Cero Reviews IPWF Throwback Throwdown

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Cero Reviews IPWF Throwback Throwdown

Post by cero2k » Nov 26th, '19, 21:32

IPWF Throwback Throwdown
November 26, 2019
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Show opened with Guiseppe Scovelli Jr. (Josh Matthews), alongside Sexton Hardcastle (Don Callis), running down the card for tonight’s show. Hardcastle is a former champion. Ring announcer Doug Stevensen introduced the sports commissioner and the staff and personnel for tonight’s show as well.

Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann) vs Rip Rayzor (Ace Austin) - 5/10
Rip Rayzor is a punk rocker, while Rapid Delivery Pete is, well, a pizza delivery guy. Rayzor has a spiked collar, which saved him from getting headlocked. Rayzor also wrestled with a cigarette, which he used to try and burn Pete.

Rayzor started the match with control, mostly tossing around Pete with arm drags and chokeholds. Pete eventually made a comeback with arm drags and a big Scoop Slam and the Special Delivery Splash for the win. The match itself was nothing.

Julian Cumberbun w/Sonny Sanders Interview - The Iceman interviewed the International Commonwealth Television Champion Julian Cumberbun (Ethan Page) and his manager Sonny Sanders (Sami Callihan). Iceman asked about Cumberbun’s Loser Leaves Town match tonight with Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack). Sanders cut a promo saying that they’ll defeat Brown tonight and go get some cheeseburgers. Cumberbun said that if not for him, this town and promotion wouldn’t have any money or women.

Daddy Brown came out and cut a babyface promo telling Cumberbun that tonight he takes the championship and send him packing downtown. Sanders attacked Brown with the Tennis racket and held him by the arms, only for Cumberbun to accidentally take out Sanders. Brown undressed Cumberbun, tearing up his suit.

Good angle. It’s poetic seeing Sami Callihan play Jim Cornette of all people.

Hard Workers Vignette - We got a vignette for The Hard Workers -- Oats and Hall (Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake). They’re something like Chippendales and disco aficionados.

Xcessive Force Interview - The Iceman interviewed the team of Pummel and Plunder, collectively known as Xcessive Force, the Demolition theme tag team of D’Lo Brown and Fallah Bahh. They told The Hard Workers that tonight, they’re taking their final breath.

The Hard Workers vs Xcessive Force - 5.5/10
XF jumped Oats and Hall to start the match, took out Hall and focused on Oats with some double team moves before cutting the ring in half on him, mostly with headbutts and claws. Hall made the hot tag and came in wild, taking out both Pummel and Plumber with a double lariat. Oats picked up the win with an innovative sunset flip pin.

After the match, Xcessive Force attacked The Hard Workers, squashing Hall with a running splash by Plunder. I really liked these two teams.

New Wave Vignette - We got a vignette by The New Wave, the team of Jake and Dave, two surfer dudes debuting next week.

Johnny Swinger vs Buck Gunderson - Squash
Kayfabe aside, we saw this match last week, and I guess it’s worth noting that these two are the only two wrestlers that didn’t have to change their attires or gimmicks for this show. Commentary sells us that Swinger is an innovator that needs to slow down or he’s gonna hurt himself.

Buck had a short hope spot where he started the ten punches in the corner, but Swinger cut him off after the first and dropped him with a slam, followed with the Swinger neckbreaker for the win.

Frank The Butcher (Rhino) vignette saying he’s coming to IPWF soon. I guess Frank is jumping from Southpaw to IPWF!

Rough Riders Interview - Awesome. Iceman interviewed The Rough Riders. Blanche Ardmore (Tessa Blanchard), Mildred Moore (KC Spinelli), Georgia Cobb (Jordynne Grace), & Ladybird Johnston (Jessicka Havok). They talked about their match tonight and pretty much said that they’re running over the competition and partying all night afterwards. Everyone got a chance to talk, with Tessa and Havok being the better ones.

We got a series of commercials for upcoming IPWF dates.

Jazzy Fitbody (Madison Rayne) vs Agnes Beerhart (Alisha Edwards) - No Rating, Ok segment
Not going to lie, I had to look up who Agnes Beerhart was because I couldn’t identify the 2019 counterpart. Even after writing this I had to double check. It was just the makeup and hair. Kudos Alisha Edwards.

Agnes started with some wrist control on Fitbody, when we see Sebastian Baker (Jimmy Jacobs) walk out to see the match. Commentary told us that Baker has been following Fitbody around, trying to recruit her to her managerial services.
Fitbody wins with a death-defying second rope splash.

Post-match - Baker got in the ring. He put over Jazzy and told her to sign with him. Fitbody signs the contract, but Jazzy then low blows Baker and tears up the contract.

$300,000 Man Recap - We got a promo by the $300,000 Man (R.D. Evans), alongside Kongo Kong. He talked about the bodyslam challenge he opened last week and he said that he is raising the stakes for tonight. Add Kong to the list of unchanged gimmicks.

