NJPW Young Lion Cup


Date Won


January 01, 1985
Shunji Kosugi defeated Keiichi Yamada by pinfall (21:00)
January 01, 1986
Keiichi Yamada defeated Tatsutoshi Goto by pinfall (12:49)
January 01, 1987
Masahiro Chono defeated Shinya Hashimoto by pinfall (14:11)
January 01, 1989
Naoki Sano defeated Hiro Saito by pinfall (10:43)
January 01, 1991
Michiyoshi Ohara defeated Koji Kanemoto
January 01, 1993
Hiroyoshi Yamamoto defeated Osamu Nishimura by pinfall (14:11)
January 01, 1994
The league scores remain unclear but Kojima and Nakanishi qualified for the finals where Kojima defated Nakanishi by submission.
January 01, 1995
In the finals Nakanishi defeated Nagata to claim the Young Lion Cup trophy.
January 01, 1996
Tokimitsu Ishizawa defeated Yuji Nagata by pinfall (12:27)
May 05, 2000
On May 5, 2000 during Wrestling Dontaku 2000, Kenzo Suzuki defeated Makabe to win the 2000 Young Lion Cup. The tournament was marred by a tragedy on the first night when Masakazu Fukuda was hurt by a flying elbow smash from Shibata. Following the blow he collapsed on the mat and was taken to the hospital. He died five days later from an internal brain hemorrhage. The rest of the tournament was dedicated to Masakuza's memory.
January 01, 2002
Kenzo Suzuki defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (12:41). This made Suzuki the only wrestler to have won the Young Lion Cup twice.
January 01, 2004
Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Kazuya Yuasa by pinfall (11:20)
March 23, 2005
On March 23, 2005 Hirooki Goto defeated Hiroyuki Ito to win the 2005 Young Lion Cup.