WWR Mayhem Show 1

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WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » May 26th, '11, 15:01


Fergal Kiley vs The Challenger

Davis Hardy vs Judas Salem

Robert Randall vs Gutierrez Fernandez

Awesome Booty vs Exodus

Chris Everlast vs Tommy Hawk (Continental Title Match)
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » May 26th, '11, 15:06

Chris Kirby "Welcome everyone to WWR Mayhem!! Im Chris Kirby and this is my broadcast colleague 'Magnificent' Mark Darling!!"

Mark "Yeah whatever man."

Kirby "Err, so yeah tonight a great show in prospect culminating with the main event which is the Continental Title match between defending champion Tommy Hawk and former champion Chris Everlast!!"

Mark "Should be good."

Kirby "Good? Its gonna be awesome tonight and other than the matches already booked for the show theres gonna be a whole lot more too!! were gonna have an update on the condition of The Renegadez and the whereabouts of Charles Remington-Smythe. It seems he has been kidnapped and I for one cannot wait to find out what comes of it!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » May 29th, '11, 02:11

Andersson "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring weighing 226lbs here is Theee Blaaaaaade!!"

~Fans boo as the Blade awaits his opponent~

Andersson "His opponent from Canada weighing 229lbs here is Michael Mark Adams.....M-M-A!""

~The fans start to cheer as the familiar sound of Slayers 'Dragon' plays and MMA appears wearing his usual ring attire. He tags a couple of fans' hands as he walks by, then climbs into the ring raising one arm and looking to the camera. Fireworkd shoots up behind him in the ring, then the music stops and the bell rings~

Kirby "The impressive former Continental Champion MMA facing the dangerous and mysterious Blade here tonight Mark"

Mark "Dude, these two guys suck!"

Kirby "Well lets see about that!"

~Adams applies a headlock then goes behind into an armlock following the collar and elbow tie up. Blade reverses and applies an armlock of his own, MMA escapes and the fans clap. Collar and elbow tie up again, side headlock this time by the Blade. MMA lifts him up but Blade drops down behing MMA and hits a forearm to the lower part of Adams' back. Blade whips MMA to the ropes but MMA ducks under the clothesline attempt, then catches Blade with an armdrag, followd by another and then an arm ringer. MMA twists the arm of Blade again, Blade cries out in pain but manages to get to the ropes, causing a mandatory break~

Kirby "Simple wrestling in the early stages of this one, but see if MMA manages to get some of those signature strikes and combos in. Blade himself is no slouch in that department either though."

~The two stars lock up again, this time Blade kicks MMA in the gut, then runs off the ropes~

Kirby "Sunset flip!"



~Kick out from MMA. Blade hammers an elbow to the back of MMA's head, stopping him from getting up. Blade applies a front facelock but MMA sits out of it, Blade is up immediately, MMA not so quick to get to his feet though~

Kirby "Looks like MMA is a little hurt after that one"

~Blade rushes over and catches MMA with a kick to the head, sending him through the ropes to the oustide. Adams lands with a thud and the referee starts the count~

Mark "Come one finish it already"

Kirby "Whats wrong with you man?"

Mark "Whats wrong with me? Ah f**k this!"

~Mark Darling gets up, takes his headset off and leaves the ringisde area without any explanation. Kirby looks as confused as everyone else~

Kirby "Mark? Where you going?"

~No response from Darling as he finally disappears to the back~

Kirby "Well looks like Im riding solo for the moment. So, Blade has now gone outside the ring and thrown MMA into the steel guard rail, MMA in trouble!"

~Blade gets back in the ring to break the count, then goes back outside, picks up MMA and throws him back into the ring. Blade follows him back in, runs off the ropes and hits a legdrop~

Kirby "Good height on that legdrop from The Blade~

~Blade picks up Adams and goes for a Suplex but Dams reverses, droppping Blade down right on his head~

Kirby "OHH!!! Spike Suplex, that could be it right there!"

~Adams covers~



~Kick out from Blade. MMA picks him up and whips him into the corner, he charges in and hits a Kung Fu style kick to the jaw of the Blade, then hits him with seven or eight uick blows to the head and chest. Blade doubles over, MMA grabs his head and DDT's him to the mat. Adams climbs to the top rope, the fans cheer as he raises one arm~

Kirby "What a fast turnaround, the combo following the kick knocked Blade silly, then the DDT must have been enough but MMA wants to deliver the legdrop!"

~Adams leaps and connects with the legdrop, The Blade totally dazed as he lays face down on the mat. Adams gives the cutthroat sign and the fans chant "TAP OUT! TAP OUT! TAP OUT!"

Kirby "Here it comes!"

~MMA grabs Blade and slaps on 'TAP OUT' in the corner of the ring~

Kirby "The Blade cant reach the ropes!"

~Blade Taps out, the referee calls for the bell and tells Adams its over and he must release the hold. After a short moment MMA lets go, gets up and has his hand raised to the sound of 'Dragon' and the fans cheer and clap for the young Superstar~

Andersson "The winner of the match.......M-M-AAAAAA!!"

Kirby "Another great win for Adams, hes getting closer to a title match of some sort!"

~Mark appears and sits back down at the broadcast table, he looks rather happy with himself~

Mark "Hey Chris Im back!"

Kirby "SO I see, what happened before?"

Mark "Had to take care of a little business!"

Kirby "Oh yeah? Such as?"

Mark "You'll find out soon....."

~Adams leaves the ring, tagging the fabs' hands until he finally disappears to the back, then the music cuts~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by KILLdozer » May 29th, '11, 09:28

Kirby:"Well Ive just received word that at some point tonight live here on Mayhem,,were going to have the return of the "Bishops Sermon" with NNTK of The Origin as his guest! After what happened a few nights ago on Vortex from the aftermath of the main event tag match that should definitely be interesting,so stick around folks your not gonna wanna miss that!"

Mark:"Oh boy,I hope NNTK kicks his ass!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by cero2k » May 29th, '11, 11:12

** the camera cuts to Xander going in to a locker room where Gutierrez Fernandez is sitting down, grabbing his hair **

GF: oh, hey Xander, how are you?

Xander: uhh, hey Gutierrez Fernandez, i was looking for Tommy Hawk to interview him, but it looks like he's not around...

GF: yeah, he hasn't been in here all day...

Xander: anyway, i'll look around somewhere else

GF: uhhhhh...Xander? ((Sad Puppy Face)) ...you could interview me.....

Xander: *sigh* sure thing

GF: Fabuloso!!, let me get into character....do....re......mi......faa...ok, i'm ready

Xander: Hi, we're here with Gutierrez Fernandez....((turns to GF)) Fernandez, last Vortex, you finally debuted yet, you were destroyed by Mike Roach, what are your thoughts??

