EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

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EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

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Carlos: Welcome, everyone to Manchester, England, for the EWA’s First Anniversary Show! We have a huge night on tap for you…
Fooda: A night so big that we needed to bring in another announcer. Joining us in the booth tonight, from the UK’s own Royal Wrestling Federation, where Phreak recently spent some time, is RWF color commentator Jeremy Hammond.

Hammond: It’s great to be here, and we are proud that the EWA has decided to celebrate this important moment in its history in England… and if I may be so bold as to make a prediction, I’d like to say that it will be great for me personally, and for all of these fans to be in the building tonight when George “The Aggro” Adams wins the EWA World Title.

Fooda: Whoa… don’t go that far, buddy. There is no way Aggro is walking out of here tonight with that title. Joel Carter is going to retain!... or maybe Jimmy Carnival will walk away with it, but there is no way in hell Aggro will win it.

Carlos: So I take it that I am the only one who thinks that Chris Calaway will win the world title tonight?

Fooda: Yup. You’re the only one. Not even the fans are that stupid.
Jewel: Your opening contests is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Kat Klash from the Bronx, New York, weighing in at two hundred and ninety (290) pounds … he is one half of the EWA World Tag Team Champions… JOHNNY RAAAAAAGE!

The Rage gets a nice babyface pop from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring.

Jewel: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one (221) pounds… JOSH STORM!

Storm’s music plays, and the crowd boos him profusely as he makes his way down the ramp. Before getting into the ring, Storm turns to a group of fans in the front row and asks them “when will you learn to think for yourselves? To believe the evidence in front of you, not what others want you to think?

Storm gets into the ring and stands across from Rage. Neither man offers a handshake. The two just glare at each other.
Fooda: It has been a while since these two were in the ring together but there is obviously no love lost between the Atomic Punks and the Faith Breakers.

Storm challenges Rage to lock up.

Carlos: Storm at a major height and weight disadvantage here, but he is showing no fear at all.

Rage accepts the challenge, and when he comes in to lock up, Storm kicks him in the stomach. {BOOOOOO!} DDT by Storm. Storm stomps away at him a few times, the locks in a Boston Crab. He once again shouts to the fans “Who here still think this buffoon can beat me?”
The whole arena erupts in cheers

Storm applies more pressure and shouts “NOT LIKELY! Just look at what you see in front of you right now!”
Rage tries to crawl towards the ropes, and the much lighter Storm has a lot of trouble stopping him.

Hammond: Good use of size advantage there by Johnny Rage

Rage gets to the ropes, and Storm obliges him on the ropebreak. Rage gets back to his feet, and Storm gives him a “just bring it” type of motion. Rage charges in at Storm for a clothesline, but Storm ducks. He turns round and nails Rage with a dropkick, taking him off his feet once again. As Rage tries to get back to his feet, Storm locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Storm cinches the hold in tight.

Fooda: Great strategy here by Storm. This is a textbook example of how you beat a guy when you are at a size disadvantage.

Rage struggles in the hold for ten seconds. Now fifteen. Kat Klash begins to get concerned. She starts banging on the apron, and the fans join in with a slow clap. Feeding off of the fans, Rage manages to turn himself sideways and lifts Storm up so that he is lying across his shoulders.

Carlos: And THAT is what having the size advantage will let you do. Great feet of strength by Johnny Rage.

DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BY RAGE! He goes for the pin:


Storm kicks out!

Fooda: Josh Storm isn’t going down this early!

Rage picks Storm up for a powerbomb, but Storm counters it with a Huricanrana. Both men pop back up to their feet, and Storm connects with one punch, then another. Storm hits a kick to the midsection, then connects with a high spinning kick, taking his opponent down! When Rage starts to get back to his feet, Storm keeps him down with a running jumping lariat. Storm then hits him in the side of the head with a basement dropkick.

Storm now climbs the to the top turnbuckle in the top left corner of the ring. He leaps off….


Carlos: This could be the opening that Rage has been looking for!

Johnny Rage picks Storm up and lifts him high over his head with a military press… then tosses him into the corner, with Storm landing upside down and back first!

Rage waits for Storm to start pulling himself up, then charges… POWER CLOTHESLINE!

STORM AVOIDS IT! He steps onto the middle rope with one foot and hits an Enzugiri! Dropkick to the back, sending Rage forwards into the turnbuckle. ROLL UP BY STORM!


Storm slips out of the ring, laughing. Rage is back on his feet and is EXTREMLY PISSED OFF! Kat Klash is also livid.

Jewel: Your winner, at a time of four minutes and eighteen seconds (4:18)… JOSH STORM

The crowd boos heavily as Storm slips out of the ring with a smile on his face like the cat that ate the canary.
Carlos: Look at him! He KNOWS that he cheated! He knows that he stole that win!
Fooda: The important thing is that he got the win. Who cares how he did it?
Hammond: These fans care.
Fooda: And these fans are just as dumb as the North American fans!

Rage and Klash head backstage, and on their way up the ramp, they are passed by a man wearing black military fatigues, holding a microphone. He tells them not to worry, then gets into the ring, as Klash and Rage make it to the back.

Fooda: Who is this guy?
Carlos: I think we’re about to find out.

Mystery man: Ladies and Gentlemen… my name is Victor Omniuos, and I am the new Lt. Commissioner of the EWA. As such, one of the things that I am in charge of is rules enforcement… and what we just saw was a travesty of justice!

The fans cheer

Omnious: BUT… the referee’s decision is final. I can’t change the result of the match or anything. What I can do, however, is make sure that nothing like that happens again. So from now on, I am going to be out here, watching matches, to make sure that nothing like that happens again!

The fans cheer, and Omnious gets out of the ring and pulls up a chair, then signals to Jewel to announce the competitors for the next match.
Jewel: The following match-up is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred and ninety-one (491) pounds, the team of SCOTT LOGAN, & “BADASS” MARK WOODBRIDGE!

The teacher-student team gets some cheers from the fans as they make their way down to ringside.

Hammond: Us Brits are known for two things in the world of wrestling; our precise, scientific style, and, when that fails, are ability to brawl all over the place. This team is definitely more of the second than the first.

Jewel: And their opponents, representing the Triad, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty (440) pounds, “The Future” SHAWN STEVENS and “BIG NASTY” KEV CARNAGE!

Carnage gets some cheers from the fans in his home country, but they quickly turn to boos when he refuses to shake hands with the fans at ringside. Carnage and Stevens get into the ring, and after a brief staredown with their opponents, offer a handshake. Woodbridge and Logan accept, but when Stevens shakes Woodbrige’s hand, Carnage kicks Logan in the gut, then Carnage jumps Woodbridge.
The Triad members stomp away at their opponent, earning boos from the crowd. Carnage picks Woodbridge up and dumps him over the top rope with huge Military Press Slam!

The ref yells at him, so Carnage leaves the ring, making Stevens and Logan the de facto legal men at the beginning of the match. Stevens presses his advantage, now mounting Logan and punching away at him. Stevens eventually rolls off of him and locks in a figure four leg lock. Logan writhes in pain, stuck in the hold for about ten seconds, but manages to roll over, reversing the pressure, and forcing Stevens to break the hold.

Carlos: Looks like those lessons from Woodbridge are paying off for Scott Logan.

Both men get back to their feet, and Stevens charges in for a clothesline, but gets caught with a drop toe hold by Logan. Logan goes to lock in the Brooklyn Cloverleaf, but Stevens makes it to the ropes before the hold can be fully applied.

Logan comes off with a load of offense, hitting some hard punches on Stevens, finally taking him down with a superkick. Logan looks back to see if Woodbridge is back on the apron yet, but he is still down on the outside. This spilt second lack of attention is that Stevens, needs, though to make the tag to Carnage. Carnage comes in and clothlines Stevens down.

The Triad maintain a tight control of the match, making quick tags to overwhelm Logan, and knocking Woodbridge off the apron whenever they get the chance. After five solid minutes of Triad dominance, Logan finally manages to hit a desperation counter on Carnage and tags in Woodbridge...

But the referee didn’t see it because he was distracted by Stevens!

Victoromnious saw it, though! He runs into the ring and clotheslines the referee! The participants in the match look at him in confusion. In response, Omnious takes of the referee shirt and puts it on himself. He rolls the ref’s body out of the ring and tells them that HE is now refereeing this match… And MARK WOODBRIDGE is the legal man for his team. He makes Logan and Stevens to their corners and grab the tag ropes, and starts things up with Woodbridge and Carnage.

Woodbridge starts laying in to Carnage with some punches, but Carnage is able to avoid one and roll out of the ring. Woodbridge challenges Carnage to get back into the ring, and Omnious tells him to as well. Carnage replies that he will do so when Woodbridge is sufficiently backed up. Woodbridge protests, but Omnious upholds the ruling, making him give Carnage half of the ring.
Carnage rolls back into the ring, and he and Woodbridge lock up. They jockey for position, with Carnage eventually forcing Woodbridge into a corner. Omnious counts till four before they break from each other, and he gives them both a short lecture. They lock up again, and Woodbridge manages to comes out on top with a knee to the stomach, then whips Carnage into his corner. He tags in Logan, and the two of them hit Carnage with a double hip toss. They follow it up with another double team move, with Logan going to the top rope to hit a double knee drop while Woodbridge hits a Backbreaker, but when Logan gets to the top rope, Omnious orders that the bell be rung.

Omnious calls Jewel into the ring, and whispers something into her ear.

