Impact Wrestling 5.7 review: Slammiversary XVII Go-Home Show

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Impact Wrestling 5.7 review: Slammiversary XVII Go-Home Show

Post by cero2k » Jul 5th, '19, 22:35

Impact Wrestling
July 5th, 2019
Queens, NY

Full Recap - ... how-287331

Before I start the review. By the time that this was being broadcasted, Impact had a show called Bash at the Brewery, in which The North defeated LAX for the tag team titles, thus this show did not address the change in the card. I have to imagine that something happened last minute.

TJP vs Ace Austin - 7/10
Great Opener. TJP submitted Ace with a kneebar for the win. They're telling the story that with Ace's streak ending, TJP may be starting his own, and that TJP seems to have Ace's number. TJP is having an open challenge at Slammiversary.

Cage vs Elgin Build Up Video - We got a video recapping Brian Cage’s title win, injury, and road to recovery. It also featured Michael Elgin’s path of destruction into Sunday’s title match.

Johnnys Interview - Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Impact and Bravo. She asked if he would be able to survive with Bravo as his tag team partner. Johnny said he is the one man Mega Powers. Johnny Bravo had a fake man-bun. This was funny.

Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne - 5/10
Hogan has dyed her hair blue-ish, so she’s no longer the ‘Girl on Fire’. Jordynne Grace joined commentary for the match.

Match wasn't anything special, but it worked nicely as a segment to build Hogan vs Grace, and add some tension with Madison Rayne. All of the match was Hogan antagonizing Jordynne while working over Rayne. Finish saw Hogan win with a neckbreaker.

Post-match - Jordynne went after Hogan, but the Girl no longer on Fire ran off. In the ring, Madison Rayne blamed Jordynne Grace for losing the match.

Desi Hit Squad skit - Outside the building, Gama Singh gave Rohit Raju a surprise for tonight’s match. It was the Singh Family Tea set, it’s been in the family for generations, while he explained this, the Deaners poured some beer into the teapot behind their backs. The immediately figured out it was beer. Rohit drank it anyway.

James Mitchell and Co talk plans - Somewhere in the Undead Realm, James Mitchell is trying to break up the tension between Su Yung and Havok. He tells them that they need to be patient and work together this Sunday. Their plan is for Havok to walk out as the Knockout’s champion.

Impact Plus Moment of the Week was Jeff Hardy vs Broken Matt Hardy from Slammiversary 2016.

Monster's Ball Build Up Video - We got a video recap of the ongoing story with Taya, Rosemary, Su Yung, and the returning Havok.

Tessa vs Sami Build Up Video - We got a showcase video for Sami Callihan that built into the Tessa vs Callihan feud.

Rohit Raju (w/Raj and Gama Singh) vs Laredo Kid - 4/10
Short match, nothing special. The bottom rope broke in Laredo's first move, but he recovered and still landed his move. I can't imagine the match was changed due to the rope snapping. Rohit won with a foot stomp when Raj and Gama distracted Laredo and the ref.

RVD vs Moose Build Up Video - We got a video recapping RVD’s return and feud with Moose. Good promo by Moose.

Moose came down to the ring, looking amazing like always. He cut a promo saying that he loved RVD as a kid, he put over his matches in ECW, but that was 20 years ago and things have changed. He said that he can’t be a fan of him anymore because he’s now better than him in every sense. He then showed a video of Moose beating up Sabu someone backstage. He told RVD that at Slammiversary, he will retire him.

Rob Van Dam finally came out and brawled with Moose. They got into a short pull-apart.

Loser sits out Slammiversary Tag Title Match
Zachary Wentz vs Trey Miguel vs Dezmond Xavier - 7.5/10
This was a really well worked three way between three guys that love each other and have zero beef with each other. It was all a lot of trying to get quick pins and escalating in intensity, but not derailing itself into heated violence. A lot of tag moves from all combos, a lot of 2-on-1 combos, dives from all three, and at the end, maybe out of habit, Dez and Wentz hit Trey with Hot Fire Flame, pinning Trey and removing him from the tag match this sunday.

Post-match - All men embraced after the match and consoled Trey for losing.

Tessa Blanchard arrived at the arena with a baseball bat.

Kross vs Edwards Build Up Video - We got the buildup video for Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards. From start to finish, we got to see how Kross’ character has changed so much in so little time. After the video, we saw Killer Kross at the same church from last week, he cut a promo in the form of mass. He said that at Slammiversary, someone will die and that he is Edward’s only true salvation.

Swann vs Impact Build Up Video - We got the video building up Johnny Impact chase for Swann’s X-Division championship and the consequent wins they’ve traded. They’re selling this as Johnny wanting to add his name to the X-Division championship’s legacy.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Johnny Impact & Johnny Bravo - 6.5/10
This was surprisingly good considering Johnny Bravo was part of the match, he played his part perfectly. Story was pretty much that Impact worked a match where Bravo was more of a weapon than a tag partner, he would bring him in and out for certain spots and for a while, was deciding when Bravo was useful. Eventually, the numbers game was too much for Impact to handle by himself and Bravo got his time to shine, which was as bright as a candle in an Apple store. Mack hit a Stunner and Swann a Phoenix Splash for the win over Bravo.

Callihan and Tessa brawl - Outside the building, Sami Callihan and Jake Crist are celebrating early their win over Tessa, who arrives wielding a bat and tossing Dave Crist over the food table. Tessa takes out Jake first. Sami and Tessa brawl with the former having an obvious strength advantage, but Tessa has no off switch. Jake recovers and holds Tessa for Callihan to get another bat shot, but Tessa low blows Jake, dodges Callihan, and hits him with the bat. Tessa stands tall to end the show.

Impact had been closing feud builds for the last two weeks, so this show mostly consisted of video recaps and a set of good matches. By the time the stream ended, there was unfortunately, no update on the status of the LAX vs Rascalz match for Sunday.

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