GF: I know I lost Xander, you don't have to mock me....
Xander: I wasn't uhh....
GF: but listen here Roach, I know your kind, I now understand why you were able to survive my Mexican Weapon of Mass Destruction, for you see, I too watch Animal Planet...but NO MORE, next time we meet, it will not be any more "I am a Mister-A Nice Guy" NOOOO, it will only be GUTIEEEEERRRRRREEEEZZ FFEEERRRRRRRRRRNANDEZ!!!! the next, and future world champion of the world....oh...i don't think i have forgotten about you Roberto Randalllllll, tonight, when we face each other in the ring

**suddenly Tommy Hawk walks past the door outside the locker room**


**Xander runs out of the room leaving GF standing there**

GF: Xander?? I wasn't finished!!!.............Xander?

**camera cuts back to the announce table**

AJ: Man, Fernandez just can't get a break.....

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by Sassafras » May 29th, '11, 12:28

*camera cuts to the ring*

Andersson: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20-minute time limit...and is a handicap match! Already in the ring, the team of Coreno and the Berg...THE BUTTMUNCHERS!"

*The Buttmunchers jump and perform a cheesy mid-air high-five as the crowd boos. "Words of War" by Raid begins to blare over the loudspeakers*

Andersson: "And their opponent...standing at 6 feet, 3 inches and weighing in at 394 pounds...from Memphis, Tennessee...Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!!!"

*the crowd pops huge as Roach makes his way to the ring*

Mark: "Another new theme song?"
Kirby: "No, no. I talked to him earlier today, and this one is permanent. The others were favors to friends, to expose their music. A link to download them, and other songs from the artists, can be found on Roach's Facebook page."
Mark, sarcastically: "Nice story, Christopher."
Kirby, ignoring the sarcasm: "Indeed, Mark. I also learned the story behind his refusal to wear wrestling boots. Turns out, to save money when he was still in the indies, he took to taping his feet, instead of buying the necessary size-16 boots. But since his arrival in WWR, he's maintained that habit as a reminder of his time wrestling in high school gymnasiums, and in Japan. He's quite the interesting kid."
Mark: "I see...But I'm still not sure I like him. We've seen him do some pretty despicable things to undeserving people."

*Roach climbs into the ring and the bell sounds*

Kirby: "We're underway!"

*Roach looks at the Buttmunchers with a sort of confused indifference, before punching Coreno in the middle of the chest*

Kirby: "Ouch! That giant left hand, straight to the breastbone!"

*The Berg sees what happened to his partner and tries to run*

Kirby: "I don't think that's gonna work, man."

*Roach catches him and Irish whips him off the ropes, then delivering a stiff Samoan drop. He notices Coreno slightly stirring, so he lifts him to his feet, boots him in the stomach, runs and bounces off the ropes and delivers a swinging neckbreaker.*

Mark: "Well, THAT was impressive! Absolutely amazing agility from the big man!"

*Roach then legdrops Coreno and notices the Berg trying to crawl out of the ring*

Mark: "And I think that Samoan drop made up Berg's mind, without a doubt, that he wants outta there."

*Roach laughs and grabs Berg by the head, setting him up for the powerbomb. Roach raises an arm, in a show of dominance, and some members of the live audience shout "ANTIDOTE!"*

Kirby: "And that's probably just what we're about to see! The Antidote Powerbomb!"

*Roach lifts the Berg and powerbombs him directly on top of Coreno*

Kirby: "And he slams the Berg on top of his partner!"
Mark: "Coreno was crushed under that gelatinous body!"

*Roach turns both of the Buttmunchers over on their stomachs, and stacks them on top of one another*

Kirby: "What's he going for, here?"

*Roach locks in the Humbler (Camel Clutch) on both Buttmunchers, at once*

Kirby: "A Double Humbler! I've never seen that before!"
Mark: "That is most definitely new."

*The Berg quickly taps out, soon followed by Coreno; the ref calls for the bell*

Andersson: "Here is your winner, by way of submission...Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!"

Kirby: "Another sound victory to Sass's credit!"

*the ref raises Roach's arm to the sounds of "Words of War", until Roach pulls away; after a moment, the music ceases*

Mark: "What's going on now?"

*Roach reaches into his pants and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles*

Mark: "Have you ever seen a pair of brass knucks that big?"
Kirby: "Have you ever shaken his hand?! They're more like bear paws!"

*Roach slides the knuckles onto his left hand and patiently paces until Coreno stands. Roach punches Coreno, full-force. The crowds cheers 'Sass-A-Fras!'*

Kirby: "Oh, my God!"
Mark: "Disgusting!"

*Roach waits for the Berg to stand, and punches him, as well. "Words of War" resumes and the crowd continues to cheer. Roach walks up the ramp to the backstage area, only stopping to look over the crowd and smile his arrogant smile, and pull his long, brown-blue-blonde hair back into a ponytail*

Kirby: "He just made sadistically quick work of the Buttmunchers, and you have to think that that smile was one of satisfaction."
Mark: "And you know it was a message to Vade Kruger and the Origin. You know it..."
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by kirbs2002 » May 29th, '11, 13:17

The show cuts to a gym. Heather and Allanah are shown working out, with "Fuel for Hatred" (Satyricon) playing in the background. Allanah is spotting Heather on a bench press.

Hey! How nice of you boys to join us! Care to try?

I... I'll pass. We came to ask Heather a few things, but she's busy so...

(Cutting off Chapman) No, you've got me here. Go right ahead and ask, I can multi-task.

Heather and Allanah switch, and Xander shrugs.

Very well, then. It's great to have you under the WWR brand again. Everybody's eager to know the goal you've set for your return.

I think it's simple to understand. I jumped to BCW so lately for two reasons. One, they pitched a fair offer and had most of my friends from earlier in my career. Two, the WWR women's division was going cold and I really wanted to test my abilities.

Allanah finishes up and both she and Heather move on and begin push-ups.

Anyway, I was kinda enjoying what I had going in BCW. Top woman around, fair adoration from their loyal fans, and I was being put to the test on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even us women couldn't save that sinking ship, even with the fact that we were outperforming all those boys over there. So, cue their buyout by WWR.

Both women stop and switch to crunches.

And good GOD, was it a downgrade.

Right. We come over here, expecting them to be a greater challenge. I figure that is a fair assumption to make, since WWR is the biggest around. Guess what I found instead?

... Humor me.

A women's division that is DEADER THAN DISCO! So, Angel Dust won the top female honor at Meltdown, through dumb luck, I might add.

And what's she done since then, Xander?

Angel? I... I don't know.

