Impact Wrestling 4.19 Review: Lucha Bros! vs Eli & Eddie

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Impact Wrestling 4.19 Review: Lucha Bros! vs Eli & Eddie

Post by cero2k » Apr 24th, '19, 18:21

Impact Wrestling
April 19, 2019
Windsor, Ontario, Can.

Full Recap: ... ars-282006

Scarlett Bordeaux & Fallah Bahh vs The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) w/ Gama Singh -
DHS played a lot into not wanting to wrestle Scarlett and forcing Bahh to wrestle, until they got annoyed at Scarlett and they went to attack her, only for her to kick their ass. At one point Scarlett gave Raj a stinkface, so Rohit wanted one too, but instead got Bahh. Scarlett pinned Raj after assisting Bahh with a Banzai Drop. Fun match, fans loved it live.

Lucha Bros! Promo - The Lucha Bros cut a promo on Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards and their Tag Team title match tonight. They said that no one will take their titles.

The Deaners Vignette - They're training for their debut. Funny.

Tommy Dreamer Promo - he cut a promo on Madman Fulton. He said that he’d been researching Fulton’s past and brought up the similarities between them. He managed to get the word "sanity" in. Good promo -- felt like an old ECW backstage promo.

Dezmond Xavier (w/ The Rascalz) vs Moose - 6.5/10
This was a speed vs power match with the power fighter completely dominating the action, to the point that I was close to call it a reverse squash, but it would be taking away the credit that both Moose and Dez deserve for their performances. Finish saw Moose set up the spear, but Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel distracted him, giving Xavier the opening to roll up Moose and steal the win. The culmination of Moose bullying The Rascalz came to them all working together to finally pin him, making Moose look like a beast and playing into the strength in numbers of The Rascalz.

Rosemary and Hogan Segment - Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Kiera Hogan was lurking around and was met by Rosemary, who told her to go away. Hogan said that this also involves her. Rosemary said that both Allie and Hogan keep getting in trouble because they don’t know how to listen.

Hogan got in Rosemary’s face, telling her that she will get involved whether she likes it or not, and so Rosemary beat her up.

Moose Promo - Backstage, Moose cut a promo saying production needs to edit the loss out. Moose said that if The Rascalz want to gang up on him, he can play that game too.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was the LAX vs. OGz 5150 Street Fight from 2018’s Slammiversary.

Tessa Blanchard invades a Restaurant - Tessa Blanchard cut a promo on Gail Kim. She said that Kim is trying to stop her from becoming the greatest Knockout because that is all Kim has left. Blanchard talked trash, bringing up Kim’s husband Robert Irvine. Suddenly, it turned out that Blanchard was outside one of Irvine's restaurants.

Blanchard went into the restaurant and caused some chaos, bullying the patrons and employees. She finally found the chef, who told her that Irvine was not there today. Blanchard berated the poor chef, who was somewhat corpsing.

Gail Kim Promo - Back from commercial, Kim was getting the message about the restaurant. Melissa Santos interviewed her about pressing charges, but Kim said that she will handle things in the ring and teach Blanchard a lesson.

Madman Fulton (w/ Sami Callihan) vs Tommy Dreamer - 6.5/10
This was surprisingly good, but in a way, somewhat similar to Moose vs Dez with the babyface having to fight from beneath, except that Dreamer here wasn't exactly beneath, and more like Fulton is an unstoppable force of destruction. Remember Mech Zangief from Marvel vs Street Fighter? That version of Zangief had an ability that your attacks couldn't push him back, and thus he kept closing in regardless what you did, that is what Fulton was like.

Finish saw Dreamer get desperate to spot Fulton, he hit a DDT and went for a kendo stick, but Fulton caught him with an End of Days for the win. Good showing for Fulton, even if he gave a lot to Dreamer.

Post-match - Fulton kept torturing Dreamer until Willie Mack came out with a steel chair and brawled with Fulton. The rest of oVe came out to attack Mack until Rich Swann tried to make the save. Callihan choked out Swann and hit the Cactus Special. Callihan Pillmanized Dreamer’s arm while they made Swann watch. oVe has become a really strong stable.

Another Deaner’s vignette - They debut next week, they're riding a tractor.

Kross and Mack Segment - Backstage, a doctor was telling Swann and Mack that Dreamer has an injured arm and that he’ll need some time to recover. Swann walked away, but now Killer Kross approached Mack. Kross told Mack that every time he goes to help Swann, Mack is the one that ends up banged up. Mack blew Kross off and challenged him to a match next week.

Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie - Dud
Before the match started, Valkyrie cut a promo on Canada. She talked about last week’s match against Jordynne Grace & Brian Cage, and since she is defending her title at Rebellion, she is making the executive decision to not wrestle tonight. Before she could leave, Rayne attacked her to force the match to start.

Rayne hit a rana, tossing Valkyrie outside, which she used to try and run away -- except Grace came out and tossed Valkyrie back in the ring. Rayne used the distraction to roll up Valkyrie for the win. If this means that Valkyrie defends against both Grace and Rayne at Rebellion, it will make Grace look bad for helping someone else get in her match.

Johnny Impact interview by Rolando Menendez - Referee Johnny Bravo was behind them cleaning Johnny’s pool. Johnny defended Bravo’s new job, talked trash about Cage, and said that at Rebellion, Cage has no idea how deep Johnny Impact can get in order to retain his championship.

This hinted that Johnny has another secret weapon ready to betray Cage at the Rebellion pay-per-view. Great promo by Johnny. This will play into the next segment.

Cage confronted Don Callis about Bravo. Callis told Cage that they have a plan, that they’ll get a special guest referee, and that Scott D’Amore had the answer. Callis immediately called D’Amore to tell him that Cage was going after him for answers.

We cut to D’Amore, who was being told by Callis to run away. They revealed that they don’t actually have a plan, but Cage was already behind them. Cage threatened D’Amore, but Lance Storm suddenly stepped up and told Cage to have some integrity and rethink his actions.

Storm and Cage got in each other’s faces, with Storm telling Cage he won’t go down that easily. D’Amore improvised and announced that Storm will be the special guest referee for Impact and Cage's World title match at Rebellion.

So wait wait wait. Johnny Impact just said that he is willing to do deep to defend his title and he hinted having another ace ready for play. When then got the announcement that Lance Storm will be the special guest referee for the title match, THE Lance Storm that is Taya and Johnny's TEACHER! Is Lance Storm about to turn heel!?

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The Lucha Bros! vs Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards - 6.5/10
This was great, but it was way too short, which is unfortunate because it had a lot of potential and after the happenings of the post-match, we're not likely to ever get another one (not counting that Eli Drake got fired after the tapings).

The match was about a 7 minute spot sprint, fast paced with big moves. Finish saw the Lucha Bros go for the spike Fear Factor, but LAX came out to attack them. Drake used the distraction to roll up Pentagon for a two count. Edwards tossed Drake the kendo stick, which Pentagon dodged, hit the spike Fear Factor, and pinned Drake to retain the titles.

Post-match - Lucha Bros and LAX brawled to the back. In the ring, Edwards tried to comfort Drake. It seemed like Drake was turning against Edwards as fans started chanting "Eli is the weak link" -- but they hugged it out and Edwards' song was played.

Oh, there you go. As they started to walk to the back, Drake finally turned on Edwards and attacked him with the kendo stick to close the show. It was a great team that unfortunately was short-lived.

Final thoughts
Overall, this was a good show. All the main feuds got touched upon tonight as we head into Impact’s Rebellion PPV a week from Sunday. Inside the ring, most of the matches felt more like segments or angles, but they were nonetheless fun to watch.

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