Jewel : Ladies and Gentlemen, EWA Lt. Commissioner Victor Omnious has ruled that the winners of this match Kev Carnage and Shawn Stevens, because Mark Woodbridge has been disqualified for staying in the ring for too long after tagging out.
The crowd boos and chants {BULL-SH*T!}
Woodbridge agrees with them. He gets in Omnious face about it. “REALLY!” he screams. When the hell was the last time anyone was dq’ed for that? That is utter crap. Listen to th-
KICK IN THE GUT BY OMNIOUS! Omnious lands a few more strikes then hits him Woodbridge with a palm-strike to the heart! Scott Logan charges into the ring, but Omnious catches him and hits him with the Citizen’s Arrest!
Carnage and Stevens take this opportunity to sneak backstage. Omnious grabs a mic:

OMNIOUS: "I know you all have a lot of questions, so let me give you some answers...Show after show here in the EWA I watch referees miss easy calls and not make wrestlers adhere to the rules...The rule is 'get out of the ring after making a tag within 5 seconds' , not 'get out of the ring after making a tag after a 4 count and the referee then yelling at you and you ignoring him until you are done getting your shots in!’ How many warnings do these idiots give out every match? and the “wrestlers” in this company come out and blatantly ignore these rules every single match...and worst off all you fans only care if a rule is broken if it's by the 'someone you don’t like!' When someone you do like does it, then it's ok...(pulls piece of paper out of pocket) This here says that I, Victor Omnious, am a certified referee...not only am I a certified referee, look it up I got 100% on the exam...I know the rules inside and out, and I, unlike everyone else in the EWA office, am NOT afraid to enforce the rules just if it might annoy the fans. It's time for a change...time for things to be as they should...I am THE VIGILANTE, and I WILL right the wrongs of professional wrestling...ONE WAY OR ANOTHER !!!
Omnious drops mic and signals to someone to come help Logan and Woodbridge out of the ring. Medical staff comes out, but so does Ron Ellis, who is extremely pissed off.
Ellis: You promised you wouldn’t do this, Victor!

Omnious: Those are the rules, Ron! How are we supposed to expect anyone to take us seriously when we don’t even enforce our own rules?

Ellis: Just… go home, Victor. We’ll sort this out tomorrow.

Omnious goes backstage.

Ellis: Sorry about that everyone. My first personnel change didn’t go the way I had planned. Victor is a good guy at heart, though.

Ellis walks backstage and signal to Jewel to introduce the next match.
Jordan Delux def. Travis Vans (w/Kat Klash) after a DDS.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

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Jewel: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit

Jewel: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California. Standing at 6 feet and 1 inch, weighing in at 239 pounds, COREY ROSE!

“Don’t Damn Me” by Guns n’ Roses begins playing and the crowd offers a lukewarm response. Corey Rose enters the arena in his trademark attire: Ripped jeans, a t-shirt, a jean jacket, and his guitar. He walks down to the ring, trying to pump up the crowd as he does. Upon entering the ring he plays a bit along with the music, but the crowd is still hesitant.

Carlos: A somewhat low response from the crowd.
Fooda: Well, we're not exactly in Rose country.

Jewel: And his partner, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, he stands at 5'11 and weighs in at 199 lbs. He is THE Rock God, Malcolm Metal! Another rock tune plays and Malcolm Metal makes his way into the arena with his trademark tights, vest, and guitar. He's met respectfully by the crowd, but is nowhere near the ovation he had been wanting.

Carlos: Metal looks a bit confused at the moment.
Fooda: Not surprising. When was the last time you saw a Rock God not get an ovation?

Metal shakes out his misgivings and makes his way to the ring. He steps inside and stands beside his partner, Rose.

Jewel: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 520 lbs. They hail from Windsor, England. Accompanied to the ring by Jenkins, they are Sir Robert Royce and Lord Richard Bentley, the Royal Appointments!

Their music hits and the Royal Appointments make their way into the arena with Jenkins trailing behind. Various cheering can be heard around the crowd as the duo makes there way to the ring.

Carlos: Well, we know who has the home field advantage in this match.
Fooda: Tonight, this arena bleeds blue, Carlos.

All four combatants enter the ring and the two teams converse amongst themselves. After a short moment to plan the teams decide who will start the match. The bell sounds and Malcolm Metal starts against Lord Richard Bentley. Their partners exit to the ring apron leaving Metal and Bentley circling each other in the ring. Metal lunges forward intent on locking up with Bentley. Evading to the side, Bentley greets the advancing Metal with a swift kick in the gut. With Metal doubled over, Bentley is quick to bury an elbow into the back of Metal's head.

Carlos: A furious shot from Bentley and Metal is down!
Fooda: First move goes to the Royals.

With Metal lying flat on his stomach, Bentley is quick to drop down and wrap an arm around Metal's neck and wrenches back hard.

Carlos: An expertly applied hold and Royals take control early.
Fooda: Well, they can't upset the home crowd.

Not willing to lie down quietly, Metal furiously tries to get to his feet. Despite the continued pressure on Metal's head by Bentley, he manages to get to his feet. Finally in a position to resist, Metal buries his elbow hard into Bentley's stomach. The shot momentarily stuns Bentley who lets go of Metal. Metal get takes in a deep breath, but that's all he gets before a forearm gets buried into his chin.

Fooda: European Uppercut by Bentley! Metal is down once again!

This time lying flat on his back, Metal gets a clear look at Bentley. Without hesitation Bentley gets atop Metal and lays in with punch after punch into the sides of Metal's head.

Carlos: Forgoing techinque, Bentley goes at with furious right and lefts!
Fooda: Metal's getting absolutely rocked, Carlos.

Not content to stand and watch, Rose leaps over the ropes and delivers a swift kick to the side of Bentley's head. Bentley falls to the side, stunned for a moment. When he regains his bearing he sees Rose arguing with the referee. Turning to his corner, Bentley quickly nods at Royce who quickly enters the ring. The Royals quickly pick the still stunned Metal up and smash him back first into their corner. With nowhere to go, Metal has no choice but to take the beating from the Royals as they land shot after shot on his face and body.

Fooda: The Royals show their experience and quickly adapt to the situation.
Carlos: Looks like blatant cheating to me.
Fooda: Like what Rose was doing a second ago? Karma's a bitch, Carlos.

Rose finally exits back to the apron in time for Royce to make his own exit. With the referee's attention back on the match, Bentley tags in Royce. Entering the ring, Royce takes firm advantage of Metal who's still in the Royal's corner. Cocking his arm back, Royce firmly swings forward, smashing his elbow into the side of Metal's head. Metal jerks to the side, but before he can do anything else he feels Royce's arms wrap around his waist. Royce takes a step back before heaving Metal up and over. Metal is in the air for a moment before falling flat on his back in the center of the ring.

Carlos: Beautiful suplex from Royce:
Fooda: The Royals continue to dominate the match.

With his opponent down in the center of the ring, Royce takes this time to play to the crowd. A round of cheers come up from the crowd in support of the Royal's domination thus far.

Carlos: Royce should stay on his opponent.
Fooda: Let him play to his home crowd. You have to do your home country proud!

Royce pulls Metal to his feet and follows up with another waist lock. With his arms firmly in place, Royce lifts Metal off the ground and wraps his arms tighter.

Fooda: A solid bear hug by Royce!
Carlos: Royce a solid advantage in both height and weight; a smart move.

Royce's grip tightens and Metal feels the pressure as air inside his body is squeezed out by Royce. Metal frantically tries to struggle out, but can't seem to break Royce's grip. Left with few options, Metal begins to headbutt Royce who staggers a bit, but maintains his grip. Royce tightens his hold even harder and Metal yells in pain. Perhaps its a flash of insight or feral instinct, but in a flash Metal is on Royce, his teeth furiously clamped to the aristocrat's nose. In a mix of shock and pain, Royce releases his grip and takes a few steps back cursing wildly at his misfortune.

Fooda: (Glaring at Carlos)
Carlos: What?
Fooda: I'm waiting for you to call blatantly illegal maneuver. Because I know you like doing that.
Carlos: (Shakes head)

Riding the adrenaline, Metal runs back and rebounds off the rope. Running toward Royce, Metal leaps forward, nailing Royce cleanly with a forearm shot to the face.

Carlos: Flying forearm smash from Metal. This looks to be like an opening for Rose and Metal.
Fooda: An opening I'm sure the Royal Appointments will quickly close.

With Royce stunned on the floor, Metal begins to slowly crawl toward his corner to the outstretched hand of his partner Cory Rose. Metal is a handful of inches away from Rose before a hard yank on his leg pulls him back to the center of the ring. An incensed Royce falls forward, dropping a knee on the top of Metal's head.

Fooda: You hear that Carlos? Its the sound of an opening thats now closed.
Carlos: This match is far from over.

Still stinging from the bite to his nose, Royce quickly gets up and tags Bentley back in. Bentley enters and immediately drops down to his opponent. Bentley takes a firm grasp of Metal's hair and pulls his head back. After cursing wildly at Metal, Bentley smashes Metal's face into the canvas.

Fooda: That'll teach Metal to bite people. How does that canvas taste?

Bentley picks Metal up off the mat by his hair despite protests by the referee. He dangles Metal to and fro for a moment before tossing Metal into the ropes. Metal is a step ahead who tumbles forward, with a handspring back elbow which catches Bentley right on the face.

Carlos: A strong counter by Metal! And once again we have an opening!
Fooda: A temporary setback.

Metal slowly pulls himself up, and turns around to see Bentley sitting upright, still in a bit of a daze. Wanting to seize that advantage, Metal rebounds of the rope once more, leaping forward feet first this time to hit Bentley square in the chest with a low dropkick.

Carlos: A solid follow up by Metal and Bentley is flat on the mat!

Content that his opponent is dealt with for the moment, Metal struggles toward his corner. Not wanting to wait for the outcome, Royce quickly steps into the ring and charges after Metal. A hard slap resonates around the arena and Cory Rose is up on the ropes. Seeing Royce charging his way, Rose leaps forward, crashing body first into Royce.

Carlos: Cory Rose enters this match with a fiery springboard crossbody on Royce!

Royce tumbles to the floor and rolls out of the ring, and Rose turns his attention to Bentley who's now on one knee. Bentley slowly gets to his feet and is immediately greeted with a spinning Cory Rose. At the height of his spin, Rose extends the arm out and lands a huge elbow square into Bentley's jaw.

Carlos: HUGE discus clothesline from Rose!

