Generation Next

Generation Next
Debut: May 22, 2004
Also Known As:
  • Generation Next
  • GenNext
Team Members
Team Moves
  • Half nelson backbreaker by Strong followed by a 450° splash by Aries or a 630° senton by Evans
  • Ode to the Bulldogs / Skipping a Generation (Strong has one opponent in a backbreaker rack and as the other opponent is behind Strong, Evans hits a diving double stomp off the top rope on the opponent's chest in the backbreaker rack then jumps off the opponent's chest and then performs a diving splash, diving senton or a 180° corkscrew moonsault onto the other opponent, as Strong hits a sitout backbreaker drop using momentum from the diving double stomp)
  • Catapult backbreaker by Strong followed by a slingshot elbow drop by Aries to an opponent held over Strong's knees
  • Double side slam backbreaker
  • Strong lifts Evans into a powerbomb position and flips him into a standing moonsault double stomp to an opponent's back, while being trapped between the top turnbuckle and middle rope
  • Strong lifts Evans into a powerbomb position and flips him into a moonsault onto the fallen opponent
  • Strong lifts Evans up with a military press and throws him into an opponent in the corner, resembling a Fastball Special
  • Strong flips Evans by his leg to assist him into doing an assisted standing corkscrew 450° splash
  • Strong performs a vertical suplex lift on Evans where at the apex of the suplex Strong releases the suplex and Evans uses the altitude and rotation to perform a 450° splash onto the downed opponent.
  • Running chop by Strong to an opponent held in a vertical suplex position by Aries before he drops into a brainbuster