Exactly! Because she hasn't done jack s**t! Pardon my Irish. Hell, if it weren't for Allanah and I, the fans probably wouldn't know you had a women's division. Why do you think Nina Cortez and Kayla Killings wanted in on the main tag team division from the very start?

Beats me.

Heather and Allanah get up and begin doing some light grappling, as the song changes to "Commando" (Satyricon).

I'll help you out, son. It's because, us BCW cross-overs aside, everyone else in the women's division SUCKS!

Hey, now...

(Cutting him off) Don't start with us. How many women's matches, not including BD, Allanah, and myself, have happened in the last month?



(Closes his eyes and swallows) ... None.

For the top promotion in the world, don't you think that's--at the very least--unacceptable?

Yeah, seriously. Even those garbage promotions, TNA and WWE, manage to include at least one women's match every show, even if it only is four minutes.

Heather and Allanah then move on to the leg press machine. Heather starts out.

Well, I think we've gotten a bit off topic. My answer to what you asked earlier, I plan to show everyone how unworthy Angel Dust is to carry that title she robbed Earth Child of, by humiliating her in the ring. The sooner the better. When--not "if", "when"--I win that title from her, I plan to completely revive this division.

Heather finishes, and then switches with Allanah.

And if she manages to get lucky enough to squeeze out a win against Heather, I will personally make sure that she loses that title, by beating her myself. Angel will NOT get lucky a third time.

So there you have it. Since I know Angel will see this, I have this to say to her. You're now on notice, either myself or Allanah will have that title by the end of the month. Don't try to dodge us, because I've already arranged your title defense.

There you go. We're through, Xander. Now get lost or join us in our workout.

The camera fades back to the ring.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by kirbs2002 » May 29th, '11, 14:42

The show cuts to commercial. when the show returns, The Challenger is shown in the ring.

The following match is set for one fall. Already in the ring, from parts unknown, standing 6' 5" and weighing 335 pounds, The Challenger.

Well, we're continuing with in-ring action here on Mayhem.

The arena darkens as "Sign of Evil" (remix) hits. Fergal Kiley walks slowly to the ring, with his stare fixed upon The Challenger.

And his opponent, from County Kildare, Ireland, standing 6' 7" and weighing 287 pounds, "Hell's Vengeance" Fergal Kiley!

Here comes one of the most interesting people in WWR. He hits like a train, his anger makes him stronger, and he's completely unstable. I've never been in the ring with him, and quite honestly, I have no desire to do so, either.

Scared, Maggy?


Kiley gets into the ring, runs his hands over his face, and shakes his head. The bell rings and The Challenger rushes and clubs Kiley with a forearm smash. Kiley grits his teeth in rage, fires back with a forearm smash, causing The Challenger to stumble back, and then cracks The Challenger with an overhand chop, causing The Challenger to fall onto his back, as Kiley shakes his hand off.

Whoo, hard hitting affair already!

The Challenger gets up to his feet, Kiley whips him to the ropes, and as The Challenger comes back, Kiley plants The Challenger with a huge spinebuster, causing The Challenger to stomp his feet in pain.

Just like Arn Anderson with that spinebuster.

I'm more preferential to Triple H's, myself

Please, Hunter Hearst Helmsley isn't even in Double A's league.

Right, Triple H is better!

... Say that again, and I'll belt ya!

Kiley takes a few steps back, and the Challenger gets to his feet. Kiley then grabs him and plants him to the mat again with a Side Slam. The Challenger then crawls to the corner and uses the turnbuckles to get up. Kiley then pulls him out of the corner and reverse suplexes The Challenger onto the top turnbuckle, with the Challenger's throat across Kiley's shoulder.

Game over, Challenger!

Kiley then hits The Decapitation! The Challenger flips over onto his back as Kiley is on one knee. Kiley then gets a blank stare and rolls out of the ring and walks to backstage.

You forgot to pin him, man! This isn't "last man standing" rules!

Kiley is counted out and a couple people come from backstage to help the Challenger back.

The winner of this match, as a result of a count-out, The Challenger!

What the? What just happened to Kiley? He could have just put a hand on Challenger and gotten a three count.

I'm afraid something is seriously wrong with him...
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

"The views that I'm about to express are not necessarily those of anyone else but myself, but they ought to be and, in fact, they probably are"

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » May 29th, '11, 15:53

The camera cuts to backstage with Rob LeBeau and Chris Everlast.

Rob: Ladies and gents, I am here backstage with the number one contender for the WWR Continental title Chris Everlast. Everlast, how are you feeling?

Everlast: Rob. You know, I like you. But you and Chapman's got the same problem. You both bore me to death. Irrelevant questions to a very relevant topic. Me. Because tonight - It's all about me. T-Hawk? Not a problem. Never will be. See, I don't care where the stupid tough guy-gangstas and what not come from, be it Boston, Chicago, New York or the 'Rez', they all fail to impress in the ring. I never fail to impress in the ring. Everytime I'm in the ring, I make sure to leave an Everlasting Impression. And T-Hawk, be damn sure I'll leave an EVERLASTING IMPRESSION on YOU! And the FANS!

Everlast huffs and backs off, leaving LeBeau hanging as the camera cuts off to commercial.

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » May 29th, '11, 15:53

The show returns from commercial and it's right into the action, Davis Hardy hammering onto Judas Salem on the floor. Salem kicks Hardy off and quickly slithers out of the ring. Hardy gets up in the centre of the ring, keeping his eyes on Salem.

Kirby: ''Well, we're back from commercial and the match just started, both men jumped at eachother but Davis Hardy got the upper ground!''

Hardy gets into a corner and orders Salem to get back in. As the referee's count reaches 7, Salem slowly rolls in under the ropes and gets to his feet. The men circle eachother before locking up again, Salem slipping under Hardy's arm and locking his arms around him, trying to lift him for a suplex but Hardy blocks it.

Kirby: ''Both men extremely talented wrestlers, with MMA-backgrounds, a very interesting matchup done by Bastion.''

Salem slips a foot infront of Hardy and tries to trip him forward and succeeds, Salem now ontop of Hardy, locking Hardy's arm into a hammerlock. Salem wrenches the hold relentlessly and Hardy tries to wriggle out of it. After a fifteen seconds or so, reaches his other arm backwards and grabs Salem by the hair and pulling him off him.

Mark: ''Come on, Salem! Get right on him again!''

Salem quickly gets to his feet and charges at Hardy, but Hardy catches him and lifts him with a gorilla press, to a giant ovation by the crowd. He walks around with him lifted for half a minute, the crowd chanting ''Let's Go Hardy! Salem Sucks!''. Hardy finally drops him with a gorilla press spinebuster. Hardy gets up and grins confidently at the crowd, grabbing Salem by the hair and pulling him to his feet. He whips Salem into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a huge clothesline, Salem falling right back and falling back right on his neck.

