Beyond Feeling Minnesota

Beyond Feeling Minnesota

By Big Red Machine
From April 30, 2017

Beyond Feeling Minnesota

JOEY JANELA & PENELOPE FORD vs. XXXL (Brian Milonas & Ace Romero) - 5.5/10, but also really funny

This was a wonderful example of how you can have a comedy match that still tells a story.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Very good. Chuck O'Neil attacks Janela after the match, telling him that Matt Riddle accepts his challenge, and we're getting Joey Janela vs. Matt Riddle at Americanrana.


Karen Q vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Tasha Steelz - 5.5/10

This was an elimination match, but they still had a spot where Deonna broke up a pin, and later, after Tasha was eliminated when both opponents had her in a submission, they had Deonna get upset because the referee "awarded the elimination" to Karen. Ironically, this would have made perfect sense if this was originally not an elimination match and the referee's response to Tasha being eliminated by double-submission was to do the logical thing and restart the match with just Karen and Deonna. Other than that, the match was good for the time it got.


Runner up for Comedy Match of the Year (down only to Swoggle & Cabana vs. the Legion of Lords from RPW Live in Portsmouth 7).

EYFBO vs. THE AMERICAN DESTROYERS (Mikey Webb & Donovan Dijak) - 5/10

TEAM PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) vs. ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA (Brick Mastone & Anthony Greene) - 4.5/10

Alpha Sigma Sigma brought a blow-up doll to the ring with them, with LuFisto written on its chest. This wouldn't have been funny at all... except it is was a really short blow-up doll. Because LuFisto is short. For the record, I believe said doll's real name Yoshihiko-cito. The match itself was weird, being a grudge match except for the times when Mastone and Grace had butt competitions with each other.


An awesome battle of the big men. Lee's reaction to Elgin kicking out to the Spirit Bomb at one was fantastic. It's one of the things that really sets Keith Lee apart.

A.R. FOX vs. JOHN SILVER - 6.5/10

Fox was flippy, Silver was strong. It was good. Not much else to say.

ZACK SABRE JR. & JONATHAN GRESHAM vs. DOOM PATROL (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) - 8/10

Dickinson and Gresham were going after each other right away because Dickinson attacked Gresham's girlfriend Jordynne Grace at a recent show. Zack and Jaka stepped in to keep them apart so they could start the match. Before anything could happen Dickinson taunted Gresham, who responded by charging him again, and again the tag partners had to calm things down. Zack and Jaka then tried to have a friendly, fun little match together (Zack even let out one of Jaka's trademark "YEOW!"s), and they traded holds for a bit. Gresham got tagged in, and while things still remained clean, they certainly seemed angrier and more violent. Then Dickinson got the tag and he and Gresham just started to smack the sh*t out of each other. This created an interesting dynamic where the intensity would scale up and down depending on who was in with who, that would last throughout the match.

Gresham was actually given the chance to pick his partner for tonight, and rather than choosing Jordynne Grace so she could get some revenge on Dickinson, he chose Zack because he didn't want Dickinson to turn Jordynne. She tried to interfere in this match anyway, and wound up costing Gresham the match when she accidentally got hit with a Gresham forearm meant for Dickinson, and Dickinson took advantage of Gresham checking on her to roll Gresham up for the pin. This good storyline finish set up perfectly for the...

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Great! Gresham and Grace had a shoving match. Grace was angry at Gresham for not choosing her as his partner, and he again explained that he didn't want her to get hurt. Grace told him that she didn't need his protection, and that the only way to prove this to him was for her to wrestle Gresham himself at the next show. Gresham didn't want to do it but Jordynne wouldn't let him have the mic and kept shoving him. She finally just slapped him across the face and left, and Gresham angrily agreed to wrestle her. They managed to get a lot more emotion into this than I am managing to convey here.

Final Thoughts
An excellent show from Beyond. While it is only two hours long, they saved the time for the stuff that really needed it while providing undercard matches that were able to be very entertaining in the time they were allowed. They also did a good job of advancing their big storylines as the match towards Americanrana 2017 continues.

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