The sound of the impact echoed through the arena as Bentley staggers backward, falling hard against the turnbuckle. Rose charges forward, crashing his shoulder into the chest of Bentley. Bentley slumps a bit more into the corner, but Rose is not done as he grabs Bentley and pulls him to center of the ring. After doubling Bentley over, Rose hooks his opponent's arms and lifts him up before falling back. A hard thud spreads across the arena as Rose smashes Bentley head first into the mat.

Carlos: Double underhook DDT by Rose! (Glances at Fooda) Anything you want to add, partner?
Fooda: It was quite good, Carlos.

With Bentley stunned, Rose rolls him over for the pin.




An axe handle from Royce to the back of Rose stops the count. Royce pulls himself to his feet and is immediately attacked by Rose. With a hard shove, Royce pushes Rose off right into the waiting Bentley. Wrapping his arms around Rose's waist, Bentley lifts Rose up, before falling backward and dropping Rose square on his back.

Fooda: Picture perfect German suplex!

Rose is taken aback but not out as he slowly roll out toward his corner. Finding the rope, he begins to pull himself up. Bentley, still suffering the after affects of the DDT is equally slow getting to his feet.

Carlos: Both teams are struggling, Fooda.
Fooda: Indeed, initiative will go to whoever can make a move first.

Rose finally pulls himself to his feet as he catches a breather in his corner. Looking up, he's just in time to see Bentley charging at him. It's now Bentley's turn to leap forward as he springs forth, crashing his entire body into the chest of Rose who crumples into a heap. Bentley turns around to play to the crowd once more, who are decidedly happy that the Royal's are back in control.

Carlos: Bentley needs to pay attention to this match!

Bentley looks to the side as he sees the referee signal to the enemy corner. He turns around fully, right in time to see Metal on the top rope, in off the blind tag. Bentley's eyes widen as Metal dives off the top towards him, but it's Metal who's shocked when Bentley moves out of the way in time. Metal is able to fix himself, and lands on his feet... right in front of Lord Robert Royce.

Fooda: Oh... this can't end well.

With a smirk, Royce grabs Metal's arm and jerks it back behind his head. Before Metal can react, Royce buries fist deep inside his ribcage.

Carlos: a heart punch by Royce and it's dead on the money!

Metal's eyes bulge as he slowly takes a few steps back. With the opening his partner made, Bentley is on Metal, lifting his opponent up with little resistance. Bentley turns Malcolm Metal upside down so that his head is pointing toward the mat. With the roar of the crowd behind him, Bentley jumped into the air, fall back down and driving Metal head first into the mat.

Carlos: Bentley hits The Crown! And here's the pin!




Jewel: And the winners of this match, Sir Robert Royce and Lord Richard Bentley, The Royal Appointments!

Hammond: A big win for the Royal Appointments here on their home turf... and speaking of home turf, we now go backstage to Lucy Lee, who is standing by with "the Top Boy" George "the Aggro" Adams. Lucy?

Lucy: Thanks, guys. I am here with George "the Aggro" Adams, and Aggro, I have one question for you: What is it like to be wrestling in an EWA ring in your home country?

Aggro: It's very special, Lucy, and to have the chance to win the EWA World Title here in England would be just magical. It would be a greater feeling than I could possibly


Aggro's eyes suddenly dart up and he starts yelling at someone. The camera follows his gaze, and we see Jimmy Carnival heading over towards Aggro.

Aggro: What's so damn funny?

Carnival: Just the fact that you think that you have a shot in hell of winning the EWA World Title tonight. I hate to ruin your happy homecoming, but that title is mine.

Aggro: The only way you'll leave this country with that belt is if you get lucky and pin one of the other blokes in the match.

Carnival: I might beat one of them... or I might beat you, and embarrass you in your home country, then take the EWA belt back to Canada for our next show and have my triumphant homecoming.

Aggro: You think you can beat me, and embarrass me in England?

Carnival: Are you deaf? I've said that at least three times!

Aggro: Then how about you give me the chance to return the favor?

Carnival: What do you mean?

Aggro: Let's make a deal. If one of us wins the EWA World Title tonight, we give the other the first title shot, on the next show, which is in Canada. So if I win in my home country, I take the belt to Canada and give you the chance to do the same... and if you spoil my homecoming and win the belt on my turf... then we go to Canada, and you give me the chance to spoil yours. What do you say?

Carnival: Two easy wins instead of one? I'll take that any day. See you later tonight... then next month in Canada, punk.

Lucy: An interesting development here, as our main event for the next show might have just been set!
Jewel: “The following contest is the Queen’s Cup 10 man gauntlet match, for a future shot at the EWA World Title!”

Hammond: “I’ve been looking forward to this one. 10 of the best talents in the EWA going at it in a gauntlet match. This should be the showcase of your talent I’ve been looking forward to!”
Carlos: “You’re definitely going to get your mind blown away with this match, Jeremy.”
Fooda: “Yeah yeah enough sweet talk, let’s see who drew number 1. What a poor sap.”
Hammond: “A shame it would be for the number one entrant in this match.”

“Shaolin Shadowboxing, and the...”

Fooda: “Oh NO!”

Jewel: “Introducing participant number one, accompanied to the ring by Valerie Knot, weighing two hundred twenty pounds, this… Is… UNKNOWN!”

Unknown and Valerie Knot walk out through the curtain to a negative reception to the English crowd.

Jewel: And his opponent, making his return to the EWA, from your childhood nightmares, weighing in at two hundred and forty-eight (248) pounds... SHADOW!

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Shadow

Unknown def. Shadow when he countered a Psycho’s Redemption into a roll-up at 12:34

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Reaper (w/Ivy)
A tough match that took a lot out of both men, with Unknown coming up with the victory at 25:02after a Monroe Driver

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Rodrigo Machado:

Machado comes in with a flurry of strikes that take Unknown down, but when he tries to get close to the downed Unknown, he gets tripped up. Unknown then dominates the match on the mat for several minutes. He has Machado in a front facelock, then release the hold and quickly positions himself lying across Machado’s back. From there he hooks Machado’s arms and rolls him over into a pin for the three count at 3:57.
Machado walks off, looking very disappointed and frustrated.

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Exodus Licairne:

Unknown has now been wrestling for over 40 minutes and it starts to show. Exodus brings it hard and heavy, and Unknown struggles to fight back. He manages to get a kick in here and there, but Exodus dominates until he eventually hits the Shadow Smash for the 1-2-KICKOUT!

Unknown finds a second wind and starts to fight back. Exodus cuts him off, but Unknown manages to build up another head of steam. Unknown goes for the Harriman Driver, but Exodus manages to escape, landing on his feet behind Unknown. Exodus hits the Darkness Drop, then hits the Dark Hatred for the win at 14:09

Exodus Licarine vs. David Miereneuker:
Miereneuker lies down for Exodus.

Exodus Licairne (w/ David Miereneuker) vs. “Mean” Mark Roberts:
As Roberts is coming down the ramp, Miereneuker charges up it and attacks him, catching him off guard. Miereneuker lays in some heavy pre-match beat down until he Roberts takes him down with a big clothesline. Roberts starts to climb into the ring, but Miereneuker runs over and manages to pull him down before he can get into the ring. Miereneuker lays in some more beatdown before getting dumped on his head with a Sambo Suplex on the outside. As Roberts turns to get in the ring, Exodus hits him with a baseball slide. Exodus hits the Darkness Drop on the outside, then rolls Roberts into the ring. One Shadow Smash later, it is all over.

Exodus Licarine (w/ David Miereneuker) vs. Jack Squat (w/Sarah Kaminsky):
Jack and Exodus go back and forth for a while until Jack gets the advantage around ten minutes in. Jack gets Exodus up for the Rubik’s Cube, but Exodus fights out of it. Exodus lands on his feet behind Jack and clubs him from behind. Dark Harte- no! Jack shoves him away… but Exodus comes back off the ropes and nails Jack with an Atrocity Kick! DARK HATRED!


Jack kicks out!
Exodus dumps Jack to the outside and distracts the referee while Miereneuker gets some shots in. Sarah Kaminsky jumps up onto the apron, then runs across it, flying off and nailing Mierenuker with a missile dropkick to get him away from Jack. When Jack tries to get back into the ring Exodus goes for a baseball slide, but Jack blocks it and pulls him out of the ring, then swings him into the barricade. Jack rolls Exodus into the ring and follows him in with a springboard leg drop, then hits a chokeslam. Jack goes to the top rope and hits Exodus with a Squatting Star Press:




Jack Squat vs. Robert Randall:

Randall comes into the ring and immediately takes Jack down. He quickly locks on the heel hook. Jack struggles in the hold for almost a minute as he makes his way the entire way across the ring. When Jack has almost made it to the ropes, Randall yanks him back across the ring, then locks the move in with a grapevine applied. Jack suffers in the hold for another two minutes, trying to make it across the ring. When he reaches the half way point, he taps.

Robert Randall vs. Hazard:
Hazard manages to avoid the heel hook for most of the match, scrambling to the outsides whenever he is down and Randall approaches. On the outside, Hazard gains the advantage by running Randall into the ring post. Back in the ring, Hazard takes control of the match, but Randall finds a second wind. This second wind is cut short, though by an eye rake, followed by a roll-up with a hand-full of tights for the win at 12:14

Jewel: Your winner… HAZARD!

Carlos: Hazard has earned himself a shot at the EWA Title, albeit less than honorably.
Fooda: Who cares how he did it as long as he did it.
Hammond: These great British fans care, and they are letting Hazard know it.

Hazard walks backstage amidst a chorus of boos. Randall walks backstage and is cheered.

Carlos: A very impressive debut for the unknown Robert Randall here as well
Fooda: I have to agree with you there, Carlos. He made Jack Squat tap out with just one move. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before. That heel hook of his must be extremely dangerous.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 21st, '11, 05:10

Jewel: The following match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one (221) pounds... CHRIS EVERLAST!

Everlast is met by boos from the British crowd. On his way down to the ring, he shouts at a few hecklers.

Jewel: And his opponent, weighing two hundred and fifty-five (255) pounds... EL DEMONICO!

Demonico comes out onto the stage, wearing his usual attire, but without his mask. He is met with some scattered cheers, but most of the crowd doesn't seem to know what they th- CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD!

