Super Shisa

Real Name: Yoshiyuki Saito

Born: April 9, 1970

Hometown: Naha-shi, Okinawa

Billed From: Monbetsu, Hokkaido

Billed Height: 1.78 m

Billed Weight: 77 kg

Debut: June 30, 1996

Trained by:
  • Último Dragón
  • Dos Caras
Other Gimmicks:
  • Saito
  • Super Shisa
  • Yoshiyuki Saito
  • "Lion of Ryukyu"
Super Shisa
Work History:
Finishing Moves:
  • Shisa Clutch (Handstand taunt transitioned into a modified arm trap somersault cradle)
  • Yoshi Tonic (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) – Innovated
Signature Moves:
  • Alejandro Lock (Cross-legged STF)
  • Doshanko Tiara (Rope aided backflip transitioned into a headscissors takedown to an opponent outside the ring)
  • European uppercut
  • Face the Mountain (Bridging straight jacket choke)
  • Hasaaku Clutch (Scissored armbar)
  • Manji Cobra Twist (Simultaneous octopus hold and abdominal stretch to two opponents)
  • SAITO Special (Handstand crossface)
  • SAITO Special II (Handstand figure four leglock)
  • SAITO Special III (Handstand inverted Gannosuke clutch)
  • SAITO Special IV (Handstand mule kick)
  • SAITO Special V (Handstand sunset flip)
  • SAITO Special VI (Handstand inverted crossface)
  • Turnbuckle headstand headscissors to an opponent on the top rope transitioned into a frankensteiner
  • Yoshifuusha (Double underhook suplex floated over into a handstand pin)