Impact Wrestling 10.29 Review: The AXS Era Begins

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Impact Wrestling 10.29 Review: The AXS Era Begins

Post by cero2k » Oct 29th, '19, 20:01

Impact Wrestling
October 29, 2019
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Full Recap: ... -ii-296111

A new era of Impact Wrestling begins tonight with their debut on the AXS network with the fallout of Bound For Glory. They had a new intro theme and look. Show opened with a video talking about Impact’s journey to AXS, their redemption story.

Josh Matthews and Don Callis opened the show in the ring, introducing the card for tonight and giving their picks on who leaves with the World Title tonight. Melissa’s reactions to the main event result were great.

Naomichi Marufuji vs Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page - 7/10
They had a great match, Japanese style, but with only a couple of minutes to tell a story. I get the impression that Marufuji has really been reluctant to unleash his real strikes. Finish saw Alexander went for Tiger Driver 89, but Marufuji countered with a kick combo, hit Shiranui, and pinned Alexander for the win. I really hope we get The North in Japan one day. Page never got involved.

Post-match - Marufuji offered a handshake after the match, Alexander went for it, but Page stopped him. The crowd cheered for the hand shake, but Alexander denied at the end. Marufuji wasn’t pleased and gave me the impression that we’ll have another Marufuji match versus The North.

oVe arrived at the arena when security told Fulton and the Crist brothers that they are banned from the arena for tonight’s main event.

Treehouse Segment - We got the Rascalz at the Treehouse. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz talk about Trey Miguel’s mom? Fallah Bahh joined them and said he was bummed because Elgin beat him up. They smoke out and suddenly Bahh is a scholar and starts quoting Shakespeare. The Rascalz hyped up Bahh to go and challenge Elgin.

Knockout’s Champion Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo), Kiera Hogan, & Madison Rayne vs Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, & Alexia Nicole - 4/10
Match was nothing special until Kiera Hogan hit a Frankensteiner, landed on her shoulder, popped it out, and had to get out of the match. Magically, the injury worked into the finish when Jordynne Grace beat the shit out of Taya, who couldn't find someone to tag to anymore, and got pinned by Grace. Jordynne Grace, who has never challenged for the title, has finally pinned the champion.

Rob Van Dam Promo - Rob Van Dam, along with his girlfriend Katie Forbes, cut a promo from his pool. He said the same stuff he’s been saying for months, that everyone’s movesets are all based on his moves that he came up with. If it wasn’t for him, there be no Kenny Omega or Young Bucks. He said that he opened the doors to all the new smaller guys. He said he carried ECW and he is tired of carrying promotions on his back. He said that if Rhino wasn’t an apology, to come and find him.

Elgin Video Package - We got a Michael Elgin video package, telling his story from his debut versus Cage and his recent match with Marufuji. Video wondered what was next for Elgin.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh - 6/10
Ok match, good action, but really short time to do it. This was mostly a showcase for Rich and Swann to rebuild them towards the chase of the tag titles. They won with a double team move.

Backstage, we saw Rhino arrive and bully people into finding out where RVD was. Jacobs told him that he was on vacation. Rhino told RVD that he is coming for him and that he’s going to Gore him.

Moose Skit - Moose cut a promo from a golf course. He said that he has defeated all the best in MMA and so now he wanted to show that he was also the greatest golfer of all time. He was going to hit a Hole in One, but hit a green that still had people on it. He bullied the people there and placed the ball in the hole, calling it a hole in one. He said that he’ll be on Impact next week.

Ken Shamrock Announcement - Ken Shamrock came out to the ring to addressed his future. Shamrock said that Moosed fired him up, but he was disappointed he had lost. He said that after thinking about it, he concluded that… Out came Joey Ryan to interrupt.

Joey Ryan got some chants. Ryan ran down Shamrock’s career, but told him to not retire until he touched his penis. Ryan said he is the guy that makes wrestling fun again. Shamrock recognized him as ‘that penis guy’, but said that he was a real fighter and Joey was just a gimmick.

Joey then challenged him to touch It then if he was a gimmick and said that maybe Shamrock was afraid of tapping out quicker to his penis than to a Gracie choke. Shamrock said that Joey had jumped the gun, because he wasn’t announcing his retirement, but rather telling the Impact roster that he was back and taking on challenges.

Joey Ryan challenged Shamrock to a match for next week.

We got a Tessa Blanchard video package. Mostly a quick showcase of her matches.

Street Fight
Impact X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards - 7/10
This was the quintessential weapons match, but with two guys so athletic guys, they made some good stuff, there is a spot where Ace went for The Fold (imagine the Essex Destroyer dive) and landed inside a trash can. Reno Scum came down for the interference, but Eddie took them out.

This match also did a lot for Ace Austin, who got to defeat Eddie, even with the help of a steel bar in his wristband, while at the same time, making sure that Eddie was dominant during the match. Ace hit The Fold from the top rope into a table for the win.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week - It was Su Yung vs Havok’s Street Fight from a couple of months ago. This is the match that led to the angle where Su Yung was hung to her death from the staircase, later revealing that she had come back to life.

Back at the Impact venue, we saw Suzie, who everyone recognized as Su Yung, but alive. She didn’t remember who she was before. Interesting development, Impact’s storytelling is top level.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger is hitting on Alisha Edwards until Ace Austin comes to the save. Ace tells Alisha that she wasn’t there for his coronation party, so now he invited her to dinner next week.

Talking about next week, Bahh vs Elgin, Moose vs Willie Mack, and Joey Ryan vs Ken Shamrock.

We got a video package of the Cage vs Callihan story, recapping the Bound for Glory match, and Callihan’s interruption to last week’s control center interview for the This is Impact episode.

Impact World Championship Steel Cage Match
Brian Cage (C) vs Sami Callihan - 7.5/10
This was pretty much the same intensity from their PPV match, but placed into a Steel Cage. Cage came out with the same fire and went after Callihan with the same hate, the one difference here was that Callihan managed to get a bat shot on Cage early on, and so he worked over him for a while.

A big story of the PPV match was that Cage was unstoppable, no matter what Callihan threw at him, Cage kept kicking out, even kicking out of the Cactus Special at one. This time around, Callihan wasn't playing around, he hit 4 Cactus Specials and one from the top rope to finally put down Cage. Awesome match. Sami Callihan has finally coronated himself, after being the pillar of Impact’s redemption, The Draw is now on top.

Post-match - Tessa Blanchard came down to the ring, got in the cage, got face to face with Callihan, and like a New Japan challenge, made her intentions clear, she’s coming for Callihan’s title.

This was a top notch episode for Impact Wrestling, a great debut for AXS. Three great matches, storyline developments all around, just a good overall package.

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