Impact Wrestling 10.18 Review: BFG Go-Home Show

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Impact Wrestling 10.18 Review: BFG Go-Home Show

Post by cero2k » Oct 18th, '19, 22:19

Impact Wrestling
October 18, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Michael Elgin vs Fallah Bahh (w/TJP) - 6.5/10
They played the power vs power clash. Ok opener, Bahh got a lot in and was made to look really strong, which you could say it made Elgin look weaker, but Elgin is not exactly going up against a powerhouse with Marufuji. Elgin did win with a powerbomb on Bahh, which is a feat in itself.

Post-match - Elgin called out Marufuji to the camera, telling him to pay attention as he DDTd TJP on the exposed floor. Elgin put a chair around TJP’s head and rammed him to the ringpost. One final Buckle Bomb and Elgin Bomb combo for good measure and Elgin was finally done.

We got a commercial of Impact’s Throwback Throwdown special show, a retro wrestling show. This is gonna be that retro gimmick that PROGRESS did.

X-Division Champion Jake Crist vs Chris Bey - 7/10
Good match, Chris Bey got a lot of offense, but Crist still won dominantly. Most of the match was Jake Crist with the upper hand with Bey getting a ton of hope spots here and there. Finish saw Crist win with a Super Cutter from the top rope.

Chris Bey has been making a name for himself this last month.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was King Cuerno, Drago, and Aerostar representing Lucha Underground vs DJZ, Andrew Everett, and Dezmond Xavier in last year’s Impact vs Lucha Underground WrestleCon event.

Backstage, Ace Austin is talking with Alisha Edwards telling her he’s days from becoming the X-Division Champion, which Alisha tells him that he’s over his head, there are 4 other people in the match. Ace tells him it doesn’t matter and invites her to party once he wins the title. Alisha says that if Ace manages to win, she may go to the celebration.

Shamrock vs Moose Documentary - We got an awesome Shamrock vs Moose video package. Shamrock started by talking about his youth and life motto. Moose talked about all the MMA guys that he’s been putting down in Impact, from Lashley to King Mo and now to Shamrock. We got a recap of Moose storming Shamrock’s gym with Shamrock giving his reactions to his antics. Both Shamrock and Moose cut fantastic promos. We got a lot of media cameos talking about this match too. This is a must see.

Taya Promo - Taya is backstage cutting a promo, making it seem like she’s talking to Tenille, but when the camera pans out, she’s been talking to herself in a mirror. She talked about the path she took from indies to being part of Los Perros del Mal to becoming the champion of the Knockout’s Division. Good promo.

Rich Swann (w/Willie Mack) vs Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page) vs Rhino (w/Rob Van Dam) - 6.5/10
Finish was Alexander tossing Swann outside on top of everyone, giving Rhino the opening to Gore Alexander, but as he was going for the pin, Page pulled the ref. The chaos only backfired as Rhino got distracted and Swann sneaked in for the win on Alexander with a 450. The match was ok, but it was short, and the three-way stuff was kept to a minimum, it was mostly Alexander going against either Rhino or Swann, actually, Alexander worked nicely with Rhino.

Even with the loss, The North celebrated that the teams of Rhino and RVD were getting in the face of Swann and Mack.

Sami CallihanPromo - He cut a video promo from his lair. He said that he has finally come to the point his career has been building to -- his first world title shot. Callihan talked about going to WWE and quitting because they wanted to change him. He said that all he did to Eddie, Pentagon, or Swann wasn’t done with maliciousness, but just things getting taken too far. All he ever wanted was to be accepted and now he is the Callihan he fans and wrestlers created. On Sunday, he will finally be the World Champion. Awesome promo, terrible camera angle.

Bound For Glory X-Division Ladder Qualifier Match
Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh) vs Sabu (w/Super Genie) - 1/10
Raju started the match mocking Sabu, using his speed advantage to dodge Sabu and go after him with strikes, but Sabu got a chair in less than a minute, tossed it at Raju, hit a Poetry in Motion, Super Genie did so too, and kid ref just stood there.

Raju came back with a Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Sabu hit a Tornado DDT for a two count, but followed with half a Camel Clutch. Sabu and Super Genie brought out a table, which they set up outside. Sabu kept using chairs while Super Genie did as well with Gama. Sabu delivered a Leg Drop onto Raju on the table and we got a double countout. This was abysmal, Sabu looked like an old man running through the motions at an indie show, and his weapon use just made the referee look like an idiot.

Tessa Interview - Backstage, Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about Sunday’s match. Tessa talked about not being afraid of Ladder matches nor going against four men at the same time. He said that all the sacrifices led to this point and that her mission to be at the top of the company is on track as she is about to become the first ever woman X-Division Champion.

Josh Matthews ran down the Bound For Glory card. It’s a packed show.

Over the Top Rope Battle Royale - 4/10
There was no prior advertising, but this is an inter-gender battle royale. Rules of the match are over the top rope eliminations only, winner enters number 20 at the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, but the runner up must enter number 1.

Mahabali Shera defeated Cody Deaner, Cousin Jake, Havok, Jordynne Grace, Rosemary, Kiera Hogan, Johnny Swinger, Raj Singh, Eddie Edwards, Adam Thornstowe, and Lester the Legend. Mahabali Shera enters number 20, while Eddie Edwards must enter first. It’s a battle royale, so not really a good match by all means.

Final four are Shera and Reno Scum versus Eddie Edwards. Eddie tricked Lester into eliminating Thornstowe and used the distraction to eliminate LEster the Legend. Shera and Eddie traded elimination teases, but at the end, Reno Scum came back, distracted Eddie Edwards, allowing Shera to attack him and eliminate him.

Show closed with the Bound For Glory video package. Big show feel going into the pay per view this Sunday.

Good go-home show by Impact. Not exactly strong inside the ring, but it was full of fantastic promos top to bottom.

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