Impact Wrestling 7.26 Review: Elgin vs Cage Steet Fight

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Impact Wrestling 7.26 Review: Elgin vs Cage Steet Fight

Post by cero2k » Jul 26th, '19, 22:36

Impact Wrestling
July 26, 2019
Windsor, Ontario, Can.
Full Recap: ... tch-288806

Opening video had a different feel from the usual opening video, this one had classical music, with quick cuts to an orchestra. It built three of tonight’s matches and the fallout of Tessa and Callihan heading into a number one contendership match at Unbreakable a week from tonight.

Jordynne Grace vs Kiera Hogan - 6.5/10
Before the match can start, Madison Rayne came down and joined the commentary table.

Grace pinned Hogan with the O’Connor Roll into the European Clutch. Really good match by these women, Kiera Hogan has improved so much. It was hard hitting. Rayne only interfered to toss Hogan back in the ring during a count out tease.

Cage Promo - Brian Cage cut a promo from the locker room. He said that tonight, he’s going to send Elgin to the hospital in the street fight main event.

Taya and Rosemary Backstage - Taya and Rosemary talked about their match at Slammiversary. Taya told Rosemary that Havok won’t stop following her and she needs Rosemary’s help. Rosemary said there is no deal because they’re contract ended at the pay-per-view unless Taya were to offer her the championship. Johnny Bravo said he’ll take care of it.

Callihan and Tessa Segment - Sami Callihan came down to the ring and called out Tessa Blanchard. Callihan said that he originally thought that wrestling Tessa was going to be easy, but he was wrong and Tessa showed that she had fire and heart. He said that they earned the right to fight one more time for the No. 1 contendership spot at the Impact World title. He said that he is a hero for giving Tessa equality, not like other people that wouldn’t give Tessa the credit. He said that there is no inter-gender wrestling, it’s just professional wrestling, and told Tessa that he respects her.

Sami Callihan offered a handshake, but told her that next week, there is no respect. They shook hands professionally, but Callihan slapped Tessa’s behind and called her ‘toots’. Tessa didn’t let go of the handshake and in return, beat up Callihan, dropping him with the Magnum.

oVe Promo Backstage - oVe talked plans backstage. Callihan berated the team for not backing him, but Dave reminded Callihan he told them to stay backstage. Callihan addressed Tessa, telling her that he tried to be a good guy, but Tessa sucker punched him and has now infuriated him. He said Tessa takes on Madman Fulton next week.

Moose vs Ray Steel - Squashed
Moose overpowered Steel from the get go, blocked the irish whip, picked him up, dropped him on the ropes, and hit No Jackhammer Needed for the win. Total squash.

Post-match - Moose cut a promo saying that he sees things clearer now and he has realized that the only way to get a title shot is not not be loyal to this company. He said that all the former champions are now gone, yet he, who has been there for years, who calls himself Mr. Impact, has nothing. Instead he gets a local jobber. Moose went to Apronbomb Steel before walking out.

Johnny Bravo Skit - Johnny Bravo found Havoc and told her to leave Taya alone, pretty much offering his body instead. Havoc beat him up and so Bravo ran away shouting they’ll do this the hard way then. Bravo is hilarious in his own way.

We got a video package of The North defending their championship titles at Slammiversary. They made no reference of Santana’s injury, making it seem like a strong win for the team.

Rascalz' Treehouse - The Rascalz were at their Treehouse talking about how last week was really weird. They talked that the weird thing was another team being added to their Slammiversary match. Dezmond told them that they have a match against The North next week. Once again, they argued about who would be the team, but this time, Wentz offered his spot because he’s going to a Jonas Brothers concert with Gail Kim, who made a cameo. The North vs Dezmond and Trey Miguel for the titles next week.

Impact Plus Flashback of the Week was James Storm vs Bobby Roode Street Fight at Bound For Glory 2012.

Hogan Interview - Melissa Santos interviewed Kiera Hogan about losing tonight. Madison Rayne came out talking trash, but they both just ended up dissing Santos instead.

Ace Austin is a creep - Backstage, Ace Austin tried to do magic tricks to Alisha Edwards, trying to invite her out for dinner. He got rejected. Another woman walked up to him, but Austin said that he’s not into single women.

Rob Van Dam vs Willie Mack - 7/10
Given that Willie Mack calls his Frog Splash the 6-star Frog Splash, it took forever to get to this match. Most of RVD’s promos when he returned were about people trying to imitate him and he being here to show how things are done.

Long match, it felt slow at points, making RVD look old, but overall an ok performance. It was supposed to be a hard hitting match, but RVD is not really that hard hitting when he trades forearms.

Ace Austin is even creepier - Ace Austin tried to do the ‘put your hand in the box’ trick, he even took his hands off the box. Stone Rockwell interrupted him.

LAX Backstage Promo - LAX talked backstage. Konnan told Ortiz that he’s been drinking too much. Ortiz told him that he has too much in his mind, he wants revenge on The North. Konnan told him to not let his emotions get in the way. Konna told Ortiz that Daga is taking Santana’s place for now. Ortiz rejected the idea and walked out. Happy to see Daga back on Impact.

Elgin Interview - Santos interviewed Michael Elgin about tonight’s match with Cage. He said that both Cage and Impact management are stupid for allowing him to use weapons when he’s already been dangerous without them. He said that Cage needs to focus on him and not his fiancee.

X-Division Championship Match
Jake Crist w/oVe vs Rich Swann - 8.5/10
This match comes from Jake Crist pinning Rich Swann at last week’s Mash-Up Tournament.

This was a great match. Jake Crist had been an underrated talent for so long and finally got to win the X-Division championship. The match was a lot of Crist working over Swann and TONS of near falls, but not out of finishers, rather just kick-ass looking spots. Story here was that Jake got the early advantage after Dave's distraction, and kept that momentum for most of the match until Swann made a comeback and they started trading big spots. Finish saw Swann go for the Phoenix Splash, but Fulton tossed him into Jake's cutter, only to take a second one for the win. Kuddos for managing to hit ever interference while the referee was distracted.

Post-match - Backstage, Jake Crist told Sami that he won, only for Sami to tell him that ‘they’ did it. Sami said he was proud until he accidentally said that he did what Sami wasn’t able to do. Jake Crist said he wants to be called the ‘Golden Draw’. Sami was just incredibly annoyed by Tessa and wasn’t happy for his friend.

Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin - No Rating, ok segment
Brian Cage didn’t come out during his entrance, instead he dragged himself to the ramp and out behind him, was Michael Elgin with a chair. Elgin hit Cage with the chair as they approached the ring.

Finally in the ring, Elgin choked out Cage and called out for a mic. Elgin talked trash about this match not being non-title, proving that Cage was weak, and so tonight, he is going to break the machine again.

Elgin continued torturing Cage with a one man Con-chair-to. Security came out, but Elgin took them all out. They were actually big dudes. Once he cleared the ring, he set up Cage for a kill shot. Melissa Santos came out trying to stop Elgin, but suddenly, the masked man from Slammiversary came out, he went for the Gore, only to be met by Elgin’s chair.
A second masked man came out and unmasked, revealing Rhino, who Gored Elgin before heading to the crowd to celebrate. Wait, so who was the other masked man?

Great show by Impact. It was really strong inside the ring, and the storylines building towards Unbreakable were solid. Next week, Tessa battles Madman Fulton, plus The Rascalz challenge for the tag team championships against The North.

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