Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Emergence Chapter One

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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Emergence Chapter One

Post by cero2k » Aug 19th, '20, 12:00

Impact Wrestling Emergence Chapter One
August 18, 2020
Nashville, TN

X-Division Championship Match
Chris Bey (C) vs Rohit Raju vs TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) - 8/10
I loved the way this match was planned out. The story here was that Rohit had offered Chris Bey to enter the match so he could help him double team TJP and take out Bahh if Bahh interfered. The match worked out exactly like that, Rohit helped and save Bey all match, while TJP pretty much had to fight a handicap match. The thing I loved was Rohit was playing legit, he wasn't trying to steal pins, they never did the whole Bey breaks Rohit's pins, or anything like that, it wasn't until TJP was taken out and Bey found himself locked in a tree of woe that Rohit saw the opening and decided to hit a foot stomp on Bey and take the win. I think these three guys may be the best in the company.

I'm kinda surprised that Bey lost the title so soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's either moving to AEW, or to the main event on Impact. He's pure talent.

Wrestle House - Over at Wrestle House, Crazzy Steve and Johnny Bravo are playing with their dolls talking about Taya vs Rae tonight. Steve then said that the people in the house have started to lose their minds. In another room, Larry D was getting pretty to go hit on Rosemary. Acey Romero wasn’t happy about it. Acey is a really bad actor.

Good Brothers Promo - Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows cut a promo about Ace and Fulton wanting to get their attention and succeeding. They promised an ass kicking tonight. Pretty good promos.

TNA World Championship Match
Moose (C) vs Trey Miguel - 6.5/10
Can I call this a squash out of Moose being awesome and Trey only having a couple of hope spots? Moose was just dominant, it was one of those speed vs power matches where the power guy only needs to get a hold of the speed one to hurt him, and this was the case, but Moose just kept getting a hold of Trey. So like I said, Trey had some hope stops, but at the end, Moose just hit the Lights Out for the win.

Post-match - ECIII jumped Moose, took him out and stole the TNA Championship belt.

Hernandez and Reno Scum skit - Backstage, Reno Scum gave Hernandez his money. Hernandez paid them and told them to come see him later for more work.

EY Video Package - We got a video package for Eric Young talking about his career and all he has done. This was great.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the week - It was 2015’s Kurt Angle vs Eric Young stretcher match.

Willie Mack & Brian Myers Angle - Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Willie Mack about Eric Young. Mack said he was talking about Swann when Brian Myers pulled the camera and Jimmy away for his own interview. Myers said that he was sick of being someone’s good hand, talked trash about WWE, and said that he was taking his career in his hands. Mack jumped Myers for interrupting his interview afterwards.

We got another commercial by Heath, making a plea to get #Heath4Impact trending so he could get hired.

The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton - 5/10
This was ok, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the match layout. Ace and Fulton kept cutting off either Gallows and Anderson over and over, but every time they would and Ace was in the ring, either GB would just break away and tag out. It's like we never got a proper babyface in peril run and the Ace (pun intended) kept looking weak. The last few minutes were great tho, up until GB hit Magic Killer for the win.

Wrestle House - Back at Wrestle House, the group talked about the match tonight. Suddenly the Deaners realized that their beer had been stolen. The suspect Acey Romero and were about to fight, but Susie reminded them about the truce. Larry D started hitting on Rosemary when Bravo walked up, and they agreed to do something next week. Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake are pretty good at this.

Wrestle House, Special Guest Referee: Rosemary
Kylie Rae vs Taya Valkyrie - 4.5/10
The matches at WH are not usually good, they don't tend to get the time to build anything and it mostly revolves around comedy. The story here is that Rosemary as referee was on Taya's side and so Kylie had to not only take out Taya, but overcome the hill that Rosemary is out there not counting, tripping Kylie, turning the eye when Taya needs to take advantage. At the end, Taya and Rosemary had a small stumble when Kylie dodged Taya's rush, enough distraction for Kylie to hit a Superkick on Taya and force Rosemary to count since Taya was knocked out.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (C) vs The North - 8.5/10
Great match, slightly better than their first match where the titles changed hands. it was virtually the same stuff, cutting off Sabin, working towards the hot tag, countering finishers towards the end, working off from some spots from their first match. The only real difference here was that The North got the Northern Assault countered again, but this time, Alexander was ready to break up the pin and not lose the match again, yet MCMG kept up the offense and won with Skulls and Bones.

I'm guessing at this point The North either escalate towards a stipulation match, or another team steps up, and it wouldn't be bad timing for The North to join EY for a new Team Canada, to feud with Eddie Edwards & The Good Brothers, while Ace and Fulton chase the titles.

Great show by Impact, good wrestling all around. Night two has less matches announced, but with promising outcomes.

Next week, Willie Mack vs Brian Myers, and address from ECIII, Eddie Edward’s open challenge, and the first ever 30 minute Knockout’s Ironman match between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo.

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