Carlos: What the hell?! Reaper just ran out onto the stage and hit Demonico in the back of the head with a steel chair!

Demonico crumples. Reaper grabs Demonico and tosses him off the stage! Reaper walks backstage without saying a word.

EMTs trainers and EMTs are crowding around Demonico now. He isn't moving.

Carlos: Ladies and gentleman... we have no idea why... but Reaper just threw El Demonico off the stage... that... that was just uncalled for.

As Demonico is being stretchered away, Everlast snatches Jewel's mic out of her hands.

Everlast: Everlast demands a microphone from the ringside workers, stretching his hand out to snatch one out of Jewel's hand. He paces around the ring as he talks, looking rather disappointed..

Everlast: 'This.. was dissappointing to say the least. I mean, I come out here to the ELITE WRESTLING ASSOCIATION's anniversary, to fight that man, El Demonico or whatever he's called this month.. And he can't take a fight? Elite my *bleep*!''

The crowd boos as Everlast stops in the ring, looking out at the crowd as he thinks.

Everlast: ''Well, I want a fight, thank you very much. Even if I have to go backstage and drag an opponent down here. Any takers? Any?''

No one answers his challenge, and Everlast starts to get annoyed. He gets even more annoyed when Jewel gets in the ring with another microphone and announces him as the winner, via forfeit.

Everlast: NO! I want to wrestle an actual match, and I'm not leaving this ring until I get to!

After a few more second, "Surfin'" Scottie Adams comes out onto the ramp.

Scottie: These people paid to see a match, so they deserve to see a match. I have another match later tonight, but I have no problem pulling double duty if I need to in order to help the fans get what they paid for.

Scottie charges down to the ring. The referee orders the bell rung.


The bell rings and the two men circle around before locking up. They jockey around for control and Adams seems to get the advantage, pushing Everlast into the ropes and whipping him onto the opposite. Everlast rebounds and Adams tries for a hurracanarana, but Everlast ducks under and bounces off again but gets met by an elbow smash. Adams goes for a quick cover.


T-Kick out by Everlast. Adams brings Everlast up again and hits a knife-edge chop right across the chest, the crowd ''WOOO''ing along. Adams hits another, and another until Everlast musters up strength to bring Adams to the floor with a clothesline. Everlast quickly locks in a sitting hammerlock, and wrenches it for a few seconds. Adams gets to his feet and flips Everlast over with a snapmare and a soccerkick to Everlast's spine with a meaty smack!

Carlos: ''You could hear that one up in the rafters!''

Adams locks in a butterfly lock and Everlast kicks around in pain. Everlast slowly gets to his feet and tries to get out, but Adams goes for a tiger suplex! But Everlast rolls through and ends up behind Adams, hitting a vertical dropkick which sends him crashing into the turnbuckle. Everlast gets up with a sly grin and as Adams stumbles backwards, Everlast catches him with a discus elbow! Quick cover.


T-Kickout by Adams! Everlast quickly brings Adams to his feet again, whipping him into the ropes and catching the rebounding surfer with a hiptoss which sends Adams into a sitting position. Everlast bounces off the ropes and goes for a low drop kick to Adams' face but Adams rolls out of the way.

Carlos: ''Very fast-paced action in the ring tonight.''

Both men get up, and Adams charges at Everlast, but is caught with a monkey flip to the outside, the crowd letting out an 'Oooh!' as Adams connects with the concrete floor.. Everlast slowly gets up with help from the ropes, looking out at the crowd. His lips slowly curl into a devilish smirk, and he nods, sprinting against the ropes and hopping over it with a flip senton... but Adams moves out of the way and now Everlast eats concrete!

Fooda: ''What a miscalculation by Everlast.''

Carlos: ''He'll feel that tomorrow, indeed.''

The referee starts his count from one again. Adams gets up with help from the security barrier (TWO), holding his back as he walks over to Everlast on the floor, and ( THREE) drags him up by the hair. (FOUR) Adams whips Everlast into the steelsteps, and Everlast hits it (FOUR) with his shoulder. Adams (FIVE) approaches Everlast again, but Everlast hits a low dropkick which sends Adams faceplanting into the steel steps. (SIX) Everlast pulls himself up by the apron with a cocky grin (SEVEN), lifting Adams by the neck in an inverted facelock. He lifts him up into a inverted vertical suplex (EIGHT) .. AND DROPS HIM RIGHT ACROSS THE SECURITY BARRIER, letting him hang. (NINE)

Carlos: ''That musta broken a rib, Fooda!''

Everlast gets up with the same devilish grin as earlier (TEN), leaning onto the barrier as the cogs in his head turn. (ELEVEN) He seems to get an idea, backing off. He screams out to the fans ''WATCH THIS!''(TWELVE) and charges forward, hitting Scottie right across the head with a big boot, the crowd booing. Everlast verbally berates (THIRTEEN) a fan in the front row before pulling Adams off the railing and throwing him into the ring. Everlast covers him.



T-Kickout by Scottie Adams!

Carlos: ''So close!''

Everlast gets to his knees and slaps the mat, complaining to the referee about a slow count. Everlast finally stops his jiving and grabs Scottie by the hair and drags him over to the corner, lifting him up and playing him seated on the top turnbuckle. Everlast climbs up on the second rope and slithers his arm around Scottie's neck with a grin before hopping off.

Fooda: ''Everlasting Impression!''

But Scottie holds onto teh ropes and Everlast crashes and burns! The crowd bursts into cheers as Scottie shakes the cobwebs, and gets up on the toprope, shouting ''TIDAL WAVE!'' hopping off for a Senton Bomb! But he lands on Everlast's knees!

Carlos: ''Ow! Ow!''

Everlast grins and quickly takes advantage, pulling Scottie to his feet and lifting him into a spinebuster hold, walking around the ring tauntingly before reaching the center. He locks Scottie's head into a facelock and drops him down with What Goes Around!

Fooda: ''Scottie's done for! That was brutal!''

Everlast pushes Scottie onto his back and hooks the leg!




It's So Easy (Guns n' Roses) plays over the loudspeakers as Everlast grins out at the booing crowd on his knees.

Jewel: ''And your winner is, by pinfall at nine minutes and forty one seconds (9:41), CHRRRRIS EVERLAST!''

Everlast grins as he gets up to his feet, lifting his arms into the air victoriously. He climbs out between the ropes and keeps on taunting the crowd as he walks up the ramp.

The camera cuts backstage to near the gorilla position, where Rodrigo Machado is speaking with a staff member. King Kang and Tanakashi Shupiro come up from behind, with Kang laughing.

Kang: "Ha-ha! Rodrigo Machada!"

Machado tells the person "Excuse me," and turns around.

Machado: "Machado. Hello!"

Kang: "I heard about you and John Hall. Haha, you pathetic. You get beat so easy, dat why he leave you!"

Machado gets a puzzled look on his face with a hint of anger, and Kang steps behind Shupiro.

Kang: "You calm yourself boy! You Brazilian trash will never get a shot at Shupiro, I make sure of it. I his manager! I do his booking! We no accept you! You got dat?"

Machado tries to reach for Kang but Shupiro swipes his hand away, looking at Machado as if he were saying "Who do you think you are?"

Kang: "Slow down, we have match next. You no mess this up for Shupiro, hokay? Get out of here!"

The staff member whom was talking to Machado before tells him to back off, as it is not worth it. He and Machado leave.

The camera cuts back to Jewel at ringside.

Jewel: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit!"

"Rey Mysterio Jam (Instrumental)" hits and Tanakashi Shupiro emerges from the curtain, eliciting huge boos. King Kang soon follows behind and tells the fans to shut up and show some respect.

Jewel: "Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by King Kang, from Tokyo, Japan and weighing two hundred thirty pounds, SHUPIRO TANAKASHI!"


Kang climbs the stairs behind Shupiro and tells the fans to shut up once more. He demands the mic from Jewel as he enters the ring.

Kang: "Ahem."


Kang: "Now I would like for all you Engrish pieces of cwap to show some respect for Japanese regend, Shupiro Tanakashi."


Kang: "Scott Adams, you humble idiot! You already take match like fool, when you had hands full already with Shupiro! So get out here and make this quick, so Shupiro and I get out of here and go back home. I no stay here any longer than have to..."


Scottie's music hits and "Surfin'" Scottie Adams appears without his trademark surfboard. He already looked fatigued, but he still slaps hands with fans.

Jewel: "And his opponent, from Malibu, California, weighing two hundred thirty-three pounds, "SURFIN'" SCOTTIE ADAMS!"

Kang has already exited the ring, and as Scottie jumps onto the apron, Shupiro kicks him off. Shupiro exits the ring and starts to stomp on Scottie while he's down.

Fooda: "I didn't hear a bell?"
Carlos: "The match doesn't start until both enter the ring, and Scottie never entered!"

Shupiro picks Scottie up and whips him into the guardrail. He then walks back and charges, hitting him with a Yakuza Kick that nearly takes his head off!

Carlos: "Yakuza kick!"
Fooda: "He almost took off the head of that guy in the first row!"
Carlos: "Shupiro explosive in the early going!"
Fooda: "And Scottie's already fatigued from that match with Everlast! He has no chance in hell!"

Shupiro picks up Scottie and holds him by his arms. Kang comes over and smacks him across the face!

Kang (off mic): "American scum! Get him Shupiro! End this!"

Shupiro throws him into the ring and he follows, immediately going for a cover. The bell rings as the referee counts!

Carlos: "This may be the shortest match we've ever had!"




THR - NO! Scottie kicks out! Shupiro cannot believe it.

Kang (outside off mic): "Come on Shupiro! *Starts speaking in Japanese*"

Fooda: "What the hell did he say?"
Carlos: "I assume that King Kang was shouting instructions at his man Shupiro. I don't know what else he could be saying."
Fooda: "Maybe he's asking what he wants to go eat for dinner after the match!"
Carlos: "Stop it."
Hammond: *Laughs*

Shupiro cuts his throat and drags Scottie's body to its feet. He hooks his head and pulls him up into a vertical suplex, SHUPIRO SPECIAL! BUT SCOTTIE REVERSES IT INTO A LUNGBLOWER!


