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The Wrestling Revolution - King Mabel

King Mabel

Real Name: Nelson Frazier, Jr.

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Billed From: Harlem, New York

Height: 6 ft 9 in

Weight: 487 lb

Born: February 14, 1972

Died: 487lb

Debut: 1993

Work History:
Ring Names:
  • Big Daddy V
  • Big Daddy Voodoo
  • King Mabel
  • King V
  • Mabel
  • Nelson Knight
  • Viscera
Nick Names:
  • "World's Largest Love Machine"
  • "Big Vis"
  • ""
Teams and Stables:
  • King Mabel
  • King Mabel
  • King Mabel
  • King Mabel
Finishing Moves:
  • Viscera Drive
  • Diving Leg Drop
  • Chokeslam
  • Samoan Drop
  • Spinning Side Slam
  • Elbow Drop Pin
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Beahug
Frazier made his film debut in 2009's The Legend of Awesomest Maximus co-starring Will Sasso and Rip Torn.[43] He also has a role in the movie Wrong Side of Town with fellow wrestlers Dave Batista and Rob Van Dam.