wXw The Inner Circle II

wXw The Inner Circle II

By Big Red Machine
From September 29, 2016

wXw The Inner Circle II

J.T. DUNN vs. WALTER - 6.75/10

One of the best eight-minute matches you'll ever see. They worked at a fast pace, hit each other very hard, and WALTER threw the little dude around. Dunn never once shied away from the much larger man, and looked extremely tough in defeat.


Another match was that was very good for the time it got. This was very hard-hitting, and told a fun little story with Strickland's speed vs. Klinger's power.

Timothy Thatcher(c) vs. David Starr - 6.5/10

This was a grapplef*ck match with the added story of Starr bring a dick to try to throw Thatcher off of his game. Appropriately, the message Starr has chosen to display on his trunks tonight is "TAUNTS." This plan failed, and Thatcher stayed focused on his game plan of trying to choke Starr out and eventually managed to do so. While I usually like grapplef*ck matches, this one never got particularly exciting, with very few teases of big submissions and more of just two guys rolling around at a relatively slow pace before occasionally doing something non-grapplef*cky like a strike exchange or a back suplex on the apron before going back to the grapplef*ck.


They did some stalling on the outside early on, but it at least paid off by culminating in Hero finding a creative way to cut Zack off by nailing Zack with a rolling elbow to the back of the knee while Zack was standing on the apron. Unfortunately they didn't really follow up on that too much and instead this turned into every other "we hit each other very hard and get very angry and intense about it" match you've ever seen, which is probably a whole bunch at this point. The roll-up finish was a nice change of pace though. Ultimately, this was disappointing considering the other matches these two have had together.

Final Thoughts
This was an okay show from wXw. It was only one hour and six minutes long so it was only going to have the chance of reaching a certain level, but I actually thought wXw had the right idea here by booking just four matches and giving the top two matches almost two thirds of the total time. Unfortunately those two matches really just didn't click, making this show entirely skippable, though you certainly won't regret watching it if you've got a free hour.

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