IWC Caged Fury 2015

IWC Caged Fury 2015IWC Caged Fury 2015

From August 22, 2015

Disclaimer: This is my first exposure to IWC's current storylines, so i'm reviewing based on what I'm watching

IWC Tag Team Title Match
Bearded For Your Pleasure (C) vs The Sexy Talented Dudes w/Lee Ryans and Ginger - 5/10

Get it? STDs, they are Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic. BFYP is Jock Samson & Bryan Castle. Announcer says that STDs have been waiting several months to get their title match, other announcer says they had more time to do their homework, so i'm guessing that they were fortold the future that BFYP would be champs, maybe time travelis part of their gimmick. At one point Jock Samson goes for a tope atomico and completely misses the wrestlers and lands on the fans. Match was a bit underwhelming for an opener and tag title defense, crowd was mostly dead. There was a Hip Toss party, it wasn't good. Jock Samsom was definitely the MVP of the match, quite impressive, even when trying to kill fans.

"Wild Child" Lee Ryans vs Bulk Nasty - Squash

Bulk Nasty is one of the academy's graduate, he's a huge ass dude.

Justin Plummer/Rhino/Justin LaBar segment - LaBar is not in the building and Rhino kills Plummer. good for what it was.

Jimmy Nutts vs Wardlow - 6.5/10

Good match, both guys are impressive, one for being huge and the other for having a really good babyface fire in him.

Post-Match Segment - He declares himself the No 1 contender to the IWC title. Can wrestlers do that?

Ray Lyn w/Dylan Bostic vs Britt Baker w/Andrew Palace - 6/10

Bostic and Palace got ejected before the match started. Good. Match didn't have anything outstanding, but it was a great match up. May be my lack of experience with them, but they felt quite generic; however, i do see a lot of potential in both of them, would love to see them in SHINE.

Bostic comes out to see over Lyn, which brings out Palace, and so we get...

IWC Super Indie Title Match
Dylan Bostic (C) vs Andrew Palace vs Alex Daniels - 6.5/10

Bostic is the Justin Bieber of professional wrestling and that is a great gimmick. They had a good fast paced match. Bostic is great, Daniels is really good wrestling-wise, but Palace I just wasn't into, it's gonna take me more shows and a hair cut to get into him, only Barbaro Cavernario can work that hair. There was a 630 from Daniels that missed, but Bostic had moved long before and it just seemed like Daniels flew knowing no one was there. Palace also got handcuffed towards the end of the match, and move the rail to try and break the final pin, but didn't make it, so kinda felt pointless.

Asylum vs Crimson Warchild w/ Dead Wrestling Society - DUD

Asylum first kills 'drummer boy', then warchild attacks Asylum outside, this is not a match yet, but a ref is out there counting DQs for some reason. Match wasn't that much and soon after Crimson interfered, but Asylum kicked his ass. Not sure why the DQ win if he was gonna end up taking out everyone anyway, may as well give him the win.

War Games Elimination Match
Founding Fathers vs Team VIP - 6/10

Team VIP is Daren Dinero, VIP Joe Rosa, Roger Corpo, VIP Justin Idol. Founding Fathers are Jimmy Vega$, Super Hentai, Dennis Gregory, Bubba the Bulldog. Just as the match starts, I have Gregory hitting Dinero with a bottle, and just like that, I'm not sure who the faces and heels are, I'm gonna cheer for Dinero. The elimination rule was interesting since at some point one team would get really strong advantage, but as soon as that happened, the other team leveled things out, so it kinda felt irrelevant, but it does make the match easier to enjoy towards the end because it removes the clusterfuck of people inside the ring, and it helped make Vegas vs Rosa a lot more important. Finish felt a bit underwhelming.

Post-Match - People turn on Rosa in a way that people usually turn heel, so i think i was right on cheering for the VIPs. Rosa MUST be the babyface. The Vegas wants to kill an already dead man, Rosa is definitely the babyface, right?

IWC Title Steel Cage Match
Tommy Dreamer (C) vs Rhino - 6/10

I'm celebrating 15 yrs of watching Rhino and Dreamer fight each other. The match wasn't anything new, brawl, weapons, Rhino is awesome and Dreamer is well....Dreamer. Dreamer had two clear pins without a ref, but Rhino still kinda won clean-ish.

Post Match - John McChesney returned and took out Rhino and Wardlow, he kinda made himself the No 1 contender to the title, to bad for him Nutts already proclaimed himself No 1 contender. I guess I'll proclaim myself the 3rd No 1 contender of the night!


Looking at guys like Asylum, Warchild, Jimmy Vegas, or Wardlow, I'm sure this is the only indie that Vince McMahon follows, or at least his wet dream. Wrestling wise the show felt ok, nothing outstanding, crowd was mostly dead during the night, or at least it came off like that. The show did feel like a lot of storyline development, which unfortunately i wasn't super informed other than what i found on the show's description. Super Indie 3-way was definitely the match of the night.

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