Kirby: ''That could've killed a man!''

Mark: ''It might have! Salem landed right on his head!''

Hardy flexes infront of the crowd which roars of approval, but from nowhere Salem comes with a schoolboy pin!





Hardy barely gets out of it and rolls to his feet, Salem does aswell and they both charge at eachother and out of nowhere Hardy hits the SPEAR, breaking Salem in half! Cover!




Nothing To Say (Slash feat. M Shadows) booms over the crowd who again shows their love of Hardy.

Andersson: ''The winner of this match by pinfall, Davis 'the Dominator' HARDY!''

Hardy gets up next to Salem's beaten body, putting a foot up on his chest and shouting ''DOMINATED!''. The referee hands Hardy the BCW World title and his towel, and then Hardy heads out up the ramp as the music dies out.

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by KILLdozer » May 30th, '11, 00:44

The show returns from a commercial,and Johny Bishop is in the ring and The Bishops Sermon is all set up in the ring.

Kirby:"Here we go,time for the moment weve been waiting for,opponents from last week to be in the same ring and talk,this could get ugly for damn sure."

The crowd cheers loudly popping big for Bishop and clapping as he gets ready to speak into a microphone.

Bishop:Last week after I lost my tag team match to NNTK and Shane Lynas of The Origin,I was attacked and then jumped by the same three men who cost me the title last sunday at Path to glory,lately Ive been on the wrong end of a bad streak,that makes two in a row ive lost,so without further ado,lets go ahead and get my guest out here right now,NNTK..

The crowd immediately boos as Live for this plays,and NNTk walks out on stage dressed in a black shirt with "Origin" in lime green across the front,black short trunks with a lime green "O" on the front and NNTK in lime green on the back as well ,and black studded boots and black knee pads,on his arms he has medium length black studded leather gauntlets,he walks slowly down towards the ring as boos continue to reign out,his chin is covered in thick black bushy hair that comes down into a long pointed goatee,a black mustache connects to the rest of the goatee with a black strap of hair going all along the side of his face and jawline.

Kirby:Look at this man,he is not certainly not your average looking superstar,long dreadlocks,thick stubblish facial hair,tattoos all over him like Ray Bradbury's "Illustrated Man",not to mention he stands six and a half feet and weighs in at nearly three hundred pounds,so hes every bit as dangerous as he looks,hes more than capable of wearing you down in several ways.

NNTK picks up a microphone as he walks around and into the ring and the boos continue as Live for this dies out slowly until it fades.

Bishop:"Now lets get right down to it man,NNTK...you,,,Lynas,,Kruger..The Origin is here right...Well the three of you have been making my life hell ever since your union became official and out in the light,dont forget im one of the men you targeted first,in my match against Kruger,,you guys legitimately cost me the win..

the Crowd voices their agreement with Bishop by heavily booing NNTK as Bishop briefly pauses.

"And then Monday night on Vortex,the following night,Tony Bastion put me in a tag team match with Ignatius,and what happens,cheap shots and dirty tactics allow you and Lynas to get the pin on us,setting up another beating from the three of you,and Im still here,Im not going anywheres,The Origin can jump me,sneak attack me,throw me around after the match,but im not going anywheres,keep coming at me,because Im going to keep coming back at you,so help me as long as Im a holy man I will not let up on my goal of getting some payback against you."

The crowd comes to life with heavy cheers for Bishop now,then stop right away as NNTK lifts the microphone to speak.

NNTK:"What is this all about,Bishop? What is the meaning of this? What exactly are you trying to prove by standing out here and going on about how youve been robbed in your matchs lately and how your going to get even? How can you come in here and blatantly lie to all these peoples faces?

The crowd lets out a big reception of boos towards NNTk

Bishop:"Lie? Just what is it your talking about? "

NNTK:Im talking about the way you claim to be a good,righteous man,but see if youll take a trip down memory lane with me,I remeber the day you walked in here for the first time,a little over a year and somethin ago,you were pure scum,youd go around knocking people over the head with that bible you carry around there with you,then you lose the Dynamics title when you couldnt even live up to the responsibilities and commitments of a champion,...then back at Meltdown after noones seen you for a while you show up with a shave and a haircut and all of a sudden your supposed to be the new leaf,do right changed man hero? That is completely ridiculous.

The fans reign out more and louder boos at NNTK in the ring.

"You are still the same low down,dirty arrogant cheat youve always been,,you and other people wanna talk about me,,my actions,the way The Origin has recently been making huge statements,but the major difference between me and you is that Ive always been honest about my motives and attitude,Ive never claimed to falsely be an admirable man like you pass yourself off to be."

More heavy boos yet for NNTK from the crowd ring out.

Bishop:"Ive heard just about enough of this i think-"

Suddenly,As Bishop is talking,NNTK comes flying forward going straight for his face with a Lifetaker Kick,Bishop however quickly ducks back and pulls the rope down and sends NNTK out and over to the floor to a big positive reaction from the fans.

Bishop leans forward on the rope,yelling and pointing at NNTK whose getting back up on the outside backing away from the ring staring Bishop down with a cold look in his eyes as the fans continue to erupt even louder for Bishop.

Kirby:Well there we have it,,heated exchange between NNTK and Bishop,after NNTK calls Bishop out as a person out here,basically calls him two faced and a liar,Johny Bishop was about to take exception when NNTK rushed him,but Bishop was ready for him as he proved to be one step ahead.

Show cuts to a commercial as Its not war begins to play in the ring
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by Sassafras » May 30th, '11, 14:07

*show returns from commercial and the camera goes to the broadcast booth with Kirby and Darling*

Kirby: "Welcome back to WWR Mayhem, ladies and gentlemen! Christopher Kirby here, of course, with my broadcast colleague, 'Magnificent' Mark Darling. We've seen some strong messages sent tonight, and a lot more still to c-"

Mark: "Wait, wait, Chris...I'm recieving word that we have a transmission coming in..."

*the camera cuts to a darkened area backstage, filled with smoke; a dark, long-haired figure can barely be seen*

Kirby: "It appears to be the WWR Champion, Vade Kruger... We've seen these messages from him a lot, lately."

*a faint red light begins to manifest as the camera very slowly pans out and the figure begins to speak*

Mystery person, speaking in a terrible fake British accent: "A very foolish WWR Superstar is so disillusioned, to believe that he is a threat to my title. Little is he aware, that my pension hasn't arrived, and therefore I'm forced to work this month. My mates and I might just have to show him what for."

*as the camera continues to pan out, the audience sees Mike Roach standing, hunched over a walker*

Kirby, laughing: "Oh, I see. This is great."

