Panic in Detroit

Panic in Detroit
Debut: August 25, 2006
Also Known As:
  • Echo Boomers, The
  • Milennials, The
  • Motor City Machine Guns
  • Murder City Machine Guns
  • Panic in Detroit
Team Members
Team Moves
  • ASCS Rush (Spinning sole kick by Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Sabin / superkick by Shelley combination)
  • Made in Detroit (Sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Sliced Bread #2 (Shelley) combination)
  • Powerbomb (Sabin) / Double knee backbreaker (Shelley) combination
  • Skull and Bones (Falling neckbreaker (Sabin) / Diving crossbody (Shelley) combination)
  • Air Raid (Sabin holds an opponent in a fireman's carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp onto the prone opponent followed by Sabin hitting a fireman's carry takeover onto Shelley's knees or the Cradle Shock)
  • Bullet Point (Baseball slide by Shelley followed by a Hesitation Dropkick by Sabin to an opponent held in the tree of woe position)
  • Motor City Machine Guns Sandwich (Running arched big boot (Sabin) / Enzuigiri (Shelley) combination to a cornered opponent)
  • Thunder Express (Inverted sitout side powerslam (Shelley) / Running cutter (Sabin) combination)