wXw World Tag Team League 2017: Day 3

wXw World Tag Team League 2017: Day 3

By Big Red Machine
From October 08, 2017

wXw World Tag Team League 2017: Day 3

The Briscoes vs. The Rottweilers - no rating.

Unfortunately Low Ki was injured last night so The Briscoes win this one by forfeit. Instead of a match, we got Bobby Gunns coming out and calling them both old saying they should just go home and retire. Homicide volunteered to kick Gunns ass, and management booked Homicide vs. Bobby Gunns for later tonight in a Street Fight.

A4 vs. The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) - no rating, good segment(s?)

A4 came out wearing football helmets (you know, because Spirit Squad are cheerleaders). Spirit Squad charged up and ramp at them and tried to punch them in the head because they're idiots. We later got a spot where the Spirit Squad's headbands were used to blindfold them and they wound up accidentally doing a big sequence of roll-ups on each other. That was funny.

After the comedy ended with got some decent wrestling, mostly with A4 dominating... until Absolute Andy nailed Marius Al-Ani with a sucker-superkick to knock him out and let the Spirit Squad pin him for the win. If you Da Mack's turn last night was shocking, this beat that out by miles. I'm awaiting Andy's explanation for this, and it had better be a good one.

Massive Product (David Starr & Jurn Simmons) vs. the Young Lions (Lucky Kid & Tarkan Aslan) - 6.5/10

With the shocking betrayal in the previous match, the winner of Block A now comes down to this match. RISE wanted to make sure that was them so when it looked like Massive Product had things firmly under control, they sent Pete Bouncer out onto the stage to cause a distraction. Bouncer not only drew David Starr's attention, but also gave him a low blow which kept him away from the ring for a while, allowing the Young Lions to start double-teaming Simmons. More RISE cheating ensued, including a title belt shot but Starr was able to make it back just in the nick of time to make the save, followed by the babyfaces make their big comeback and get the win!

Ringkampf vs. EYFBO - 6.5/10

Ringkampf win the block. I was kind of expecting this to go a lot longer, based on the way they've been allowing EYFBO to look so strong in defeat so far this tournament.

RISE (Da Mack, John Klinger, Pete Bouncer, & Ivan Kiev) vs. Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Julian Nero, Dirty Dragan, & "the Avalanche" Robert Dreissker") (w/Adam Polak) - 6.5/10

Da Mack already had some RISE tights made for himself. That guy works quickly. Stuff happened. There was a run-in or two. Klinger and Dragunov did their same fighting spirit sequence from last night, but this time it ended in Dragunov pinning Klinger, so that will probably be an important sequence to remember for future matches.

JAY BRISCOE PROMO - Because RingKampf won, they're in the finals, and due to winning by forfeit earlier tonight, this means that the Briscoes won't have a match tonight at all. But the Briscoes did not fly all the way to German to not wrestle tonight, so they're making an open challenge. Said challenged is answered by Jay FK, resulting in...

THE BRISCOES vs. JAY FK (Jay Skillet & Francis Kaspin) - 6.5/10

Bobby Gunns vs. Homicide- 5/10

Homicide has his fork with him. He stabbed Gunns in the armpit. That was new. This match did the opposite of building up. We started with Cide using his fork, then did some weapons spots and suplexes on the stage, and then ended with a low blow and a small package.

Ringkampf vs. Massive Product - 8.75/10

This was more like several awesome singles matches melded together with an awesome tag team finish. This was also a lesson in why should protect finishers, because reaction of the crowd when Thatcher kicked out of Massive Product's finisher was INSANE. Then Thatcher went insane all over his opponents in possibly the greatest display of fighting spirit ever.

RINGKAMP PROMO - AWESOME babyface stuff from both men. Thatcher's was entirely in German and I actually understood the whole thing!

Final Thoughts
A great show from wXw. In the ring it was a one-match show, but that one match was definitely worth it, and we got some good storyline developments up and down the rest of the card to make things feel worthwhile. That, plus the fact that one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament had to be cancelled due to injury make me more willing to give wXw a pass on this show from an in-ring perspective.

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