Roach (as Vade) continues: "Bengay and Rogaine don't come cheap, young Michael. My move set has been crippled, to match my current physical ability. But rest assured that the Instrument of Incompetence...erm...Erections...no, no, Destruction...will use all 5 of his formerly devastating maneuvers to at least attempt to deter you from your current course of destiny, Sassafras..."

*Mark, Kirby, and the audience laugh; after a pause, Roach drops the accent*

Roach: "This is f*cking bullsh*t..."

*Roach throws the walker against the wall and blue lights illuminate the entire room, which has Japanese-language posters of Roach's deathmatches past all over the walls*

Roach: "Vade, the act is getting old, just like the 3 of you! Bring your boys! Both of them! I could not care less! But the title is MINE! MY time has come! YOU'RE mine, b*tch! Your livelihood, and that of your friends! Your career, and theirs, as well! ALL MINE! And Alex...you made a great stride in earning my respect at the last Vortex. However, if your intentions are to stand in my way, I will eliminate you as if you were Gutierrez Fernandez or a Buttmuncher. VADE! NNTK! LYNAS! I'm coming for you... Believe. *small laugh*"

*the crowd cheers as the show cuts to commercial*

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by cero2k » May 31st, '11, 22:49

Kirby: And we're back to WWR Mayhem!!!

**Atrevete te te from calle 13 starts playing **

JD: This match is schedule for one fall with a 15 minute time limit, introducing first, from Zihuatanejo, Mexico!!!
**GF comes out with a mic**

JD: uh, yeah...and his opponent, from Worcester, Massachusetts!!!, ROOOOBERT RAAAAANDALLL!!!!

** The lights dim and "If it all ended tomorrow" starts playing. Out comes Robert Randall walking down to the ring, the crowd starts chanting "ROBERT RANDALL clap clap clapclapclap" **

Kirby: Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Randall vs Gutierrez Fernandez, who is looking for his first win after being defeated last Vortex by Roach, in none other than his in-ring debut.

Mark: definitely, Fernandez needs to earn a win in WWR if he wishes to stay in the roster.


Kirby: and the match is on!!

** Randall and Fernandez start circling each other when suddenly, GF calls a time out and asks for a mic **

GF: is this thing on?? oh hey.....Hello Roberto Randall, I can truly say, it is a big pleasure for you to finally meet me, you must have heard many wonderful things about me...but the truth is...that you haven't heard about my very very very very dark secret...you see, i will tell you...

** GF tries to get to Randall's ear to whisper something to him, but Randall pushes him off as soon as he gets close**

GF: what are you doing?? i'm trying to save you from myself!!! I am a very dangerous person!!!

** SNAP!, Randall takes Fernandez' mic from his hand **

RR: I'm willing to take the risk.

** Randall throws down the mic and goes directly to attack GF with a series of punches, pushing him back to the ropes, where he grabs him from the wrist and whips him to the opposite ropes. As GF rebounds and comes back towards Randall, he receives him with a knee to the gut that flips GF over to the canvas **

GF: Oh you gotta be kidding me, this actually hurts!!

**Randall goes down and locks in GF in a headlock, but after a bit of a struggle, GF is able to get his legs around Randall's head and brings him down with some head scissors. Randall easily escapes the hold and once again locks GF in the head. After several iterations, Randall instead of going for the headlock, grabs GF's legs and tries to cross them, but GF suddenly starts shaking his way to the ropes which he grabs forcing Randall to release. **

Mark: Fernandez just broke his WWR match length record...
Kirby: I don't know if he's better prepared or what, but he's surely doing better than last time...

** GF gets to his feet and locks in with Randall in the center of the ring. Randall easily overpowers GF to the corner, but the ref breaks it up and Randall clean breaks GF off. GF takes advantage of the clean break and pokes Randall's eyes, which blinds RR. GF then jumps brings down Randall with a school boy **




** Randall kicks out, but is still holding his eyes. GF goes after him clobbering him in the back with one-arm hammers, he picks him up and whips him to the opposite corner, GF runs screaming "BUENOS DIAS!!!" and rams his full body directly on Randall. GF taunts the crowd and takes his distance to repeat his move, GF once again screams "BUENOOOS DIAAAS" and rams himself to Randall who's hanging from the turnbuckle, and because third time's the charm, GF once again starts mocking the crowd and takes his distance **

Kirby: this guy is really getting cocky....
Mark: the cockier they get...
Kirby: the harder they fall.

** BLAAAMM, GF had run to Randall at the corner, but Randall was able to lift up his boot, to which GF went face first to **


** GF turns around holding his nose, but the only thing he sees is Randall coming at him with a clothesline that brings him down to the mat. Both of them hit the mat and stay there getting their air back, they start making their way up and meet each other face to face. Randall connects a right swing on GF, but he responds with a knife-edge chop to Randall's chest. Swing. Chop. Swing. Chop. Swing. Swing. Swing. GF suddenly grabs Randall and tries to throw him outside, but Randall lands on the apron. GF doesn't notice and walks forward to the center of the ring clearing the punches out, he turns around and...


** Randall pins GF **





** Randall surprised, turns the ref with three fingers sticking out of his hand, but the ref only puts two up. GF meanwhile simply rolls to the outside of the ring to catch his breath. Randall gets to his feet and goes after GF who's standing next to the ring. Randall grabs him from the head and pulls him up to the apron, but GF reacts, grabs Randall's head and jumps of the apron bringing down Randall's throat against the ring ropes. While Randall grabs his throat, GF climbs the turnbuckle, screams "TACOS AND BURRITOS" and jumps catching Randall with a top rope huracanrana**

Kirby: wow, he could have him right here!!! wait, what the hell is he doing!!??

** GF once again grabs the mic **

GF: *puff* *puff* *puff* hey Roberto *puff* *puff* *puff*, so...*puff* you wanna hear my secret now!?*puff**puff*

** Randall hears this, gets up and slaps GF in the face

Mark: CROSS BACKBREAKER!!! GF HAS to be down
Kirby: he's too close to the ropes

** Indeed Randall pins him, but GF puts his leg on the rope before the count of three. Randall starting to get frustrated by GF starts pouding on him with lefts and rights while on the floor, forcing the ref to pull him apart after counting to 5. GF rolls out of the ring again, and Randall goes after him, but GF playing a little possum, dropkicks Randall on the knee and runs to the ring, he rebounds on the ropes, runs towards Randall and


** the ref starts counting **


Kirby: Oh my God, Randall seems to be out, but GF can't pin him out of the ring!!!
Mark: Fernandez needs to bring Randall back to the ring to pin him!
Kirby: well, he first needs to recover himself, he seems dazed...



