Low Ki

Real Name: Brandon Silvestry

Born: September 6, 1979

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Billed From: Brooklyn, New York

Billed Height: 5 ft 8 in

Billed Weight: 174 lb

Debut: October 10, 1998

Trained by:
  • Homicide
  • Jim Kettner
Other Gimmicks:
  • Kaval
  • Low Ki
  • Quick Kick
  • Senshi
  • "The Warrior"
  • "The World Warrior"
Low Ki
Finishing Moves:
  • Dragon Clutch (Grounded dragon sleeper)
  • Ghetto Stomp / Warrior's Way (Diving double foot stomp)
  • Ki Krusher / Ki Krusher '99 (Fisherman driver
  • sometimes from the second or top rope)
  • Warrior's Wrath (Diving double foot stomp to a tree of woe hung opponent)
Signature Moves:
  • Bite of the Dragon
  • Dragon Wing (Double underhook suplex floated over into a double underhook submission hold)
  • Final Four (Elevated cloverleaf)
  • Iron Octopus (Headscissors armbar)
  • Ki Krusher '00 / Krush Rush (Lifting leg hook front facelock slammed into the turnbuckles before dropping down into a fisherman driver)
  • Knife-edged chop
  • Krush Kombo (Two kicks to the chest followed by a high speed roundhouse kick to the head of a kneeling opponent)
  • Matrix
  • Mongolian chop
  • Black Magic (Feint shining wizard transitioned into a reverse roundhouse)
  • Tidal Crush (Cartwheel jumping high to a cornered opponent)
  • Tidal Wave (Springboard roundhouse)
  • Phoenix splash
  • Powerdrive Elbow (Twisting elbow drop)
  • Rope hung crucifix armbar
  • Scorpion Fire (Rope hung figure four necklock)

Tournaments or Cups:2008 PWG Battle Of Los Angeles2001 ECWA Super 8 Tournament