wXw Shotgun Live Tour: Weyhe

wXw Shotgun Live Tour: Weyhe

By Big Red Machine
From November 12, 2016

wXw Shotgun Live Tour: Weyhe
TALKING HAPPENED IN GERMAN - I don't speak German so I'm not sure what was said, but I do know that it resulted in...


A fun, exciting tag team match with a GREAT finish.


Fine for the time it got. Tengkwa's mask is oddly creepy. Like... it shouldn't seem as creepy as it does.

Tyler Bate(c) vs. Bobby Gunns - 6.25/10

DAVID STARR & JURN SIMMONS SEGMENT - Good segment setting up the main event with Starr listing all of the bullsh*t losses he has had to Jurn and then calling him out demanding a title shot. Jurn said fine. Starr wanted to do it right now but Jurn said that he's the champion and he only wants to wrestle in the main event. Starr called him a bitch but Jurn still wouldn't fight right now. Jurn then left and Starr cut a promo saying he would prove himself as a main eventer or something like that.

MARIUS VAN BEETHOVEN PROMO - It was all in German, but I could tell by the crowd's reaction that he got some great heat. I'm preety sure one of the important points was that he was bringing in Drake Destroyer to take out Alpha Kevin. (I would later learn from commentator Alan Ferrell that Van Beethoven was supposed to face Kevin himself but instead had a note from his doctor explaining that he couldn't wrestle tonight, which explains why he was walking with crutches.

ALPHA KEVIN vs. DRAKE DESTROYER (w/Marius van Beethoven) - 4.5/10

Alpha Kevin overcomes the size disparity to pick up the win.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Good angle. It turns out Marius didn't really need those crutches because he started hitting Kevin with both of them after the match. Melanie Gray came out to save Kevin by spearing Marius. Drake then grabbed her by the hair but she slapped him off and Kevin lifted Drake up for some sort of Fireman's Carry position move but Drake escapes over the top rope and bails, leaving the happy couple to celebrate their relief that the other is uninjured.

FRANCIS KASPIN & "BAD BONES" JOHN KLINGER vs. CERBERUS (Dirty Dragan & Ilja Dragunov) (w/Adam Polak) - 6.25/10

Polak tried to interfere but accidentally hit his own man. It would have been better if this wasn't done right in front of the referee. Klinger then laid Polak out and Kaspin hit Dragunov with some sort of flying takedown for the win.

Jurn Simmons(c) vs. David Starr - 4.25/10

This wasn't originally a no DQs match but when Starr jumped the bell on Jurn and the babyfaces came out of the locker room to break things up, Director of Sports Karsten Beck came out and made this a No Disqualifications Match to ensure that any of those finishes Starr mentioned in his earlier promo won't be repeated.
We got lots of stupid crap early on like my most-despised "ring the ringbell on the opponent's nuts even though that makes no physical sense" spot. They continued with some brawling that didn't feel very intense at all. I honestly can't recall a more blasé no DQs match than the first nine tenths of this one. Sick finish, though.

Final Thoughts
A very disappointing show from wXw. I understand that the original card was ravaged by illness and other things that required that changes be made, but even by those standards, this was a very weak show, especially in the ring.

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