** GF kinda clears his mind and sees the situation, he starts to drag Randall to the ring **




** GF is struggling to drag Randall to the ring **



** He pulls Randall to the ring and starts to push him in **


** GF is finally able to push Randall into the ring, but as he's about to jump...



** If it all ended tomorrow starts playing out, Randall stands up a little surprised, the ref grabs his wrist and declares him the winner **

JD: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner by Count out, ROOOOOBERT RAAAAAANDALLLL!!!

Kirby: I uh....I think Fernandez just helped Randall win the match by Countout

Mark: yeah, it seems that way...I think history has been made today

Kirby: I gotta say, this is not the ferndandez i was expecting to come out today, I mean, he still lost and all, but he surely was able to stand toe to toe with Robert Randall

Mark: and that's no easy feat itself, we know Randall has what it takes to be a champion. But like we said before the match, Fernandez NEEDS a win if he is to stay in the WWR roster, because there's a big waiting list of guys wanting to come in and take that spot.

**WWR Mayhem cuts to....**

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 1st, '11, 15:29

~Denniss Andersson climbs in the ring with a microphone~

DA "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring from Cleveland Ohio here is David Simonsen!!"

~Fans boo~

DA "And his opponent......"

~Generic rock music plays and the fans boo as Vance Valentine appears, berating the fans and insulting them as he walks to the ring~

DA "From Sacramento, California weighing 249lbs, here is 'The Heartbreaker from Tall Acre....Vance Valenntiiinnee!!!"

~Vance gets in the ring and walks over to the jobber and pushed him in the face before backing off, removing his robe and grabbing the mic~

VV "Now, all you fat slobs in the audience better watch closely as I show exactly how a REAL man performs!!!!"

~Vance throws the mic down and the bell rings~

Kirby "What a jerk!!"

Mark "I like him."

~Vance goes to lock with Simonsen but kicks him in the gut and hits an elbow on the back of the head. He whips Simonsen to the corner and charges in, nailing him with a clothesline, as Simonsen stumbles out fo the ring Vance pushes him down to the mat face first. He grabs Simonsen by the head and drags him to the ropes right in front of the camera, he pulls the face of Simonsen and shouts to the camera "LOOK AT HIM!! WHAT A BUM!! I WANT MORE COMPETITION THIS GUY IS NOTHING!!" then he lets go and stomps away at the back of Simonsens head~

Mark "Yep. I like Valentine. Hes a real character!!"

~Valentine picks up the jobber and suplexes him across the ring, then gets up looking very pleasd with himself. He climbs the turnbuckle and abuses the fans again before getting down. Again he stomps at Simonsen who is still down on the mat. Vance picks him up and slams him back down with a bodyslam. Valentine applies a head scissors on Simonsen, then yells to the referee "ASK HIM REF!!! COME ON GIVE UP YOU PUNK ASS BITCH!!!" then lets go. Vance comes off the ropes and leaps high in the air, connecting with a legdrop~

Mark "Great height on the legdrop that time. Im impressed!!"

~Vance again picks up Simonsen and gragbs him by the head, then drops him face first into the mat with a DDT~

Kirby "Old school DDT there, now hes going to the top!"

~Valentine stands on the top rope for a moment looking around at the fans who boo him, he then leaps far across the ring to the limp body of Simonsen, connecting with the huge splash~

Mark "He calls that 'The Heartbreaker' and its highly impressive!!!"

~Valentine hooks the leg~




#Bell rings#

DA "Here is your winner, Vance Valentine!!"

~Valentine gets his hand raised by the referee as his music plays, he stays in the ring for a moment and abuses the fans some more, before leaving the ring and waling to the back~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by NWK » Jun 1st, '11, 18:13

The titanton flashes to the "Press Start logo". The screen flashes a bright white, and then to the Gamer, who has a small blond child sitting on his lap, and is sitting in lush looking recliner chair.

The Gamer- My name, is Ian Sterkley, but you will come to know me as, The Gamer. This is my adopted son Christoph. Yes yes sirs and m'ams, I am a father. Everything I do in the ring is for him, and for my wife. Every high-flying manuever I do, every table I put myself through, every kick, every palm strike I throw is for them. But there's somebody else I'd put my body on the line for. That's all of you He points a finger towards the camera. You guys are the reason why all of us, especially me, put are asses on the line, because we like to see you go ape s**t. Some people though, and this is really unfortunate now, have gotten too big of heads to remember that. That's why I was put on this Earth I believe, to keep the people I find dearest grounded. I lost touch of that once, and I almost put my livelihood and my relationships in jeopardy. For those of us who can't stay grounded, who have planet-sized egos, they need to be beaten to a bloody pulp courtesy of me until I proclaim Game Over.

The titantron switches to a graphic that reads, "The games begin very soon" and the segment ends.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by KILLdozer » Jun 6th, '11, 12:42

The camera returns to Kirby and Mark at ringside at the announce table.

Kirby:"Were back on Mayhem here on Friday night,and its been an interesting night after whats happened over the last couple of weeks,,Origin is here Mark,they've made their presence known,and made some big, impactful statements. but we haven't seen much of them tonight,whats going on what have they got planned? "

Mark:"I hope they kick someones ass out here or in the back real soon!" Maybe they can run down and throw you in the ring and youll see exactly why this is ORIGINS house!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 11th, '11, 10:32

Andersson "Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a tag team attraction set for one fall, coming down the aisle, representing the United Kingdom, here are The Awesome One and Booty Daddy, the WWR World Tag Team Champions.......Awesome Booooottyyyy!!!"

~Booty walk to the ring to theeir music, the fans cheering for them as they get to the ring carrying the titles, they get in the ring and await their opponents~

Kirby "There they are Mark, the world tag team champions!"

Mark "True, they ARE the champions FOR NOW."

~Suddenly the lights go out for a moment, as they come back on Exodus are in the ring and attack Awesome Booty and putting them both down. Malone picks up TAO and lifts him up onto his shoulders, Griffin comes off the top with a huge clothesline and Malone drops down as he connects. TAO is flat out in the ring. Booty Daddy is next, Griffin Grabs him in a bear hug, Malone stands back to back with Daddy, grabs him by the neck and Exodus both ram him into the mat at the same time~

Kirby "What!? Cowradly actions by Exodus, what on earth is going on?!"

Mark "I'll tell you whats goin on Kirby, IM OUTTA HERE!!! You and your God damn shitty announce job Im sick of it!! Im sick of these damn fans and Im sick of your bullshit you whiny babyface motherf**ker!!! F**k you!!"

Kirby "What the hell?"

~Kirby looks on in surprise as Mark Darling slams his headset down and gets up, gives Kirby the finger and slides into the ring after grabbing a mic off Andersson~

Mark "Well looky what we have here.........Awesome Booty taken care of in no time at all!! If this is the best tag team in WWR then Exodus will be World Tag Team Champs again in no time at all! And under my MANAGEMENT....yeah thats right.......WE cant and wont fail!!"

