Impact Wrestling 9.6 Review: The North vs LAX, Titles vs Careers

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Impact Wrestling 9.6 Review: The North vs LAX, Titles vs Careers

Post by cero2k » Sep 6th, '19, 22:29

Impact Wrestling
September 6, 2019
Fronton Mexico, CDMX.

Source: ... ers-291936

Havok vs Su Yung - 4/10
This was being a total squash, as it should. Havok was just beating the shit out of Yung all over the place, and as she got carried away, the referee told her to get back in the ring, which was enough distraction for Yung to hit the Red Mist at Havok, at which point Kid Ref just said fuck it and called for the bell.

Post-match - Yung rammed Havok into the ring post and walked away before Havok could recover.

The North Promo - The North cut a promo backstage saying farewell to LAX. Page thanked them for giving them the titles. Alexander said that putting their titles on the line is like putting their careers on the line because they are as important as everything they have. They are so good, completely underrated promos.

oVe Promo - oVe cut a video promo. Callihan celebrated that tonight, he gets his deserved title shot decision, which he expects will be to get handed the championship since Cage can’t compete. He said that tonight, Fulton destroys Rob Van Dam.

Don Callis and Josh Mathews addressed the news that Marufuji is coming to Bound for Glory.

Moose vs Fallah Bahh - Awesome Reverse Squash
Bahh rushed the ring and went after Moose with a splash and strikes. Moose tried to counter, but Bahh was one step ahead and tossed around Moose. Bahh hit a Belly-to-belly Suplex and a Backdrop. Moose finally got an opening after raking Bahh’s eyes.

Moose hit a big plancha, but Bahh no sold it and hit a huge lariat. Bahh got a two count with a crossbody. Bahh connect the Banzai Drop from the second rope, but Moose managed to kick out at 2. Bahh went for another splash, but Moose hit the No Jackhammer Needed out of nowhere and pinned Bahh for the win. This was short and one sided, but this was far better than it had any right to be.

Post-match - Moose locked in an ankle lock on Bahh and talked trash to Ken Shamrock.

Backstage, Tessa looked for Dreamer. She told him that she was sick with everything with Callihan. Dreamer told her to get back into her goals and not let the hate eat her up, but she wouldn’t take it and asked if Tommy still had her back. He said yes.

Eddie and Alisha skit - Alisha and Eddie talked about their relationship. Eddie apologized and said he take it easier on Ace. Suddenly, a woman walked up to Eddie saying he was ‘great last night’. Obviously sent by Ace, who walked up as Alisha slapped Eddie and ran away.

TJP vs Golden Magic - 7.5/10
This match is the result of Golden Magic stealing the pin away from TJP in last week’s 4-way match. This was great for the most part, but there was a part in the middle were both guys felt a bit lost. Crowd was mostly behind Golden Magic.

Match started with a good sequence of counters and reversals, fighting for wrist control, submissions, and quick pins. Magic delivered a set of great armdrags and an Asai Moonsault to gain control. That miss that lost these guys saw Magic go for a Twisting Asai to the outside, that TJP completely failed to catch him. Magic hit the floor bad, but was up after a minute. When back in the ring, Magic and TJP were just a bit mistimed.

Finish finally saw Magic got for a 450, but TJP moved away. Magic hit Bandido’s Moonsault Fallaway Slam. Magic went for another 450, failing again, but this time, TJP capitalized with the Damnation Kick and the TJP Clutch for the win.

Backstage, Ace was paying off that lady that was messing with Eddie when Alisha walked up and faked rejecting her. Alisha and Ace walked together to prepare for Alisha’s match.

Impact Plus Moment of the Week was Sting vs AJ Styles from Bound for Glory 2009.

Taya argued with John E. Bravo about her problems with Tenille. She just argued, nothing much here.

We got a training vignette for Johnny Swinger. He’s the stereotype 90’s wrestler, fanny pack and all.

Tenille Interview - Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Tenile Dashwood. She said that her plans are clear, she is here for the Knockout’s championship. Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne interrupted and told her to go to the back of the line. Tenille said she doesn’t make lines and challenged them, which Madison accepted in behalf of Hogan.

Rob Van Dam vs Madman Fulton (w/Dave Crist) - 5/10
Ok match, we knew neither man was getting pinned, so this was as good as it could get. Fulton looked really good here completely dominating RVD. Finish saw Dave interfere for the DQ.

Post-match - Crist and Fulton ganged up on RVD, but Van Dam managed to dodge the attack, take down Crist, get rid of Fulton, and deliver the Frog Splash on Crist for good measure.

Jimmy Jacobs tried to interview Brian Cage. Melissa Santos answered the locker room door, but she could only say that we’ll get our answer later tonight.

Rascalz' Treehouse - The Rascalz were in the Treehouse. They argued because Trey couldn’t hook up ‘the stuff’. Rich Swann and Willie Mack walked in, who fortunately, had some of the stuff. After a session, they talked about who would win tonight’s main event, then they danced. This was all over the place. Treehouse cameos are getting really popular with the Twitch crowd.

Desi Hit Squad/Deaners skit - We got another segment with the Desi Hit Squad working the Deaner Farm. They were fishing, which obviously ended with Rohit falling in the water.

Grace confronts Rosemary - Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Jordynne Grace looked for Rosemary. Jordynne told Rosemary to stay out of her business just like Jordynne had done when Rosemary said the same. Rosemary ignored her request and said that she simply follows orders from the shadows. They got in each other’s face in a challenging manner.

LAX Backstage - LAX hyped each other backstage. Konnan told them that they’re not losing tonight because they’re representing all the Latino nation.

Impact World Tag Team Championship vs LAX's Careers
The North (C) vs LAX w/Konnan - 7.5/10
This was a great match, but it still stands short of what LAX deserved as their final match. They deserved more time, an uninterrupted match, and I hate to say it, a better crowd.

Finish saw LAX go for the Street Sweeper, but Page blocked off Santana, allowing Alexander to escape. The North double teamed Santana with their new finisher for the win, ending the Impact career of Santana and Ortiz.

Post-match - All LAX members were heartbroken and mad. Fans chanted for LAX, but the crowd reaction didn’t seem like one of a crowd that knew this was LAX’s final match.

Brian Cage Health Update - Brian Cage came out to the ring to address his health status and Sami Callihan’s title shot. Melissa Santos came out with Cage. He talked about how he had worked so hard to finally earn himself a world title, but he surely didn’t expect it to happen like this. He only had one defense under reign.

Cage said that his doctors have given him a return date for Bound For Glory and so he told Impact Management that he won’t vacate it and will be there to defend it against Callihan. Cage then turned things around and used the opportunity to propose to Melissa Santos who said yes. Happy ending! No sight of Callihan, who will surely have some hell to raise on next week’s episode.

Good show for Impact. Really strong inside the ring, but I still expected more for LAX’s final match with Impact and finally having a Callihan vs Cage face off.

Next week, Tenille Dashwood makes her in-ring debut against Kiera Hogan. Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin, and Tessa and Dreamer vs oVe also take place.

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