D-Generation X

D-Generation X
Debut: August 11, 1997
Nick Names:
  • "DX"
Also Known As:
  • Degeneration X
  • D-Generation X
Team Members
Team Moves
  • New Age Outlaws
    • Double flapjack dropped into a hangman
    • Outlaw Driver (Spike piledriver)
  • Triple H & Shawn Michaels
    • X-Mark (Sweet Chin Music (Michaels) / Pedigree (Triple H) combination)
    • Triple H performing the Pedigree, with Michaels pushing down on the victim for extra force
    • Double DDT
    • Facebreaker knee smash by Triple H into an inverted atomic drop by Michaels
    • Sharpshooter / Crossface combination
    • Spinning spinebuster by Triple H followed by a diving elbow drop by Michaels
    • Triple H throwing Michaels over the top ropes, with Michaels performing a senton