~Suddenly WWR Dynamics Champion Bryan Dean walks from the back down to the ring to the sound of 'come with me' and he looks like he means business~

Kirby "Umm folks just hang on to your hats there Im not sure whats about to go down right now...."

~Dean gets in the ring and looks at Exodus with Darling, then he takes the mic away from him~

Dean "Now hold on just a second there boys........were supposed to be a team here, a group! Remember? We have each others backs? How come you guys never mentioned having a manager to me? Its not even like I would be totally against it.....just I wouldnt have chosen this guy right here!!"

~Fans cheer~

Dean "I mean look at him - he never held a prestigious singles title anyway, how do you expect to learn anything from him? And attacking Awesome Booty wont get you anywhere, this aint the right way to go about getting a title shot!!"

~Exodus and Darling just stare at Dean who suddenly realises hes been set up~

Kirby "Oh no....."

~Exodus attack Dean, pummeling him with kicks and punches, they take it in turns whacking him with his own title belt, then Darling starts putting the boot in~

Kirby "Oh come on guys this is bullcrap theres no need for this!!"

~As the beatdown continues......suddenly WWR Champion Vade Kruger drops from the rafters into the ring~

Kirby "What? What the hell is he doing here?"

~Kruger looks confused.....he is carrying the WWR title and a wheelbrace, he just looks at whats going on in the ring. Some of the fans start chanting 'Kruger, Kruger, Kruger' and he scratches his head, then looks at the fans for a while until he is pulled back up to the darkness of the rafters. Exodus and Darling look at each other, leave the ring and walk up the aisle to a chorus of boos~

Kirby "So we have a couple of beat downs, then Kruger appears, then disappears? Hes gotta be on something!!! Strange, Well as I am now alone, I have just received word and ah yes here he is, my new broadcast colleague - for tonight anyway its AJ Cross from Vortex!! AJ?? Welcome!!"

AJ "Thanks man, I saw what happened too and I dont understand it. I do see that Booty and Dean have regathered their senses and left the ring, Im sure there will be a price to pay for Exodus!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » Jun 11th, '11, 11:11

Trail of tears hits to a huge ovation by the crowd as he appears ontop of the ramp.

Andersson: ''On the way to the ring, the WWR Continental Champion.. TOMMY HAAAAAWK!''

Tommy heads down and slaps hands with the fans at ringside, sliding under the lowest rope and lifting the championship high into the air. He then hands it to the referee and waits. The music slowly dies out and the familiar bassintro booms over the crowd as It's So Easy (GNR) starts to play.

Andersson: ''And on the way to the ring, weighing in at 226 lbs, standing 6'1 tall - CHRRRIS EVERLAST!''

Everlast gets out on the top of the ramp in his usual attire but in a black/teal-combo instead of purple/gold. He cockily smirks at the crowd as he swaggers down, slapping hands with the fans on his right. He runs up the steelsteps and headbangs lightly to the rhythm of his music, before he gets into his signature pose, raising both arms with three fingers lifted each, shouting ''It's MY WORLD!'' He goes in between the ropes and grins at Hawk as the bell rings.

Kirby: ''Well, Everlast's comfortable in his abilities anyway.''

They lock up and Everlast quickly smashes Hawk into a corner, hammering away on him with straight fists and kicks. The referee breaks it up and gets in between, but when the referee's eyes are unfocused he pokes Hawk in the eye!

AJ: ''Haha! Brilliant!''

Everlast grabs Hawk by the hair and whips him into the opposite ropes, catching him on the rebound with a clothesline. He quickly bounces off the ropes again and hits a falling elbow drop! Quick cover.


T-Hawk kicks out! Everlast quickly gets ontop of him with more punches but Hawk this time rakes Everlast in the eyes!

Kirby: ''Hawk getting payback!''

Everlast falls backwards and Hawk goes after him, but before he can get any offense in the referee is all over Hawk, scolding him for the illegal eye-rake. Everlast uses this to his advantage and stands up - springboarding off the midrope with a dropkick and hitting Hawk right in the face! Pin.



T-Hawk kicks out at the knick of time and both men gets to their feet and charges at eachother, this time Hawk gets Everlast down with a clothesline and locks in a surfboard stretch, Everlast screaming in pain.

AJ: "Oh my''

Hawk wrenches the hold and Everlast kicks around, in the end getting a leg around the bottomrope, forcing Hawk to let go. Hawk backs off and Everlast slowly climbs to his feet. The two men circle eachother before locking up once more, at this showdown Hawk gets the upperhand, whipping Everlast into the ropes and on the rebound he catches Everlast with a monkeyflip! But Everlast lands on the midrope and springboards off, catching Hawk with a springboard DDT and spiking him to the floor!

Kirby: ''What agility! Everlast has been training to get his championship back!''

AJ: ''Tommy is a tough opponent, Kirbs!''

Everlast grabs Tommy by the hair and drags him to a corner, lifting him and seating him on the top turnbuckle. He gets up aswell and yells ''Let's see what the Native American goes for, huh?!'' the crowd cheers and Everlast hops up on Tommy's shoulders for a Frankensteiner.. but Tommy holds onto Everlast and lifts him up.


Tommy doesn't get time to hit what he was planning, because Everlast again counters and hurracanranas Tommy off the turnbuckle TO THE OUTSIDE! Everlast held onto the toprope to keep himself on the apron as the crowd explodes - And the referees count starts.


Everlast takes a breather, lying on the apron but Hawks' not moving.


Everlast slowly pulls himself up, and Hawk is getting up aswell, but slower.


Everlast is scaling the turnbuckle again.


Hawk is up


Everlast hops off with a Shooting Star Press, forcing the referee to restart the count!


Both of them roll around on the floor to get up


Everlast is on his knees


Hawk is up aswell


Everlast stumbles over to the apron


Everlast rolls inside


Hawk stumbles to the apron and rolls inside too. Everlast quickly covers him



TH-Hawk kicks out at the last moment.

Kirby: ''SO CLOSE!''

Everlast takes out his anger on the floor, kicking and punching. He calms down slowly and his lips curl into a diabolic grin. He gets up and runs, bouncing off the ropes and hopping up as he comes to Tommy.


But Tommy rolls out of the way and up to his feet, Everlast turns around and ducks Tommy's clothesline. As Tommy rebounds again, Everlast leapfrogs, and Tommy rebounds once more. Everlast baseball slides between his legs and stands up behind him and hits a SUPERKICK to the back of the head!

Kirby: ''OW!''

Hawk is down on the mat,Everlast goes into the cover.