Hammond: “What a move!”
Carlos: “Resiliancy is his middle name!”
Fooda: “I thought it was Horatio?”
Carlos: “You just want to be obnoxious tonight.”
Hammond: “Gentlemen we have a cover in the ring!”



THR – NO! Shupiro gets the shoulder up!

Scottie picks Shupiro up and forearms him, then whips him into the ropes. Lariat attempt by Scottie is ducked and Shupiro slips behind him, locking in a full nelson, Tokyo Colonoscopy!

A few claps of appreciation ensue and Shupiro goes for another cover, digging his forearm into Scottie’s face to say “stay down.”


TWO – Scottie pushes Shupiro off!

Hammond: “Adams seems mad, here!”
Carlos: “It’s not like Scottie to lose his cool but Shupiro seems to be pressing his buttons with his attitude.”
Hammond: “King Kang as well has to be getting on his nerves. He’s proper on my nerves already.”
Fooda: “Shupiro wants to end this early, and I think he’s gonna.”

Shupiro picks up Socttie and slaps him right across the face! He picks him up and HITS THE MANDATE OF HEAVEN! (Yokosuka Cutter)

Hammond: “Oh my! Cover!”




Shupiro cannot believe it! He stands up and stomps on Scottie who is slow to get to his feet. He picks him up by the hair and pushes him into the corner, viciously and quickly chopping him across the chest.


Shupiro hits rapid fire chops!!


Socttie falls forward while still holding onto the ropes. On the outside, Kang shouts more instructions in Japanese. Shupiro thrusts his hands to his sides and yells “AYE!” He then hooks the wrist around his head, puts him on his shoulders, AND HITS THE SAMURAI DROP!! (Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer)

Hammond: “Oh my god, on his head!”
Carlos: “That’s it…”





Jewel: “The time, three minutes and forty seconds (3:40), your winner, SHUPIRO TANAKASHI!”

Kang jumps into the ring and raises Shupiro’s hand with a dorky toothy grin.

Carlos: “Well you might like them, but the guy has talent and there’s no denying it. But he took advantage of a weakened Scottie Andrews to make quick work of him.”
Fooda: “It was Scottie’ fault in the first place for going out there to face Everlast! The moron!”
Hammond: “The boy has gall, I’ll give him credit where it’s due. Wouldn’t mind having him on an RWF Card.”
Fooda: “Who, Scottie or Shupiro?”
Hammond: “Well either of them to be quite honest.”

Tien Triopiquer def. Phreak
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 21st, '11, 05:11

Jewel: The following match is your main event for the evening. It is a Fatal 4 Way Match scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, and it is for the EWA WORLD TITLE!
Introducing first, one of the challengers, from Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at two hundred and fifty (250) pounds… MR WRESTLING… JIMMY CARNIVAL!

Carnival is met with a majority of boos, but a few scattered cheers. He doesn’t care, though, and he ignores them as he walks down the aisle and gets into the ring. He is completely focused on the task at hand.

Jewel: introducing the second challenger… from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five (265) pounds… CHRIS CALAWAY!

Calaway gets some cheers, and he shakes hands with the fans as he walks down to the ring.

Jewel: Introducing the third challenger…
The crowd interrupts her with loud chants of {AGG-RO! AGG-RO! AGG-RO!}
Jewel: From London, England… (the crowd pops at the mention of their country) weighing in at two hundred and forty-five (245) pounds… THE TOP BOY… GEORGE… THE AGRRO… ADAMS!

The roof pops off of the building for Aggro. He is met with chants of {WELCOME HOME!} and {NEXT WORLD CHAMP!}
Aggro shakes hands with all of the fans around the ring before getting into the ring, to an even more thunderous applause.

Jewel: Introducing next, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-one (251) pounds… the reigning and defending EWA WORLD CHAMPION… “HIGH IMPACT” JOEL CARTER!

The crowd boos Carter heavily, with shouts telling Carter that he will lose his belt and get his f*cking head kicked in. As usual, Carter does everything he can to further enrage the fans, shouting “after I retain this belt tonight, I’m gonna go f*ck the Queen.”

All four men exchange handshakes, but not friendly ones. Aggro in particular seems to squeeze Carnival’s hand just a little extra hard. All four men retreat to their corners and the ref shows them the belt, then holds it high above his head.

All four men move closer to the center of the ring, always keeping their eyes locked on each other. No one wants to make the first move, because doing so would expose himself to an attack from one of the others. After about twenty seconds of standoffs and feints, Carnival charges in at Aggro and tries to take him down, but Aggro blocks it, and the two of them lock up. Carter takes advantage of this and kicks Aggro in the back, allowing Carnival to take him down. Carnival controls Aggro’s wrist and tries to lock in a submission. Aggro does a good job of not allowing himself to be stuck in any particular submission for too long, but Carnival is able to maintain constant control of his wrist.

Meanwhile Calaway charges in and takes Carter down with a clotheslines. He picks the World Champ up and whips him into the corner, then starts firing away with some punches. The ref counts to four before Calaway backs up. Calaway then whips Carter into the opposite corner and charges in after him for a clothesline. Carter sidesteps it, then turns around and kicks Calaway in the ribs. Carter whips him out of the corner towards the spot where Carnival still has Aggro grounded, now with a kneeling wristlock. Calaway manages to stop himself just in time to avoid smacking into Carnival and Aggro, then turns around to see Carter charging at him. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY CALAWAY, tossing Carter over his head! Carter lands, back first, on Aggro’s back!

Calaway throws a stiff kick, which hits Carnival in the shoulder, but Carnival doesn’t break his hold on Aggro. He throws another. Then another. But Carnivals refuses to budge. Calaway charges off the ropes and comes back at Carnival, connecting with a running knee to the face, breaking up the hold and sending Carnival tumbling backwards. Calaway quickly rolls him over and goes for the pin:


Aggro grabs Calaway’s leg and drags him off of Carnival. He then hits Calaway with a jumping elbow drop to the back before locking in the Camel Clutch. Calaway struggles in the hold. Carter is now back on his feet and he charges off the ropes. BULLDOG TO AGGRO, not only breaking the hold, but Aggro’s bodyweight forces Calaway’s face into the mat as well! Carter grabs Aggro by his legs and drags him backwards so that he is laying on top of Calaway. Carter picks up both men’s legs and locks in a DOUBLE CARTER CRAB! Both men struggle in the hold, and their predicament is made worse when Carnival lands a leg drop on them. Carnival then gets up behind Carter, locks in a full nelson, then quickly hits a full nelson facebuster! Carnival rolls over, keeping a hold of one of Carter’s arms and locks in an armlock. After a few seconds, Carter manages to scoot over to the ropes to break the hold.

When Carter gets back to his feet, he and Carnival locks up, and Carnival comes out of it with the advantage, locking Carter in a headlock, then spinning around and locking in a hammerlock. Carter once again makes it to the ropes for a ropebreak.

The two once again lock up, and this time Carter gets the advantage. He whips Carnival over towards the spot where Aggro and Calaway are getting back to their feet, and both just manage to avoid getting hit by Carnival, who winds up crashing back first into the turnbuckle. Carter charges in after him, but Carnival gets his boot up, kicking Carter in the face, Carter turns around and stumble forward, before he is taken down by a double bulldog from Calaway and Aggro. Carnival charges out of the corner and connects with a bicycle kick to Calaway.

Aggro steps up to Carnival and nails him with a few punches, backing him up against the ropes. Aggro goes for a lariat. Carnival ducks it. O’Connor Roll!


Aggro kicks out. Clothesline by Aggro. Carnival ducks. German Suplex! Carnival runs over towards Calaway and drills him with a basement dropkick. Then he does the same to Carter. Carnival then nails Aggro with a dropkick, then picks him up and whips him into the bottom left corner of the ring. Carnival charges at him. T-Bone Suplex by Aggro, sending Carnival into the turnbuckle upside down!

Aggro goes over to Calaway and hits him with a T-Bone Suplex as well. Carter charges at Aggro. Aggro hits him with a T-Bone Suplex! Carter rolls across to the bottom of the ring and pulls himself up using the ropes. Aggro clotheslines him over the top rope! The crowd cheers! {AGG-RO! AGG-RO! AGG-RO!}

Aggro points down at Carter, then starts a slow clap.

Fooda: Why is pointing at Carter?
Carlos: I think that the “Top Boy” is going to fly…
Hammond: Very uncharacteristic of Adams, but he is willing to put it all on the line for the EWA World Title.

Aggro charges at the far ropes, then comes back and Springbo-Carnival bangs into the ropes! Aggro slips and falls backwards, landing on his back and on his head. Carnival runs over to him and pulls him away from the ropes, then goes for the cover.



Aggro kicks out.
Carnival quickly grabs Aggro’s arm and locks in an arm lock when he sees Calaway approaching them. He motions Calaway, then motions to Aggro’s arm. Carnival wrenches on the arm, and Calaway comes and stomps down on it.

Fooda: Great strategy here. Both Calaway and Carnival like to use submissions that target their opponent’s arms, so they are working together to damage Aggro’s arm, because it will increase both of their chances of winning.

Carnival brings Aggro to his feat, then applies an arm wringer. Calaway lashes out with a kick to Aggro’s arm, then Carnival twists it behind him in a hammerlock, then hits a wrist-lock back suplex, dropping Aggro down on his arm. Carnival locks in a Fujiwara armbar! Aggro is in extreme pain! Calaway break up the hold.

Carlos: I guess he thought that Aggro was close to tapping.

Carnival gets up and gets in Calaway’s face. The two exchange words until Carnival throws a chop {WOOOOOOO!} Calaway staggers backwards. Another chop by Carnival. Calaway ducks it. He grabs Carnival and lifts him up for a vertical suplex. Carnival lands on his feet! Falling neckbreaker by Carnival.

Carnival sees that Aggro is getting back to his feet, so he goes over to Aggro and locks in a standing side headlock. Aggro tries to push Carnival off, but Carnival maintains his hold and cinches it in even tighter. Carter slips into the ring behind them and hits Aggro with a back suplex, which also sends Carnival flying as well!