The Rough Riders (Blanche Ardmore, Ladybird Johnston, Georgia Cobb, & Mildred Moore) vs Tim Burr (Josh Alexander), Jim Nasium (Dezmond Xavier), Bill Ding (Trey Miguel), and Ray Strack (Zachary Wentz) - 6.5/10
Oh the puns! Commentary told us that all these wrestlers have t-shirt for sell via P.O. Box.

Andmore hit a Buzzsaw DDT on Strack and picked up the win for her team. Sexton Hardcastle actually came up with the name for that move that Ardmore used to win. The match was just a quick showcase of all the gimmicks, leading up to Strack running wild over the Riders until he was put down. This match apparently had the first ever Superkick Party.

$300,000 Man's Body Slam Challenge - Good angle. We got footage from last week’s $300,000 Bodyslam Challenge with a failed attempt by Ali. Afterwards, $300K Man announces that he is adding an extra $1000 to the purse, making it $3K for tonight’s challenge.

Out for the challenge came out Mr. Atlantis. Like, the actual Mr. Atlantis from the Canadian indie scene. He went for the slam, managed to get one leg up, but Kongo Kong attacked him. Out for the save came out Muscles McGhee (Brian Cage). $300K Man tells him that the challenge is over and the money is off the table, to which McGhee answers that he’s not here for the money, but for the people. McGhee got rid of the $300K Man, slammed Kongo Kong, and took the money. I missed R.D. Evans, I really hope he joins Impact as on on-screen character.

Tommy Dreamer Promo - He cut a promo as himself saying that he returns in two weeks to claim the championship he never lost. He said that Jack Tunney stripped him of the title for using a piledriver. He also said that meanwhile, he went north and took out Bruno in front of Vince McMahon, and slapped Vince’s “Little Vinny Jr”.

We got a replay from last week’s match between DJ 2 Large (Moose) and Captain Joystick (Joey Ryan). The match ended when DJ 2 Large hit a Discus Lariat for the pin.

We now had a promo by Captain Joystick, from his Cockpit, alongside Miss Milehigh (Kiera Hogan). He introduces his guest for tonight, DJ 2 Large. Captain Joystick makes fun of DJ 2 Large and said that a man is measured by their class and no one is classier than Joystick. He also made fun of DJ 2 Large’s musical talent, which prompted Large to rap at Joystick, who cancelled the interviewed, attacked DJ 2 Large, and left him laying. Moose was great.

Gama Singh vs Colt McCoy Recap - We now had footage from one month ago when Gama Singh and Dada Singh attacked Cowboy Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards) with a fireball and blinded him. We got a promo from McCoy giving us an update of the injury, saying that doctors told him that there is a 70% chance he won’t fully recover. He said that he will come back no matter what and get his revenge on Gama Singh.

Blindfold Match
“Cowboy” Colt McCoy vs Gama Singh (w/Dada Singh) - 5/10
Gama is playing himself, but Raj Singh is playing Dada Singh.

Match started and they started trying to find each other around the ring. Gama is actually playing his part really good, you can tell he actually wrestled in these matches back in the day. Eventually Dada Singh distracted the referee, giving Gama the chance to peak and get some offense in, but during the attack, McCoy grabbed on to the ropes and Gama ended up fighting the Invisible Man.

Dada once again tried to distract the referee, but this time around, McCoy caught him with a big right hand and took him out. McCoy and Gama then met in the middle of the ring with McCoy landing a Stunner for the win.

Post-match - Iceman interviewed the winner. Colt McCoy said he does it for the working man and his momma, when suddenly, the Soviets -- Bruiser and Sergei (Michael Elgin and Madman Fulton) came out and jumped McCoy with a chain.

Guiseppe Scovelli Sr. (Scott D’Amore), promoter of IPWF came out to stop the beat down, but was also taken out. Scovelli Jr. on commentary said that he may as well take over the territory after his father was taken out. Scovelli Sr. was mad that his son didn’t jump to defend him and said that next week, he’s lacing the boots up one last time and team with McCoy to fight The Soviets. He plugged the concessions stand and the merch table. All of this was great. I'd love to see a team of Elgin and Fulton.

Loser Leaves Town Match for the International Commonwealth TV Championship
Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack) vs Julian Cumberbun (c) (Ethan Page) (w/Sonny Sanders (Sami Callihan)) - 7/10
This was a straight up good babyface vs heel match. All basic stuff with Julian working over Brown with Sanders interfering here and there. Brown eventually came back, Julian's tricks turned against him, and Brown picked up the win with a roll up.

The IPWF roster came out to celebrate with Downtown Daddy Brown to close out the show.

This was a fun, one-off show. Some of the characters were fantastic, that I would love to see them become actual gimmicks in today’s promotions. I liked how they managed to use guys like Kongo Kong and Gama Singh as themselves too. This is not an episode that I’d recommend for people curious about Impact Wrestling, but I definitely recommend this show for an easy two hour, fun show during this week.

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Re: Cero Reviews IPWF Throwback Throwdown

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 26th, '19, 22:48

"Sexton Hardcastle," huh?
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