AJ: ''One! Two! Kickout at two and a half from Hawk!''

Everlast pulls Hawk up,when Hawk counters pushing him back some,Hawk runs in hitting a dropkick, Everlast quicky gets up as Hawk charges and hits several flying forearm shots in a row.

The crowd begins to cheer for Tommy Hawk now,getting behind him.

Kirby: "Hawk quickly turned this around, Mark!"

AJ: "He's got the upper hand suddenly looking good!"

Hawk hurricanaranas Everlast jumping on his shouders,then as he gets up Hawk sprays green mist in his face!

The crowd erupts for this and as as Everast spins back around Hawk kicks him in the gut then spins nailing him in the face with a buzzsaw kick dropping him.

Crowd: "HAWK! HAWK! HAWK!"

Kirby: "He's going to the top and we know what's coming next!"

As Hawk is on the top rope and Everlast is layed out flat in the middle of the ring, Cold by Static X plays suddenly and Vade comes walking down the ramp towards the ring...

Kirby: ''What's he doing down here?!''

Vade continues down towards ringside and gets on the apron to get into the ring but the referee stops him on the apron and the two begin to exchange words, arguing heavily..

Unknown to the referee though, while hes distracted, NNTK and Lynas come running through the crowd, jumping over the barricade...

AJ: "Hey! Origin just ran past there! Oh boy, here we go!"

Kirby: "What's going on!? It's been relatively quiet from Origin tonight since that Bishop's Sermon earlier!"

Lynas quickly runs up onto the apron and shoves T-Hawk off the turnbuckle into the ring while the ref still argues back and forth on the other side of the ring with Kruger. He jumps down and as Hawk turns and gets on his feet, NNTK knocks him for a backflip as he sends him flying with the Lifetaker Kick.

NNTK quickly runs and grabs the slightly still dazed Everlast and picks him up dropping him over the top of Hawk into the cover and runs and slides out the ring ducking down below the apron..

Vade jumps off the apron in the corner and Everlast now begins to come to and quickly hooks the leg of Hawk as the ref turns and counts..

Kirby: ''Oh no not like this! One! Two! Three!''

The crowd erupts with boos as the bell rings signing the end of the match

AJ: ''That's it Everlast got the belt back! Former champion regains in a good showing!"

Kirby: "Good showing?! That was robbery! Hawk had the match at hand until we get a distraction and interference from The Origin! They just cost him the belt! Just like Viggo Dynamite at Path To Glory!"

AJ: "Well that's his own fault. He did this to himself when he stuck his nose in their business at the end of Vortex Monday night! For what reason did he do that anyway? And Dynamite had that coming, he was inferior, just like The Renegadez!"

Kirby:"Because NNTK attacked the War Party, his friends at Path To Glory! They just cost Hawk the title!"

It's So Easy by GNR begins to play in the arena to a mixed reaction.

Andersson: ''Here is your winner by pinfall and the new WWR Continental Champion...CHRISSS EEVEERLAST!''

More mixed cheers and boos ring through the arena as the ref gives Everlast the belt and raises his arm, but before Everlast can celebrate Origin slides back into the ring under the ropes,immediately Everlast leaves bolting out of the ring so quick he almost dives out the through the ropes as Origin have Tommy Hawk surrounded in the ring as hes beginning to get up..

Everlast begins backing up the ramp with a cautious and relieved look on his face as he runs a hand through his hair then wipes it across his forehead to boos from the crowd.

Kirby":DId you see that?! The new champion just took off as soon as The Origin came in the ring, he didnt want anything to do with them! And T-Hawk's in there by himself!"

Mark:"And he almost looks glad to be away from them, he was out of there so quick, man what a coward."

Everlast watches from the ring as Hawk is up now, NNTK grabs him up into the air pressing high him overhead with a press, then drops him down into a huge spinebuster as he jumps into the air spinning around, slamming him down to the mat.. More boos continue as Everlast still stands and watches.. Lynas begins motioning to NNTK to get Hawk up.. NNTK lifts him up by the jaw with both hands,then slings him to Lynas who catchs him into a fireman's carry across the shoulders. NNTK runs back across the ring passing Lynas up then continues running and coms back now off the ropes on the other side of the ring, jumping hitting the Lifetaker Kick to the side of Hawks head, Lynas spins him around in the third degree as he levels him with a cutter. Kruger stands and watches this all unfold, he scratches his head like earlier in the night....

AJ "Kruger hesitates again!!"

Kirby "Maybe hes beginning to realise.....?"

NNTK and Lynas turn their attention to vade who looks to be in some kind of trance, NNTK barks at Kruger to 'pick him up' and after another moment of staring into space, Kruger picks up Hawk..........then lifts him up high and down into the Krugenator.

AJ "Maybe not."

The crowd rings out boos now as Origin steps away from T-Hawk as Cold by Static X plays.

Kirby: "Everlast just stood there and watched Hawk get his a** kicked! What the hell,and before that he took off up the ramp!"

AJ:"Why would he have stayed? Hes a coward!! The Origin just would have kicked his a** too like T Bird there, see Kirby, that's what happens when you end up on the wrong side - Like I said before there was NO REASON for Hawk to come down and jump on Origin at the end of Vortex! And that right there is what he gets!"

Origin gets out of the ring as boos continue as Cold by Static X continues to play,Origin leaves up the ramp looking right at Everlast as they pass him.

Hawk is Laid out in the ring as all eyes are on Everlast now...He goes down the ramp beginning to the ring.

Kirby:"Oh now what?!? Is Everlast actually going to cheap shot Hawk after hes been jumped on and triple teamed by The Origin?!"

Everlast puts the belt down dropping it on the floor at ringside as the crowd boos him. Everlast gets into the ring and walks to Tommy Hawk, reaches down and pulls him up... and gives him a handshake!

Kirby: ''What?! I dont believe it, Everlast showing Hawk respect!

The crowd erupts with cheers as Hawk and Everlast shake hands locking eyes, then clap each other on the back.

It's So Easy by GNR blares through the arena to massive cheers and chants for Everlast as he and hawk stand together in the ring raising each others arm. The camera cuts back up to the top of the ramp, Origin has come back out and stand staring down Everlast and Hawk in the ring.. The camera then cuts back over to Everlast and Hawk staring back up at them.

Kirby: "Well that's it for tonight, I tell you I did not expect this, Everlast helps Hawk to his feet and now they're in the ring together looking almost united!"

AJ:"But yeah, I'd watch it. They're both gonna have to pay for this come Vortex, Everlast isn't as smart as I thought,The Origins gonna kick both their asses Monday Night now, You Watch!"

The camera cuts back over Origin at the top of the ramp and Everlast and Hawk in the ring again several more times back and forth as the screen slowly fades to black.


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