Carter goes over to Calaway and grabs his arm. Carter dumps Calaway on his head with a Judgment Slam! Carter then runs over to Aggro and hits him with a snap suplex, and floats over into the pin:


Aggro kicks out. Carter picks Aggro up and hits him with a Northern Lights Suplex. Then he hits Carnival with one. Carter goes over to Calaway and brings him to his feet. Northern Lights Suplex to Calaway as well! BRIDGE!



Calaway gets his shoulder up! Carter quickly responds by hitting Calaway with a jumping knee drop squarely on the chest. Carter then goes over to Carnival and brings him to his feet. Carteriz-Carnival blocks it, grabbing Carter’s arm. CANADIAN ARMBAR! Carter struggles in the hold for about fifteen seconds before he manages to make it to the rope.

Carnival gets up and checks his opponents. He sees that Calaway is trying to pull himself up in the corner, so he goes over to him and stomps away at him. He sees that Aggro is also getting up, so he runs at Aggro and hits him with a Shining Wizard. Hesitation dropkick to Calaway in the corner! Carnival poses in the ring while the fans boo.

Carter charges at Carnival with a clothesline. Carnival ducks it and hits a wristlock back suplex, dropping Carter right on his arm. Carnival rolls Carter over onto his stomach, then stretches out his arm. Carnival stands on Carter’s hand, tramping his arm, then starts to viciously stomp away at Carter’s arm and elbow. Carnival ends the onslaught with a jumping knee drop to the back of the arm. Carnival rolls Carter over and locks in the Canadian Armbar once again!

Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before Aggro manages to break it up.

Carnival and Aggro are now face to face once again. Big right by Aggro {YAY!} Big right by Carnival. {BOO!} Big right by Aggro {YAY!} Big right by Carnival. {BOO!} Another big right by Aggro {YAY!} Another big right by Carnival. {BOO!} Another big right by Aggro {YAY!} And another {YAY!} More big rights by Aggro {YAY! YAY! YAY!} Big right by Carnival. Aggro ducks it. DRAGON SUPLEX {YAAAAY!}
Calaway charges at Aggro but gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex. Aggro picks Calaway up and biels him into the bottom right corner of the ring. Aggro charges over at him and starts an Aggravated Assault! Carter leaps onto his back from behind and tries to lock in the Carter Clutch… but Aggro amanges to fight it off. He turn around flips Carter over in a snapmare like motion. As Carter starts to get up, Aggro knees him in the head. He locks in the Last Orders! Carter struggles for a few seconds but is saved when Jimmy Carnival breaks up the hold.

Carnival and Aggro exchange some more punches, but this time, it is Carnival who comes out better when he counters one of Aggro’s punches with an STO. Carnival quickly transitions it into a Canadian Armbar, but barely gets the hold locked in before Calaway breaks it up. Now Carnival and Calaway exchange shots. Calaway goes for a clothesline, but Carnival ducks it, then whips him into the bottom right corner of the ring. Calaway follows him in and hits him with a big Yakuza Kick. He sees Aggro getting up and charges at him. Bicycle ki-CAPTURE SUPLEX BY AGGRO, sending Carnival into the turnbuckle! Aggro begins an Aggravated Assualt on Carnival and keeps stomping away until he sees Carter getting up. Aggro whips Carter into the bottom right corner of the ring, and Calaway is barely able to avoid him. Aggro goes back to his Aggravated Assault on Carnival, while Calaway takes advantage of the situation and climbs to the second ropes, then starts punching Carter while the crowd counts along: {ONE!}{TWO!}{THREE!}{FOUR!}{FIVE!}{SIX!}{SEVEN!}{EIGHT!}{NINE!}{TEN!}

Calaway sees his chance. He runs up behind Aggro and traps him in a crucifix roll up!


Aggro gets a shoulder up!
Both men get back to their feet. Lariat by Aggro. Calaway ducks. German Suplex! Calaway keeps him locked and rolls over to set up for another suplex. This time grabs Aggro’s arms and hits him with a Bridging Tiger Suplex!



Aggro gets his shoulder up! Calaway floats over and locks in the SOUTH SIDE STRETCH!

Carlos: He’s in the middle of the ring. Nowhere to go for Aggro!

Aggro struggles in the hold for almost twenty seconds before Joel Carter break sup the hold by hitting Calaway with a basement dropkick to the back. Carter brings Calway to his feet and hits him with an inverted suplex.

At this point Jimmy Carnival has almost made it to his feet. While Carter stomps away on Calaway, Carnival spots Aggro, who is also just making it back to his feet. Carnival charges at Aggro. Clotheslines. Aggro ducks and sets Carnival up for the Aggro-matic! Meanwhile, Carter picks Calaway up onto his shoulders and sets him up for the F-5!

Calaway fights out of it and lands on his feet behind Carter. Carnival fight out of the Aggro-Matic and lands on his feet behind Aggro. Carnival shove Aggro forward and Calaway does the same to Carter. They bump heads in the middle of the ring and stumble backwards. Bridging German Suplex by Carnival to Aggro… and Calaway doe the same to Carter!

After a split second of confusion, the ref slaps the mat with both hands, counting both pins!





Carnival brings Aggro to his feet and quickly tosses him out of the ring. He goes over to Carter and offers Calaway Carter’s arm. Calaway wrenches Carter’s arm while Carnival delivers a stiff kick to it. Now Calaway pulls Carter over to the top right corner of the ring and offers Carter’s arm to Carnival. Carnival controls the arm with an arm wrench while Calaway climbs to the top rope. Calaway comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to Carter’s arm. Calaway once again climbs to the top rope, while Carnival now lifts Carter up in a powerbomb position. Carnival moves Carter over to near the corner, and Calaway grabs Carter’s arms and pushes them together across his back. Calaway jumps off of the turnbuckle with his knees pressed against Carter’s arms, trapping them against Carter’s back, as Calaway powerbombs Carter down!

Hammond: Very innovative offense from Calaway and Carnival here. Almost an armbreaker version of the standard powerbomb-lungblower combination.
Fooda: Not bad for two guys who have never been in the ring together.

Carnival quickly drags Carter away from the corner and locks in a Canadian Armbreaker in the center of the ring. Carter struggles in pain for a few seconds before Calaway makes it over to break up the hold.

Carlos: Carnival was hoping for the quick submission there, but it didn’t come quickly enough.
Carnival and Calaway lock up in the middle of the ring. Carnival manages to lock on a headlock, but Calaway elbows him in the gut, then grabs his wrist in a top wristlock. Carnival tries to changes his position to alleviate the pressure, but Calaway transitions it into a hammerlock. Carnival drops down to his knees and leans forward, throwing Calaway off of him. Carnival kicks Calaway in the gut and sends him off the ropes. Hip toss by Carnival. Calaway blocks it. He kicks Carnival in the gut. Double Under Hook Powerbo-BACKDROP BY CARNIVAL! WITH A BRIDGE!



Calaway JUST gets his shoulder off the canvas! Both men scramble to their feet. Chop by Carnival {WOOOOO!} Chop by Calaway {WOOOOO!} Chop by Carnival {WOOOOO!} Chop by Calaway {WOOOOO!} Chop by Carnival {WOOOOO!} Chop by Calaway {WOOOOO!}. Chop by Carnival {WOOOOO!} Clothesline by Calaway. Carnival ducks! Full nelson slam by Carnival! He brings Calaway back to his feet and hits him with a brainbuster!

Carnival sees Aggro trying to get back in the ring, so he hits him with a baseball slide. The ref is checking on Calaway, so Carnival takes the opportunity to rips the padding off of the top turnbuckle in the top right corner of the ring. Carnival drags Calaway over to that corner and brings him to his feet. Carnival shout “AU REVOIR!”

GORE BY CARTER, hitting Calaway square in the stomach, forcing Carnival’s back into the exposed turnbuckle! Carnival falls down in the corner. Calaway, who had been propped up by Carnival and shoved back into him, stumbles forward. TRIGGER EFFECT! The ref counts the pin:



Aggro dives in and breaks the pin up just in the nick of time!
Both men get to their feet. Aggro kicks Carter in the gut. T-bone Suplex! He brings Carter to his feet, then lifts him onto his shoulders. AGGRO-MATIC! Aggro goes for the pin:



Carnival takes Aggro over with a fireman’s carry, then slaps on a sleeper hold. Aggro elbows him off Carnival comes back at him. Clothesline by Carnival. Aggro ducks it. German Suplex. CARNIVAL LANDS ON HIS FEET! Dropkick to the back by Carnival, sending Aggro rolling out of the ring.

Carnival goes over to Carter and stomps on his arm. Calaway is now back on his feet, and after a brief standoff, he and Carnival once again decide to work together to damage Carter’s arm. Carnival locks Carter in a wristlock, then wrenches his arm, holding it out. He motions to Calaway to go to the tope rope and leap down onto Carter’s outstretched arm. Calaway climbs to the top ro- CARNIVAL SHOVES CARTER INTO THE ROPES, CROTCHING CALAWAY!

Fooda: Carnival just gave him a very harsh reminder that this match is every man for himself!

Carnival tosses Carter out of the ring, then climbs up to the top rope. CANADIAN SUPLEX! Carnival goes for the cover:


Aggro dives in and breaks up the pin!

Aggro and Carnival trade shots back and forth once again, with Aggro coming out with the advantage after a particularly hard right that leaves Carnival stunned. Vertical Suplex by Aggro. Carnival lands on his feet. Back stabber to Aggro! Carnival drags Aggro over to the bottom left corner of the ring and rips off the padding on the top turnbuckle. The referee admonishes him, but Carnival doesn’t care. He brings Aggro to his feet and sets him up for the Au Revoir. Elbow to the face by Aggro! He grabs Carnival and smashes his face into the exposed turnbuckle. Carnival stumbles backwards, and Aggro hits him with a Dragon Suplex! Aggro brings Carnival to his feet, then picks him up onto his shoulders. Aggro-Mat-CRUCIFIX ROLL-UP BY CARNIVAL!



