Impact Wrestling 8.8 Review: 3 Titles On The Line

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Impact Wrestling 8.8 Review: 3 Titles On The Line

Post by cero2k » Aug 9th, '19, 22:35

Impact Wrestling
August 8th, 2019
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Full Recap; ... ine-289771

X-Division Championship Match
Jake Crist (C) vs Aiden Prince - 7/10
This was a great solid opener. Prince had the crowd completely behind him.Finish saw Prince went for a third 450, but this time, Crist caught him with a cutter for the pin. This is the second time they put over Prince when they're in Windsor. I think if they sort out his visa, he's gonna start getting booked on all tapings.

LAX Meeting - Backstage, Konnan and Daga are talking about teaming with Ortiz. Konnan asks Daga to be patient with Ortiz because he is on the edge about Santana’s status. Ortiz walks up. Daga, with some broken English tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize, Daga just wants to win the tag titles tonight. They cheered with some beers that Ortiz opened with his teeth, much to my cringe.

Taya Interview - Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Taya, who said that Impact Management are forcing her to defend her championship against Havok again because she walked out of the match at Unbreakable.

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards - 7/10
This was more of a really long segment, but the match was so good and had enough action that it definitely warrants a rating. It was mostly Eddie beating the shit out of Ace until the ref just kinda told Eddie to finish him off, Eddie shoved the ref down and got DQd.

Post-match - Alisha Edwards comes down to the ring to scream at him, Eddie asks her if she is with him, pointing at Ace. After Alisha keeps shouting, Eddie ends up walking away on both.

Tessa Interview - We got an interview by Tessa from Unbreakable. She said that she went in there looking to beat Sami, but oVe had to interfere again and steal her win. She said that she is one of the best wrestlers in the company and she won’t let them take her moment from her. She said she is coming for Sami. Tessa was fantastic.

Bahh vs Moose Brawl - Backstage, Bahh is at catering when Moose approaches him. Moose tells Bahh to stop losing weight or Impact won’t need a clown anymore. Moose calls Bahh a fat boy, provoking Bahh to fight back. Bahh and Moose brawl all around the catering area, ending with Moose shoving some cake down Bahh’s face. Good old catering brawl, but both men took it seriously.

Kiera Hogan joined commentary for the next match.

Madison Rayne vs Alexia Nicole - 4/10
Ok match, some parts felt like a squash, but Nicole had enough offense. Nicole showed has potential. Rayne hit a Ripcord Cutter and finished her off with CrossRayne.

Post-match - Rayne and Hogan argued in the match and joined forces to beat up Alexia Nicole. They’re Frenemies. Jordynne Grace came down to save Nicole and ran both women away to the back.

Rascalz's Treehouse - Rascalz met at the Treehouse. Miguel and Xavier are bummed out for losing the title match. Wentz tells them he saw ‘him’ in the hallway. They hyped ‘him’ up and out he appears like an angel -- Rob Van Dam. They all suck up to him and fight to impress him. It was funny and the only logical reason to bring RVD back.

Knockout's Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo) vs Havok - No Rating, ok segment
Commentary told us that if Taya walks out again, she is getting fined. Taya and Havok traded some stuff for a bit with mostly Havok being the dominant one. Havok was getting ready to finish off Taya with a chokeslam, but as she pinned her, Su Yung and her Bridesmaids came down and distracted both Havok and the referee, who should have kept counting really.

Yung came down to the ring and faced off with Havok, who went for the chokeslam, who reversed it by locking in the Mandible Claw on Havok, bringing her down to her knees. Yung hit a couple of Palm Strikes sending Havok to the floor. Yung stood tall in the ring at the end.

Melissa Santos sit-down interview - Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Melissa Santos about Brian Cage’s status. She talked about her real life relationship with Cage and having to put it out there in order to protect Cage from Elgin. She didn’t have an answer about Cage’s medical condition, saying that he is still going to doctors to figure out where the source of his injury is. She said that if Cage can’t compete anymore, he and she realizes that there are now important things in life than titles and money.

Deaner's Promo - We got a video from last week with The Deaners drinking beer. They get interrupted by the Desi Hit Squad, who made fun of their smell. They brawled, Deaners took out Raju and Raj, and ran off Gama Singh. Desi Hit Squad came back, breaking beer bottles over the Deaner’s heads, leaving them lying.

Deaners then cut a promo saying that the Desi Hit Squad have crossed the line, jumping them at their bar. Cody Deaner cut the promo challenging the Desi Hit Squad to a match next week. Super old school promo.

Nate Madsen vs Stone Rockwell - No rating, good segment
This match didn’t even get entrances. Madsend and Rockwell were barely starting when Rhino showed up, gored Madsen, then Rockwell. After the attack, Rhino cut a promo calling out Elgin to come down and fight. Elgin came out, but instead of fighting, he addressed Rhino saying he understands why Rhino attacked him, since he is the hottest commodity in Impact and Rhino just wants to make a name. Elgin said that he does things on his terms, so Rhino rushed at Elgin and started brawling on the ramp.

Security came down for the pull-apart. Good angle. Elgin’s mic was malfunctioning, but he got his point across.

Ace Austin Backstage - Ace Austin bragged about his victory backstage to some random people, who brought up that it was a DQ and that Ace got his ass handed to him all match. Ace Austin said it was all part of the plan and said that he is ‘going to bang his wife’ . Interesting choice of words.

Impact Plus Flashback Match of the Week - It was Jeff Hardy vs Rhino vs Sabu vs Abyss in a Four-way Monster’s Ball from 2005’s Bound for Glory.

Desi Hit Squad accept the challenge - Backstage, Desi Hit Squad accepted the Deaner’s challenge. They said that when they beat them, they become servants of Gama Singh. Official stipulation is that whoever loses, becomes the other’s servants.

oVe video promo - oVe cut a promo where the mostly argued with each other. Callihan said that he defeated Tessa again and now he is now going to become the Impact World Champion. He addressed Dreamer for getting involved against them and so next week, Sami and Dave Crist team up against Tessa and Dreamer. Good promo.

Also next week, Bahh and Moose face off. Desi Hit Squad vs The Deaners, and RVD teams up with Swann and Mack to take on The Rascalz.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The North (C) vs Ortiz & Daga (w/Konnan) - 7/10
Story here is that Daga and Ortiz have no experience fighting as a team, but they actually worked well together. Sadly for them, 'well' doesn't cut against someone like the North. Match saw Daga be the babyface in peril, but Ortiz be the one that took the pinfall after the North's finisher. This was really good given that Daga and Ortiz had never teamed before and the match went about 10 minutes only. Daga looked great in this match, Callis put him over huge, saying he is the next big thing coming from Mexico.

After the match, Ortiz thanked Daga. Konnan and Ortiz seemed to be introducing Daga to the crowd as the show went off the air.

Really good show in terms of wrestling. We’re starting to get hints of what the Bound For Glory card could look like.

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