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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2020

Post by cero2k » Oct 25th, '20, 01:04

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2020
October 24, 2020
Nashville, TN

X-Division Championship Scramble Match
Rohit Raju (C) vs Trey Miguel vs Jordynne Grace vs Chris Bey vs TJP vs Willie Mack - 6.5/10
Story of the match was that everyone wanted to get their hands on Raju, but in trying to do it, they kept taking each other out. TJP was just showing off here, at one point having four people in a submission. I really really hope he gets announced for the BOSJ. We had the usual spots like towers of dooms, or everyone taking turns to hit their signature moves, which ended up leading to the finish with TJP hitting the Mamba Splash on Miguel, only for Rohit to jump in with a knee and steal the pin.

Wedding skit #1 - I figured we'd get these to sell the Rosemary and Bravo wedding on Tuesday. It only gave us a reason on why the wedding would be at a wrestling ring and then Jimmy Jacobs announced that all involved at the Call Your Shot Gauntlet needed to get ready. After that, Rhino and Heath hyped each other.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet - 5/10
Winner of the match gets a shot at any championship they desire, but in addition, Rhino and Heath's jobs are on the line if neither can win the gauntlet, but in return, if either does, Heath gets a contract with Impact Wrestling.

Participants were (in order): Rhino, Daivari, Larry D, Crazzy Steve, Acey Romero, Tenille Dashwood, Havok, Brian Myers, Swoggle, Tommy Dreamer, Alisha Edwards, Kiera Hogan, Taya Valkyrie, Fallah Bahh, James Storm, Adam Thornstowe, Luster The Legend, Heath, Sami Callihan, and Hernandez.

The match wasn't anything good or worth watching. Everyone had their one spot, wrestlers that have their own little stories with each other went right into it, or did some sort of spot about it. The big surprise was the return of James Storm, who at this point, may just be doing a one-off, and Dreamer having Road Warrior Animal facepaing and haircut attempt.

The Final 4 were Storm, Callihan, Heath, and Rhino. Callihan eliminated both Heath and Storm, went after Rhino with a Cactus Special for a near fall. Distracted himself getting a chair and let Rhino hit a Gore for the win.

So now we'd assume that Heath would get his contract, but there's still the chance that Rhino decides to not give up the title shot for his friend.

The North interview - Great promos by both men, Alexander said they'd regain the titles tonight. Page said they'd also hurt someone tonight. hint hint, they do.

Moose vs ECIII - meeh Dud
This was a cinematic match of an actual match in a ring, so I don't know why the unnecessary cinematic aspect that I assume was just about having a dark atmosphere and having a bloody match without actually blading.

The whole story here is that for some reason ECIII wants to push to really earning being a World Champion, and not just stealing the title, BUT since we don't know ANYTHING about ECIII at this point, it just comes off weird that ECIII would want to get his ass kicked by Moose, or why it bothers him to do moves from his past. So at the end, the action is ok, but it comes off as senseless stalling since they're not saying much, and at the, the only thing we know is that Moose beat up ECIII.

If this WHOLE thing ends with Moose finally becoming the real World Champion, I'm all in, just make it less ambiguous.

Ken Shamrock HOF Induction Recap - Well, now Impact can say that they had The Rock on once. Shamrock was inducted prior to the show, so it was just a quick recap.

Ken Shamrock (w/Sami Callihan) vs Eddie Edwards - 6.5/10
This was surprisingly better than I expected. I had really low standards coming in, but they had a decent match. It was a weird combination between MMA and strong style spots. Shamrock did a lot of striking, some of which looked fake as fuck, but some that Eddie either lean in or Shamrock just went out there and looked stiff.

Not much of a story other than a brawl. Shamrock just kept kicking Eddie's ass until Eddie made a comeback, came close to winning, but Callihan distracted him, allowing Shamrock to lock in the ankle lock for the submission win.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (C) vs The North vs The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton - 8/10
There was a short angle before the match with The North attacking Sabin and Shelley, and as they had promised, they hurt Shelley with a piledriver on the ramp. They played it out that Shelley may had a stinger and was taken out of the match, and thus Sabin had to go in there by himself.

So the story was that Sabin as the ultimate babyface in peril, but also the ultimate underdog with his comebacks. The North and the team of Ace/Fulton took turns to work over Sabin, and then the Good Brothers would get the hot tags. It all lead to the match just going all crazy all over the place where the three full teams started taking each other out, Sabin having some great near falls, but at the end, Page hit Anderson with the belt and fed him to Alexander to pin for the win.

The North regain the titles, all is right with the world, and they DID keep their word!

Wedding skit #2 - Backstage, Rosemary and Havok left to revive Father James Mitchell, but once left alone, John E. Bravo flipped out at Taya. Hints of a Taya betrayal later on.

Knockout's Championship Match
Deonna Purrazzo (C) (w/Kimber Lee) vs Su Yung - 6.5/10
So, this was supposed to be Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae, but Rae was not there when her entrance came up. News on the street is that Rae is hurt and was kept off the show, but instead of announcing it, they went for the no-show angle that prompted Purrazzo to make an open challenge answered by Su Yung, who she had hurt a couple of weeks ago in her Susie persona. Now, if this leads to us finding out that Rae was taken out by Su Yung, and it triggers something there where Rae wins from Yung, it may redeem it since Purrazzo can still chase Rae.

The match itself was ok, but underwhelming to the expectations I had for the Rae match. Story was that Purrazzo came in unprepared for someone like Su Yung, so even after destroying her arm, Yung still came back and got the win. I completely understand what and why they did what they did, but I don't think that Purrazzo losing was the right move. I'm guessing that Rae will likely lose the whole month of tapings, so Purrazzo chasing Yung may be ok, but I just don't like Yung at champion right now.

I will commend Impact for covering this situation by potentially triggering a storyline between Su Yung and Kylie Rae in addition to Yung and Purrazzo.

Announcements - Madison Rayne announced that the Knockout's Tag Team Titles are coming back, and there couldn't be a better time with some many tag teams in the knockout's division.

Impact World Championship Match
Eric Young (C) vs Rich Swann - 9/10
This was awesome, fantastic storytelling, almost like watching a NOAH match. Story was that Swann was doing great with his healed leg, but early on while getting comfortable, EY dropped him on his head on the apron and completely turned the match around. EY worked over the neck viciously, but Swann made a comeback, they fought some more, and at the end, Swann working through the pain of the neck and leg, hit a Lethal Injection and Phoenix Splash for the win.

Young was amazing a as heel, Swann's selling was top notch. The action was solid.

Post-match - The babyface roster came out to celebrate with Swann.

Good show for Impact, it started kinda weak and the women's match was way more underwhelming than it should have, but the tag titles and world title matches were awesome.

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