Aggro gets his shoulder up! Both men scramble to their feet. Carnival throws a punch, but Aggro blocks it, trapping Carnival’s arm between his own arm and his torso. Big punch by Aggro. Aggro grabs Carnival’s other arm and traps it the same way, then delivers a series of headbutts to Carnival’s chest before taking him over with a spinning belly-to-belly suplex. Aggro follows up, going for an armlock, but Carnival pokes him in the eye. Carnival locks in a hammerlock, but Aggro quickly makes it to the ropes. Carnival breaks the hold, but then starts to twist Aggro’s arm in the ropes, causing him pain. The ref beings to count
Carnival break the illegal hold, then nails Aggro with a superkick. Aggro stumbles forward, and Carnival charges across the ring, then comes back at Aggro for a bicycle kic-CAPTURE SUPLEX BY AGGRO SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR! {HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!}




Calaway slaps on a headlock, but Carter counters it with a bridging back suplex.


Calaway kicks out.
Superkick by Carter. Calaway ducks. Clothesline by Calaway. Carter counters it into a Judgment Sla-SUNSET FLIP BY CALAWAY! STACK PIN:



Carter pushes on the back of Calaway’s neck and pushes against Calaway’s arms with his legs, flipping him forwards, and into a rana pinning position:


Calaway kicks out. Calaway rolls backwards and grabs Carter by the legs. He rolls Carter over into a cloverleaf! Carter struggles in the hold. His hand hovers over the mat. The crowd him to give in {TAP! TAP! TAP!}… Carter tries to crawl for the ropes, but Calaway pulls him back. Carter struggles more… it looks like he is going to fade…

Carter exerts one final burst of strength and tries to reach for the ropes….

He makes it!

Calaway pulls Carter away from the ropes and locks in a Torture Rack! He cranks up the pressure…


Hammond: A definite sign of desperation shown there by Joel Carter.

Carter regains his footing behind Calaway, and knocks him down with an enzulariat. Carterizer! Atomic Leg Drop! Carter then picks Calaway up and drills him with an Implant DDT.

Carter goes up to the top rope in the bottom left corner of the ring.

Fooda: He’s setting up for the Frog Splash!

Aggro gets up and charges over to the corner. He lands a few hard punches to Carter’s gut. Aggro grabs Carter’s right leg and sets him up for a capture suplex… but rather than hit the move, Aggro climbs up to the top turnbuckle- while still holding Carter!

Carlos: He’s going super here…
Calaway clubs Aggro in the back!... Then powerbombs him down, forcing Aggro to hit the Super Capture Suplex on Carter!

Calaway turns Aggro’s body sideways, so that it is in better position to hit with a Frog Splash, but rather than go for a Frog Splash, Calaway goes over to Carter and drags him next to Aggro.

Fooda: What the hell is he doing? He should be going for the cover!
Now Calaway climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps off…




CARNIVAL GRABS HIM BY THE WAIST AND LIFTS HIM UP! AU REVOIR TO CALAWAY! Carnival now goes to steal and the pin on Aggro:



Aggro gets a shoulder up! Carnival now goes to pin Carter:



Carter gets a shoulder up!

{THIS IS AWESOME! *clap!* *clap!* *clap!*clap!*clap!*}
Carnival brings Carter to his feet, then gives Aggro a stomp to the head for good measure. Carnival grabs Carter by the throat. CHOKE BREAK-CARTER BACKFLIPS OUT OF IT! HE KICKS CARNIVAL IN THE GUT, THEN BUTTERFLIES HIS ARMS. TRIGGER EFFE-SAMLL PACKAGE BY CARNIVAL!


Carter kicks out!
Both men are quickly back to their feet. Carter lashes out with a kick, but Carnival blocks it and hits a Dragon Screw. Carnival turns it over into a single leg crab. Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before he makes it to the ropes. Aggro clubs Carnival in the back, then whips him towards the ropes. Aggro follows Carnival and clotheslines him over the ropes and onto the floor. Aggro rushes over to the corner where Calaway is just jetting up and begins an Aggravated Assault, which last until Calaway is able to roll out of the ring to avoid the stomps. Aggro turns around and Carter charges at him. GORE!

Aggro sidesteps it, and Carter crashes into the turnbuckle! T-Bone Suplex by Aggro!
Aggro lifts Carter up on his shoulder for an Aggro-matic… but Carter fights out of it, and lands on his feet behind Aggro. Carter shoves Aggro forward, and when Aggro comes around, Carter charges at him… GORE!
Carter goes for the cover:


AGGRO KICKS OUT! Carter can’t believe it
The fans cheer {AGG-RO! AGG-RO! AGG-RO!}

Finally starting to get annoyed by the fans, Carter starts wailing away on Aggro with some big punches, then rolls him over and locks in the Carter Crab. Aggro struggles in the hold for almost half a minute before he even starts crawling towards the ropes. After forty five seconds, he his almost there…

Carter pulls him back, then stomps down on his arm multiple times. Carter locks in the STF! Aggro is in serious pain, but he doesn’t tap.
Twenty seconds pass.

Twenty five.


Thirty five.

Fooda: If Aggro doesn’t tap soon, his arm might snap off.

Hammond: Aggro just won’t do it. He doesn’t want to disappoint these fans by tapping out here in his home country.

Carlos: He might have to soon, or else risk a serious injury!

Forty seconds.

Forty five.

Calaway breaks it up. He picks Carter up and hits him with a big Sambo Suplex. Carter rolls onto the apron.

Calaway goes over to Aggro and brings him to his feet. Vertical Suplex by Calaway to Aggro! Calaway climbs to the top rope. He signals for the Frog Splash...

Carter hits the ropes, crotching him. Carter walks over on the apron then climbs to the middle turnbuckle from the outside. Carter starts laying the punches in on Calaway. In the ring, Carnival picks Aggro up in a military press, and runs towards the corner. CARNIVAL THROWS AGGRO INTO CARTER, SENDING THEM BOTH ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ARENA FLOOR! {HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!} CANADIAN SUPLEX TO CALAWAY! CARNIVAL COVERS HIM:



CALAWAY KICKS OUT! Carnival can’t believe it!
Carnival goes berserk, laying into Calaway with a furious flurry of punches! Carnival now locks in the Canadian Armbar! Calaway struggles in the hold. His free hand hovers over the mat. He is about to tap out…

But the pain awakens a burst of adrenaline in Calaway! He rolls over to his stomach. Carnival keeps the hold locked in, but Calaway’s rolling has forced Carnival’s shoulders to the mat, with Calaway pressing down on him!


Carnival releases the hold…

But he can’t kick out!

Carnival JUST manages to get his shoulder up!

Carlos: We were a split second away from having a new EWA World Champion!

Calaway clutches his arm in pain, and Carnival continues to focus on it, lashing out with a stiff kick. Carnival takes him down with an STO and tries to gain control of the injured arm, but Calaway manages to roll out of the way. Carnival quickly gets up and charges at Calaway. SHINING WIZARD!

CALAWAY DUCKS IT! Both men scramble back to their feet. Hurricanrana by Calaway! Carnival gets up and goes for a Bicycle kick. Calaway ducks it. Carnival turns around and gets hit with a rolling spinebuster! {THIRTY MINUTES REMAINING!} Calaway tries to lock in the Cloverleaf, but Calaway kicks him away. Both men quickly get back to their feet! Carnival charges at Calaway for another bicycle kick…

Carnival goes for the pin:


Calaway kicks out!
Carnival stalks Calaway, waiting for him to get back to his feet. When he does, Carnival goozles him for the O Canada. Kick to the gut by Calaway! Tigerbom-SMALL PACKAGE BY CARNIVAL!




Carnival kicks out!
Calaway locks in a hammerlock, but Carnival quickly reverses it on him, then rolls them both down to the mat. He goes for the Canadian Armbar, but Calaway realized what he was going for and quickly moved towards the ropes, not allowing Carnival to lock in the hold. Carnival waits for Calaway to pull himself up with the ropes, then charges at him for a clothesline…

Calaway ducks, and lift Carnival to the outside. CARNIVAL LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE APRON! Big right punch by Carnival. Calaway blocks it, and connects with one of his own, knocking Carnival down to the outside!

Carter slips back into the ring behind Calaway. Calaway turns around, and Carter charges at him… GORE!
CALAWAY SIDESTEPS IT! Carter shoots back off of the ropes… Rolling Spinebuster by Calaway! HE LOCKS IN THE CLOVERLEAF! Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before Aggro breaks up the hold with a hard kick to the head. Aggro drags Carter over then locks in the Last Orders! Carter struggles in the hold, but Carnival comes in and breaks it up. He drags Carter away from Aggro and locks in the Canadian Armbar! Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before he manages to make it to the ropes for a ropebreak!

Carnival starts to stomp away at Carter, who quickly rolls to the floor. Calaway sneaks up behind Carnival and drops him on his head with a half nelson suplex! Calaway locks in the South Side Stretch! Carnival struggles in the hold. Five seconds pass.



Aggro breaks it up!
Aggro continues to stomp away at Calaway, but Calaway manages to use his hands to block and grab Aggro’s boot. Calaway uses his legs to trip up Aggro’s other leg, bringing him down to the mat. Calaway locks in the Cloverleaf!

Aggro struggles in the hold.

Ten seconds



Aggro makes it to the ropes!
Carnival is just now getting back to his feet, but Calaway sees this and puts a stop to it with a dropkick. Aggro pulls himself up using the ropes. Calaway charges at him. Aggro boosts him up and over! Calaway lands on his feet on the apron! He grabs Aggro from behind and sets up for a half nelson suplex out of the ring… Aggro does his best to fight the move off. Carnival is now back on his feet and charges at them. Aggro gets a boot up in Carnivals face! He throws an elbow behind him and catches Calaway in the mouth! Aggro takes Carnival down with a clothesline. He goes back to Calaway and tries to suplex him into the ring, but Calaway fights it off with some jabs to the chest. Calaway tries for a Suplex out of the ring to the arena floor, but Aggro blocks it. Aggro lifts Calaway up for a vertical suplex into the ring… then changes his mind Gordbusters Calaway to the floor!






