Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2020

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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2020

Post by cero2k » Nov 15th, '20, 21:00

Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2020
November 14, 2020
Nashville, TN

Cold Open - Great! If not for this being an Impact+ special show, I'd say they should had spammed the video all over the show.

Eddie Edwards vs Daivari - 6.5/10
No story going into this match, this is just an exhibition match. Daivari came back at Bound For Glory for the Call Your Gauntlet Match, and so he was probably good to stay for the tapings. Match saw him work over Eddie's shoulder for waay to long in my opinion, the match was only about 10 minutes, but 8 of those was Daivari working Eddie, and to be honest, if he's not even part of the company, why have him work so much over Eddie, who should have just squashed this dude. At the end, Eddie won with a BKP.

Well wrestled match, but not particularly exciting to start the show and like I said, Daivari was on top waay to long.

During this match, Josh Matthews fucked up and spoiled that Dashwood and Alisha Edwards are gonna be teaming up, but the angle is just about to happen.

Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace (w/Kaleb with a K) vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie - 6/10
The team of Dashwood and Grace has been teased so much since the announcement of the return of the KOs tag team titles, and I kinda figured that they would eventually work well together since they took so long to finally put them together, just days before the start of the tournament, but they had other plans.

Story of the match was that Rosemary creeped out Tenille early on, and so she tagged in Grace and from there on, it was a handycap match. Tenille rejected tagging in, distracted herself taking selfies or posing for Kaleb, she would offer a tag with little effort when Grace was completely locked in a submission. Tenille did tag in eventually, blindly, when Grace had the match won, only for the other team to get the better of her, and once again tag out and let Grace to get killed by Rosemary.

The Deaners Skit - Backstage, Cousin Jake told Cody Deaner that he had a shot at Raju tonight. Cody is still going crazy about losing to Johnny Swinger. The agree to go look for Swinger and kick his ass.

Brian Myers vs Swoggle - 5/10
This wasn't comedy at all, even if no one will be able to look past Swoggle's size. They worked a perfectly normal match. Myers was obviously dominant with the exception of a couple of hope spot from Swoggle, where he had some offense that I would imagine a lot of people would complain about, particularly a rana and a German suplex. At the end, Myers won with a bit lariat. This was much better than anyone would have expected.

Post-match - Myers came back to the ring to beat up Swoggle until Crazzy Steve made the save.

XXXL Interview - Ok. Romero said that XXXL was here to make an impact. Larry D said that they'd wake up the 'dream' team and this was their turning point.

James Storm & Chris Sabin vs XXXL - 7/10
I don't know what are the plans for Sabin and Storm going forward, but they worked nicely together. I wouldn't mind them staying together until Shelley is ready to return. Like, I don't want them to chase the titles, but have a story with an up and coming team deciding to take them out to make a name for themselves, and while this is kinda the story with XXXL, I'd find a better team to push in that spot.

The match was good. Heat on Sabin, Storm with the hot tag, and at the end, they had Storm and Sabin do a couple of double tag teams, trying to show that there is chemistry there.

Deaners Skit two - The Deaners find Swinger is taking a shower, they looked around his things and found a gun, and so now they believe he shot Bravo.

X-Division Championship Defeat Rohit Challenge
Rojit Raju (C) vs Cousin Jake (w/Cody Deaner) - 6.5/10
Pretty good, for once, Raju won cleanly. Jake dominated early, but Raju cut him off, worked him a bit, they had a back and forward end until Rohit caught Jake with a running knee for the win.

Post-match - Eric Young and MOTHERFUCKING JOE DOERING! came down to the ring and beat up The Deaners. Doering looks great, he has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him on AJPW. I like this new Team Canada.

The Good Brothers Interview - Anderson said that they've won most titles out there, but they're still to win the Impact tag titles, but tonight is the night.

(Self Proclaimed) TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Moose (C) vs Willie Mack - 6.5/10
It's pretty obvious that we're building to Moose vs Swann, to finally unify the World Championships, likely at Hard To Kill 2021, and in order to get there, Moose has decided to take out Swann's best friend -- Willie Mack.

This wasn't a squash, but pretty close to it. Moose beat the shit out of Moose for most of the match, if not for the comeback he made towards the end, but even then Moose kept cutting him off and blocking Mack's finishers. Finish was originally a ref stoppage when Moose knocked out Mack, but then Moose kept attacking Mack and the referee reversed the decision into a DQ in favor of Mack. Moose looked fantastic and this may have been the most enjoyable that Mack has been in a while, but mostly because Moose was kicking his ass.

Edwards and Swann - Edwards told Swann that he had his back during the main event. Meh.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The North (C) vs The Good Brothers - 8/10
As expected, Anderson and Gallows have won the titles. I'm not excited for the GBs having the titles, I find them pretty boring as a team, but I guess we should get some new match ups now with different teams chasing the titles. Hopefully.

Match was nothing special, it was the basic Anderson getting cut off. Gallows the hot tag, and a second half of tornado tag spots. The North were fantastic in this match, they really made the GBs looked as good as possible. They won with a Magic Killer on Page.

Jordynne Grace confronts Tenille Dashwood - Grace tried confronting Dashwood, which was irrelevant, but then we saw the spot that paired up Alisha Edwards and Tenille Dashwood.

Knockouts Championship Anything Goes Match
Su Yung (C) vs Deonna Purrazzo - 7.5/10
Well, damage control has been finalized, Purrazzo regaining the title means that Impact has had time to figure out what the future of the Knockouts title will look like after their plans with Kylie Rae fell down.

Match was for the most part good for a weapons match. I really liked when Purrazzo would rather use her technical proficiency to hurt Yung over using weapons, but I guess I can't really complain much about she using weapons, it was for the most part, a fair fight. Kimber Lee never came down to aid or anything, and it took a lot to put down Yung, so she can walk away looking strong. Purrazzo at one point locked in the Venus de Milo and Yung survived, and so she debuted her new move, a Gotch Style Piledriver called Cosa Nostra and got the win.

Impact Championship Match
Rich Swann (C) vs Sami Callihan - 8/10
This was good, the dynamic between these two had the same chemistry, but with Swann being the champion now, he was given a stronger performance.

Callihan worked over Swann's leg, bringing out the Stretch Muffler to play for once. Swann made a comeback. Callihan came close to getting the win, but since he couldn't, Shamrock came down, only to get taken out by Eddie Edwards. Swann the spammed superkicks on Callihan until he won.

Ok show by Impact, mostly all good wrestling, but nothing really great to go out of your way to watch. I have to give it to Impact though, they took a nothing show that is not usually big in terms of storytellling and they made two title changes and one big debut and now Impact+ shows are suddenly important.

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