WWE Royal Rumble 2005

WWE Royal Rumble 2005

By Big Red Machine
From January 30, 2005

WWE Royal Rumble 2005
WWE Royal Rumble 2005 (1/30/2005)- Fresno, CA

GREAT opener.

EDDIE & FLAIR PICK THEIR ENTRY NUMBERS- fun segment. Eddie (allegedly… we never actually see either number and Flair didn’t show it to anyone, so there is no actual evidence) gets a crappy number so he picks Flair’s pocket, stealing Flair’s number.


CASKET MATCH: The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich-5.25/10
I really want to know which idiot said “I know what will help this feud! Let’s give the heel a phobia that both puts him at a disadvantage in the match and is utterly hilarious!”
Anyway, this match was pretty dull. The thing I popped the most for was Kane showing up to fight Snitsky off.


WWE TITLE MATCH: JBL(c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show- 6.25/10
Very disappointing. The match didn’t feel like it got anywhere near enough time. I was actually 100% certain that what turned out to be the finish was going to be a nearfall.

BATISTA BACKSTAGE STUFF- the interaction with Carlito was good, and it served as an excuse to get Bischoff’s decision to ban Evolution from ringside on-stage.

EDDIE & TEDDY LONG, & EVOLUTION BACKSTAGE- I LOVE IT! Someone actually gets in trouble for stealing something! The dissension in Evolution at the end was good.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Triple H(c) vs. Randy Orton- 7.5/10
Huh. Yet again I was pretty sure that what turned out to be the finish was going to be just a nearfall.

KURT ANGLE STEALS NUNZIO’S ROYAL RUMBLE NUMBER- bad segment. Apparently “possession is nine tenths of the law” applies to theft, too. The number itself is irrelevant! Nunzio is the competitor of record! If I jump onto the field in the middle of a game and knock Derek Jeter out, I don’t get to spend the rest of the game as the shortstop for the Yankees! To make things worse, Nunzio not even wanting to try to fight for made him look like a wimp.

THE CABINET BACKSTAGE- Teddy Long thinks that having no interferences in tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match was really cool, so he makes the main event for No Way Out JBL vs. Big Show in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match.

2005 ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH- 8.25/10
Good stuff all the way through. The restarted period at the end was very brief, which felt extremely awkward.

Overall, a pretty good show from the WWE.

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