Kong speech, so it meant that matches were not going past 12 minutes in the longest. It may be for the best given some of the talent.

Something I do have to nitpick is that having Mickie James on commentary ran thin really quick, she is challenging Purrazzo on BFG and so she reminded us in literally every single fucking match! The Purrazzo v Slamovich match was technically a 12 minute promo, and to make things worse, she's one of those that force the other commentator to agree that James is winning.

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