wXw Drive of Champions Tour: Bitburg

wXw Drive of Champions Tour: Bitburg

By Big Red Machine
From April 05, 2014

wXw Drive of Champions Tour: Bitburg
AXEL TISCHER PROMO - This was all in German, but I'll assume he was explaining tonight's situation to the crowd, which is that there will be three qualifying matches to determine who he will defend his wXw Shotgun Championship against tonight in a Fatal Four-Way.

Chris Rush vs. Pierre Fontaine (w/an unnamed female) - 5.75/10

Fontaine's lady-pal kept interfering on his behalf and he also used his size advantage over Rush but Rush came back and got the win in a decent babyface vs. heel match.

WALTER vs. Robert Schild - 5.75/10

This was very good for the time it got. WALTER worked over the leg and won with the Figure Four Leglock. Even at this young age, you can tell that the future Bobby Gunns has something special. WALTER showed young Robert respect after the match.

Drake Younger vs. Aaron Insane (w/Keel Holding) - 6/10

Insane jumped the bell on Younger. Drake overcame both this and the presence of Keel Holding on the outside to get the win.

KARSTEN BECK PROMO - He's angry about something. John Klinger came out to confront him but Beck ran away. Klinger then cut a promo in which I think he said he was the best wrestler in the world. I really should start to learn German if I'm going to keep watching these old wXw shows.

TOBY BLUNT & TOM SANDERS vs. KEEL HOLDING (Sasa Keel & Kim Ray) (w/Aaron Insane) - 4.75/10

They had a VERY long heat during which I struggled to care. Ray and Keel got angry at each other for some reason, culminating in Ray tagging himself in and ordering Keel to go to the apron... at which point Ray was immediately rolled up and pinned. And, to add injury to insult, got landed on by Keel, who had dove back into the ring trying to break the pin up. Ray yelled at Keel, then stormed off.

Axel Tischer(c) (w/Svetlana Kalashnikova) vs. Chris Rush vs. WALTER vs. Drake Younger - 6.5/10

This was very good while it lasted, but it only lasted 7:51. This was also shot with only a hard-cam, meaning that when they brawled into the aisles, we couldn't see sh*t. That being said, fate did make up for this with a spot on the outside where WALTER grabbed Rush by the back of the head and ran along the side of the ring and threw Rush as hard as he could and Rush takes the big flip... and we didn't see him land because he landed JUST out of frame. In my mind, I decided that this was now Super Smash Bros. and WALTER was trying to eliminate Rush by throwing him off of the screen. Tischer got the win, pinning Drake. WALTER put Drake over on the mic after the match because this was his penultimate night in wXw before heading off to WWE. Drake then cut a promo putting over his match tomorrow night.


There was A LOT of stalling by Beck early on, but once they got going they had an awesome main event with lots of great nearfalls and a dual "never say die" story.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Fine. Beck attacked Klinger after the match but left when some old dude came out to out to check on Klinger. Klinger hugged the old dude and cut a promo.

Final Thoughts
This was a fine little show from wXw. It runs just 1:38:23 so it's pretty easy to sit through, pretty much everything was great for the time it got, and the main event was worth going out of your way to see, making sitting through the other "good for the relatively short time they got" matches not feel like a total waste of time at the end.

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