WWE Wrestlemania XXVII

WWE Wrestlemania XXVII

By Big Red Machine
From April 03, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania XXVII
Wrestlemania XXVII (4/3/2011)- Atlanta, GA

What is the point of letting the Spanish announcers talk in Spanish for a while on the English broadcast? The only people who care that they are there are the people watching the Spanish broadcast... where they have been hearing already them the whole time!

I really don't like them starting off with a World Title match. I get the concept of separating the huge matches, but I think they should all be in second half of the show (I would be okay with Gabe-style "1st half main event, but WWE doesn't have an intermission).

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Edge(c) (w/Christian) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez & Brodus Clay)- 7/10. I am extremely disappointed with Edge retaining. This was Del Rio's night, and I was sure that this was going on first because Del Rio was winning and they didn't want the heel going over at the end of the show.
WTF? Then Edge and Christian destroy Del Rio's car for no reason. I am with Cole. This IS ridiculous, and stupid. The babyfaces are committing vandalism for no reason! Edge already beat Del Rio. He won the feud. What the hell was the point of this?
And yes, the car costs a lot of money, but as we have seen, he has a whole bunch of other cars, so it is really just an inconvenience. Then Del Rio cries over a car, which it has been established that he has a lot of. Your Royal Rumble winner and next big star, ladies and gentlemen. WWE crushes the best heel in the company. If they had given the time they spent on this BS to the match, it definitely could have reached 7.5. But instead we got this sh*t.

YET ANOTHER instance of the babyface acting like a heel! Rey jumps Cody. WTF? And then Rey rips off Cody's mask and uses it as a weapon. If Cody had done been using it as a weapon, that would be one thing... BUT HE DIDN'T! This is just Rey cheating! I would have given this a for the other good psychology, but this babyface cheating BS ruined it for me!
Marvel Comics should sue. Captain America has more than 8 moves. On a side note, my first CAW (all the way back in Just Bring It!) was Cap from the Ultimate Universe.

SNOOP DOGG SEGMENT- not going to lie, but Regal was funny and Zach Ryder singing Friday was hilarious! Then the three most useless people on the WWE roster (the Bella Twins and H*********e make me hate this segment again.

CORRE vs. BIG SHOW, KANE, SANTINO, & KOFI KINGSTON-DUD! WTF? THEY JUST SQUASHED THE CORRE! THIS IS MORONIC! The entrances should never be longer than the f*cking match!
Is there going to be a single heel with his or her dignity intact at the end of the night?

ROCK-EVE-MAE YOUNG SEGMENT- Mae Young is old. Mae Young wants the People's strudel. This is nothing new. This segment is a complete and total waste of tim-WHOA! IT'S AUSTIN! Never mind. They didn't do anything. I was right about this being a waste of time.

CM PUNK vs. RANDY ORTON- 7.75/10. Great match with a great story!

JERRY LAWLER vs. MICHAEL COLE (w/Jack Swagger)- Stone Cold is the Special Guest Referee- PERFECT SEGMENT. It was even an entertaining match!
Why isn't Austin wearing a referee's shirt?
What was the point of stunning Matthews? Or reversing the decision? And if it doesn't become a major factor on Tough Enough, stunning Booker T will be a waste of time, too.

TRIPLE H vs. UNDERTAKER- 9.25/10. Holy sh*t. I absolutely LOVED. We got to see Taker look weak, which is something that we rarely ever get to see, and it worked on so many levels. WOW!

LAY-COOL & DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. JOHN MORRISON, TRISH STRATUS, & SNOOKI- 4.5/10. This match was very short, and I am disappointed that JoMo and Ziggler got no time at all. You have to give them credit here, as Snooki definitely pulled a Papa Briscoe (meaning that she actually looked semi-competent). Trish still has it.

WWE TITLE MATCH: The Miz(c) (w/Alex Riley) vs. John Cena- 7/10. This would have been a lot better if they had just let them wrestle the whole time and had Rock come out during a ref bump or while Riley distracted the ref to cost Cena the title.

Overall, this show was pretty darn good in the ring, but I hated it from a booking point of view, as some parts of it were terrible wastes of time.

Stupid Announcer Quotes:
1. Matthews (at the beginning of Orton's entrance)- "Randy Orton has just taken the psychological advantage back from Randy Orton"- How? All he has done is show up!

2. Matthews (while Punk has Orton in the tree of woe)- "Sick and twisted; and you're seeing it from CM Punk right here"- All he is doing is working over an injury!

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