The two lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up and jockey for position, with neither one able to gain any advantage. Carter climbs onto the apron and nails them both with a springboard dropkick.

Carter grabs Carnival and hits him with a bridging Northern Lights Suplex. The ref counts the pin:


Aggro breaks it up.
Butterfly Suplex to Carter by Aggro. Jumping elbow drop to Carnival. Carter is getting back to his feet, but Aggro charges at him and takes him down with a double leg takedown. Aggro tries to the ground-n-pound, but Carter blocks it and locks in a triangle choke! The fans chant {PLEASE DON’T TAP!}… but Aggro is starting to fade. The ref raises arm once.

It drop lifelessly.

A second time…

It drops lifelessly once again.

The ref raises Aggro’s hand a third time…

It drops lifelessly


Hammond: Burst of adrenaline for Adams. He doesn’t want to let these fans down!

Aggro summons up the strength to lift Carter into the air and powerbomb him down, breaking the hold. Aggro gets up and turns around to check on Carnival just in time to see Carnival’s boot flying at his face.

FLAPJACK BY AGGRO, slamming Carnival down across Carter’s chest! Aggro brings Carnival to his feet and drags him back a few steps. LAST ORDE-CARINVAL BLOCKS THE HOLD. He snapmares Aggro over, then hits him with a vicious superkick to the back of the head. Carnival brings Aggro back to his feet, then lifts him up for a brainbuster.

Carnival falls to the mat, clutching his knee, resulting in him releasing his hold on Aggro, who falls six feet to the mat, landing mostly on his head! Carter locks in an STF on Carnival!
Five seconds pass.

Ten seconds.
Carnival is in immense pain.

But he still struggles towards the ropes.


Twenty five.
And he makes it, forcing Carter to break the hold.
A frustrated Carter stomps away on Carnival, then pushes him to the floor with his foot. Carter turns around to concentrate on Aggro. Carter brings Aggro to his feet, then locks in the Carter Clutch!

Fooda: This is how he beat Unknown! Will Aggro be next?

Aggro once again starts to fade. The crowd once again chants {PLEASE DON’T TAP!} . Aggro feeds off of the crowd, and makes it back up to his feet. Carter jumps on his back, and locks his legs around Aggro’s waist.

Carlos: Carter doing everything he can to take the fight out of Aggro. He wants to win this as a war of attrition.
Aggro charges at the top right turnbuckle runs into it back first, squishing Carter.


Aggro runs across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing.

And Carter continues to hang on.

Aggro charges across the ring once again...

But loses his strength three quarters of the way there. He falls down onto his chest. Carter still has the hold locked in.

Fooda: That’s it! Carter has him.
Carlos: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Fooda. Aggro hasn’t given up yet!

The crowd starts to chant even louder {PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEAST DON’T TAP!}
Aggro starts to crawl forward in a last, desperate attempt to make it to the ropes…

Carter breaks the hold. Carter waits for Aggro to get up, sizing him up for a huge lariat. Aggro makes it to his feet. LARIAT BY CARTER!





Both men turn around quickly. Kick to the gut by Carter, doubling Aggro over. Discus elbow strike by Carter, right to the head! Aggro collapses in a heap.

Carlos: I think Aggro might have just been knocked out!

Carter drags Aggro to the center of the ring and bends him over, setting up for the Trigger Effect, but movement on the outside catches his eye. Jimmy Carnival is back on his feet. Carter leaves Aggro and charges at Carnival. HEAT SEEKING MISSILE!


Carter tumbles down to the arena floor. Carnival gets into the ring. He sees Aggro lying in the middle of the ring. Carnival drags Aggro to the bottom right corner of the ring, as far away from Carter as possible, and sets him up on the top rope. CANADIAN SUPLE- AGGRO BLOCKS BY HOLDING ON TO THE ROPES! Aggro starts firing away with punches and manages to knock Carnival off of the top rope. Aggro rests for a moment, but while he is doing so, Carnival is recovering as well. He make sit back to his feet. DIVING CROSSBODY BY AGGRO! THE REF COUNTS THE PIN:



Both men get back to their feet, but Aggro quickly takes Carnival down again with a HUGE clothesline. Dragon Suplex by Aggro! He lifts Carnival up on his shoulders for an Aggro-Matic, but Carnival manages to grab the top rope and pull himself to down. LAST ORDERS!

Five seconds pass.







Carter runs over and covers Aggr-SMALL PACKAGE BY AGRRO!



Both men quickly get to their feet and square o-Calaway trips Aggro up and pulls him to the outside. Big Swing by Calaway, sending Aggro into the guardrail! Carnival nails Carter with a chop block, then pulls him into the center of the ring. Carnival stomps away at Carter’s injured arm, then locks in the Canandian Armbar! Carter is in immense pain. His hand is hovering over the mat, waiting to tap. Calaway breaks it up!
Calaway brings Carnival to his feet, then hits him with a release northern lights suplex. Calaway picks Carnival up once again, and this time hits him with a German suplex. He holds on, and rolls back to his feet. A second German Suplex! And a third! Calaway rolls to his feet once again, and this time readjusts his position. Sambo Suplex! Carter clotheslines him down from behind! Big release German Suplex by Carter! Calaway crashes to the mat.

Carter wastes no time in following up on his advantage. He picks Calaway up and lies him down across his shoulders. Charter charges across the ring. FINLAY ROLL! Split-legged moonsault!

Rather than go for the pin, however, Carter drags Calaway more towards the center of the ring. He climbs to the top turnbuckle…

And gets crotched when Carnival knocks into the ropes. {FIFTEEN MINUTES REMAINING!} Carnival follows Carter up and hits him with a few punches, setting up for a Canadian Suplex, but Carter fights it off and starts to fire back. The two men exchange shots on the top rope, and Carter manages to gain the advantage after an eye rake. Carter begins to stand up on the top turnbuckle.

Hammond: Possibly setting up for a blockbuster here…


Calaway is back on his feet. SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX TO CARNIVAL! He brings Carnival to his feet. Double UnderhooK Powerbomb! Calaway drags Carnival to the center of the ring, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. FROG SPLASH!...




{THIS IS EPIC! *clap!*clap!*clap!*clap!*clap!* THIS IS EPIC! *clap!*clap!*clap!*clap!*clap!*}

Calaway quickly rolls Carnival over and goes for the South Side Stretch, but Carnival manages to avoid it by rolling around and keeping one of his arms away from Calaway. Carnival eventually rolls free and rolls to the outside to regroup.

Vaulting body press by Calaway, taking Carnival out! Calaway takes a few seconds to catch his breath, then rolls Carnival back into the ring. He goes for the cover:


Carnival kicks out!
Calaway picks him up for a back suplex, but Carnival pokes him in the eye to prevent it. {TEN MINUTES REMAINING!} Bridging German suplex by Carnival.


Calaway kicks out. Aggro rolls back into the ring, but he eats a superkick from Carnival, taking him down. Carnival returns to Calaway and lifts him up for a brainbust-knee strike to the head by Calaway! He sets up for a half nelson suplex, but Carnival reverses it with a hip toss. Leg drop by Carnival. Carter rolls into the ring, but Carnival nails him with a dropkick. He then tosses Carter into the top left corner of the ring and hits him with a hesitation dropkick. Carnival now charges at Calaway and nails him with a Shining Wizard. Carnival stalks Calaway, waiting for him to make it back to his feet. When he does, Carnival goozles him. O CANADA ! CARNIVAL GOES FOR THE PIN:


Carnival looks up and sees the ref in the bottom left corner of the ring, yelling at Aggro, trying to get him to stop stomping away at Carter. Carnival is furious! He goes over to the corner, and shoves both Aggro and the ref! The ref’s head smacks into the turnbuckle and he drops down to all fours, groggy, but not out.

Carlos: He just shoved the referee!
Fooda: The ref deserved it! He might have just cost Jimmy Carnival the EWA World Title!

Enraged by Carnival’s shove, Aggro punches Carnival. Carnival returns the favor. The two commence an all out brawl, spilling out of the ring in a flurry of fists.
Finally free of Aggro’s boots, Carter uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. He sees Calaway just making it to his feet and charges at him. GORE!

Carter comes back off the ropes. Calaway hits a Northern Lights Su-CARTER COUNTERS WITH A DDT! Carter picks Calaway up and lies him across his shoulders for the F-CRUCIFIX ROLL UP BY CALAWAY!

Carter gets out of it quickly by rolling backwards, but Calaway still has his arms. SOUTH SIDE STRETCH LOCKED IN!

Carter is in immense pain.

Five seconds pass.

Ten seconds



BUT THE REF IS ON THE OUTSIDE, yelling at Carnival for shoving him! Carnival pays the ref no heed, as he and Aggro continue their brawl.

Fooda: Both of them have been busted open by this point, but they don’t care. They just want to hurt each other!
Calaway releases the hold shouts to try to get the ref’s attention. LOW BLOW BY CARTER! He spins Calaway around hits him with a Trigger Effect! Carter rolls out of the ring and grabs the ref, almost dragging him into the ring. Carter goes for the pin on Calaway:



Jewel: LADIES AND GENTLEEMEN, at a time of fifty four minutes and forty-one seconds (54:41), YOUR WINNER … AND STILL EWA WORLD CHAMPION… JOEL CARTER!
The crowd boos, although the first row on the right by the ramps have to do so while trying to avoid Carnival and Aggro, who are now brawling into the crowd. EWA security rushes after them to break them apart.

Carlos: Thank you for joining us here in England for the EWA’s First Anniversary Show! It was a great night of wrestling. I only wish it could have ended in more fair manner.

Hammond: Think nothing of it Carlos. On behalf of the United Kingdom let me say that we loved having you here and we hope to see more EWA stars following in Phreak’s footsteps and spending some time with us in the Royal Wrestling Federation.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #13 First Anniversary Show (3/27/2011)

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hm not bad at all ,,looks like were gonna have some very interesting stuff developing soon
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