PWG DDT4 2009

PWG DDT4 2009

By Big Red Machine
From May 22, 2009

PWG DDT4 2009
OPENING SEGMENT - Long, but necessary. Paul London came out and explained that he had to pull out due to injury. He then brought Bryan Danielson out to give him a bunch of birthday presents. One of the presents was from Chris Hero, gifting Danielson Roderick Strong as a new tag team partner (with Roderick’s prior consent). Hero says that now that he is out of the tournament, he is free to defend his title in an open challenge.

Excalibur then announced that Zokre was also out of the tournament due to needing surgery, so instead of Los Luchas, we are now getting Dark & Lovely (Human Tornado & Scorpio Sky) in their place. They brought out Roddy to make the change official. London did a goofy initiation for him with a bee mask. London then called a fan into the ring who flew in from New York (his girlfriend, I assume), and had everyone sing happy birthday to Bryan. This was a very long, but also very PWG way to let everyone know about the card changes.
The Dynasty then came out and attacked Bryan and Roddy, kicking off the first…

The Dynasty (Scott Lost & Joey Ryan) vs. Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong (w/Paul London) - 6.25/10

A good, solid, babyfaces vs. heels opener that put the makeshift team over strongly with a win over one of PWG’s most decorated teams. On commentary, Chris Hero and Excalibur planted some seeds for what would become our world title match later tonight.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Fine. Scott Lost cut a promo complaining that he and Ryan had prepared for Danielson & London, so the card change wasn’t fair to them. Danielson turned his last line into a Bees/Hybrid Dolphins/Swarm/whatever chant.

EXCALIBUR ANNOUNCES THAT BECAUSE WE’RE DOWN TO SEVEN TEAMS, MCMG ARE GETTING A BY - The crowd wasn’t happy with this, even when Excalibur announced that they would face Dragon and Roddy in the second round. He had a great reaction to the crowd not reacting as expected to the second part of the announcement, saying “lemons and lemonade, people.”

Men of Low Moral Fiber (Kenny Omega & Chuck Taylor) vs. Dark & Lovely (Scorpio Sky & Human Tornado) - 7.5/10

I agree with the announcers that Human Tornado should not have been allowed to wrestle with his hair pick on him. That can be a dangerous weapon.

Chuck and Kenny had some problems working together but got over them. They had a good pace throughout and built to one hell of a finishing sequence. When Omega gave Scorpio that German Suplex on the chairs on the outside, I screamed.

The Young Bucks(c) vs. the Cutler Brothers - 7/10

Great babyfaces vs. heels stuff with the usual highspots mixed in. Unfortunately, the finish was marred by the fact that the pinned Cutler brother pretty clearly got his shoulder up well before three. After the match, Matt cut a promo introducing their younger brother Malachi, who is making his PWG debut tonight.


This could have gone better for young Malachi. It wasn’t bad (though some parts were shaky), but it didn’t really show you too much other than moves, either. Also, Malachi used the Overdrive, which is a completely ridiculous move that I don’t understand why anyone even thought looked realistic in the first place, never mind why so many people have used it as a finisher.

The Young Bucks(c) vs. Men of Low Moral Fiber) - 7/10

Another great action match with a finishing sequence that built very well. I’m enjoying these Young Bucks matches a lot more than the modern stuff, which feels more repetitive, both within the matches and from match to match.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong - 8/10

Shelley’s back got worked over, they did lots of awesome wrestling and hit each other very hard. It was awesome. Did you expect anything less?

Chris Hero(c) (w/Candice LeRae) vs. Joey Ryan - 8.25/10

The story here was Hero going for the knockout with the elbows while Joey worked over Hero’s arm to try to weaken the elbows. This built extremely well, climaxing with a wonderful last few minutes.

At one point in the match, Hero took an Irish into the corner and tried to come out of it sitting on the top rope but slipped and fell backwards down to the floor and appeared to have hurt himself… and the fans all just chanted “YOU F*CKED UP!” I don’t like wrestling crowds nowadays, but there are some ways in which they are better than crowds from years past. (To give the crowd some benefit of the doubt, I re-watched this several times, and the way Hero took the bump looked to my untrained eye to be exactly how you would do it if you were going to take that exact bump safely, and I didn’t see Hero land whereas the crowd on that side did. Hero also came out of this selling his arm, so maybe this was a planned spot, maybe he actually did get hurt, or maybe he did legitimately slip, was mostly fine, and had the wherewithal to start selling the limb his opponent had been working over, which is extremely impressive.)

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Good. Hero cut a promo acknowledging the mixed reaction he had been getting. He put Joey over, then put himself over even more. Joey grabbed the belt and a mic and made an excuse for his loss (that he had already wrestled tonight), but then put Hero over and they did the whole mutual respect handshake and hug bit… and then Joey knocked Hero out with the belt. This was a good angle to set up their Guerrilla Warfare match for the title in two months.

The Young Bucks(c) vs. Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong (w/Paul London) - 8.75/10

The story of this match was Dragon and Roddy (but especially Dragon) BEATING THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF THE YOUNG BUCKS, and the Bucks refusing to stay down, no matter what. The Bucks made their big comeback and won, and Dragon put them over on the mic afterwards.

Final Thoughts
This was an excellent show from PWG. The eponymous tournament certainly delivered, and the world title match was excellent as well. The main event in particular is something you should go out of your way to see. When you consider how many changes they had to make to this show, the fact that it turned out so well is pretty impressive.

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